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‘BB19’ Veto Results: The House Played POV Competition On August 12, ‘BB19’ Spoilers On Backdoor Plan

BB19 Veto results are in from August 12. Whoever won the Power of Veto would then dictate how the rest of the BB19 cast reacted this week. The contestants playing in the competition this week were the Head of Household, Alex Ow, the three nominees, Jason Dent, Elena Davies, and Matt Clines, and the two houseguests drawn from the hat, Paul Abrahamian and Mark Jansen.

Before the houseguests played for the Power of Veto, there was a bit of drama in the house about what would happen. Elena Davies was approached by three people who wanted to play for her and who promised to save her from the block. They were Paul Abrahamian, Mark Jansen, and Cody Nickson. Cody was just hoping for a shot at even playing in the Veto. Elsewhere, Alex Ow had confirmed that Cody’s fate was sealed, presenting BB19 spoilers about what would take place at the August 17 Eviction Ceremony. This was all on the CBS live feeds.

When the feeds came back from the competition, it was revealed that this Veto Competition was where prizes like vacations and unitards were assigned to the houseguests based on how they finished. Mark Jansen got a vacation out of it and Jason Dent has to wear a unitard. Elena Davies took $5,000 rather than competing for the Power of Veto. As for who won the Power of Veto, that was Matt Clines, who now has the power to save himself or try to shake up the entire house.

Since Matt was the third nominee this week, if he saves himself from the block, it will leave just Elena Davies and Jason Dent up for eviction. One of them would go the BB19 jury, while Cody Nickson would remain safe in that situation. If Matt saves Jason, though, as a lot of the house expects, Alex can replace Jason with Cody. At that point, Cody would get evicted. That’s the backdoor plan, but anything can happen, meaning this might be a chance for the rest of the BB19 house to finally target Paul Abrahamian.

As a reminder to readers and viewers of the show, the August 17 episode is a double eviction night for Big Brother 19. It means that after Cody Nickson presumably gets evicted from the house, a second houseguest will then make a quick exit as well. Both houseguests will then become the first members of the BB19 jury and get taxied off to the summer mansion and sequester until they return for the September season finale.

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