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Jenelle Evans Admits She Harassed Ex Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend Via Yelp, Nathan Fires Back

The Inquisitr previously reported that an account by the name of Jenelle Evans had posted a terrible review of ex Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, Ashley, on her place of employment’s Yelp site. While some speculated that someone was perhaps impersonating Jenelle in order to create more drama for the co-parents, the Teen Mom 2 star admitted on her Twitter (though it is now deleted), that she did leave a negative review for her ex’s new beau.

According to Jenelle, she just wanted to “warn other people not to go here,” which could be seen as an attempt to get her ex’s new girlfriend fired from her place of employment. Nathan’s new girlfriend works as an addiction counselor, something Jenelle Evans and her fiance, David Eason, have had a lot of experience with. However, neither seem to have used Nathan’s new girlfriend, Ashley’s services in a professional capacity, instead taking umbrage over the fact that she may have posted something negative about Jenelle on social media.

Jenelle wrote the post directly on the place of business’ Yelp account.

“DO NOT GO HERE! Make sure Ashley Landhart is not your addiction counselor. I had to report her for accusing myself of being on drugs and my fiancé. This counselor got on social media posting horrible things about myself.”

Nathan Griffith, who is the father of Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, 3, was less than impressed by his baby mama’s review. According to Nathan, Ashley has never accused Jenelle of being on drugs, and the mother-of-three has engaged in several Twitter battles with people in his life. Nathan also stated that Jenelle is guilty of bullying one of his good friends and saying that she wished he had died in combat. He says he is very upset that Ashley has to go through Jenelle Evans’ torture just because he once dated her and is appalled that she would attempt to get her fired from her job, which is pretty low.

Jenelle Evans, who has been fighting for custody of Kaiser with Nathan for the past few years, however, sees nothing wrong with what she’s done. However, she had deleted the tweet where she admitted she was responsible for the review and it wasn’t a ghost account trying to stir up trouble.

Nathan has recently accused Jenelle of possibly abusing their son, Kaiser, after seeing bruises on his upper arms, which Jenelle has denied.

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