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‘BB19’ News: Have Not Revealed, Double Eviction Plans, Missing Coke On Live Feeds, And Power Of Veto Players

BB19 news has filled up the CBS live feeds on Saturday morning (August 12). In addition to all the Big Brother 19 spoilers that have come out since Jessica Graf got evicted, there is a lot of notable news that has come from the cast members already this weekend. That information includes Alex Ow deciding on a Have Not for the week, several houseguests making plans for the August 24 double eviction episode, Christmas Abbott being sneaky, and the players for the Power of Veto getting selected.

The CBS live feeds have certainly given subscribers a lot to watch already this weekend, with some possible drama brewing for Alex Ow. As the Head of Household, the winner receives a gift basket of goodies and music that they pre-request from production. Alex enjoys drinking Coke and asked for more after the rest of the BB19 house drank hers last time. Some of it went missing again and live feed viewers saw as Christmas Abbott took a two-liter bottle and put it in her personal bag downstairs. Alex thinks Kevin Schlehuber took it.

The other really important BB19 news from Saturday morning is that Mark Jansen and Paul Abrahamian are the two players joining the Veto Competition. Some Big Brother 19 spoilers are coming up, so readers should stop at this point unless that information is craved. The six people playing for the Power of Veto later in the afternoon are Mark, Paul, Alex Ow, Elena Davies, Matt Clines, and Jason Dent. Cody Nickson has been locked out of the competition by the BB19 cast and could receive the “backdoor” treatment very soon.

In the kitchen early on Saturday, Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent, and Cody Nickson were having a chat. This is certainly a scenario where paranoia inside the BB19 house could grow, but the conversation seemed innocent enough. They discussed a possible double eviction, with Cody sure that it is going to be this week and Christmas hypothesizing it will come in the next week or two. This short conversation was broken up when the Veto Meeting was called in the living room.

After the Veto Meeting, Mark Jansen and Paul Abrahamian played a quick game of Rock/Scissors/Paper to determine who would be a Have Not for the week. Mark lost and will be suffering the punishment. When Mark left the HOH room, Paul assured Alex Ow that he wasn’t going to allow Mark to win the Power of Veto. He also told her that Matt Clines plans on throwing the Veto Competition, revealing that the Veto results might be very easy to manipulate this week.

The additional BB19 news covers a discussion between Paul Abrahamian, Jason Dent, Alex Ow, and Kevin Schlehuber about how the alliance will handle a double eviction. The plan is to nominate one person from each of the current showmances, assuming that Cody Nickson has already been evicted. Those showmances are between Matt Clines and Raven Walton, as well as Mark Jansen and Elena Davies. There could be a lot of negative feelings in the BB19 house if that does happen on Thursday night.

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