#GH General Hospital spoilers Rebecca Budig Hayden Barnes Exit From GH may not be permanent

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, Coming & Goings: Rebecca Budig Exit From GH As Hayden Barnes May Not Be Final

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) will be leaving the ABC soap opera at the end of the week. Fans are torn that “Fayden” is over and that Hayden will be leaving her beloved Finn (Michael Easton), and that he may not get the chance to know his unborn child. However, the door has been left open for Budig’s character to return according to those in the know.

The first to break the story was Michael Fairman Soaps who interviewed the executive producer of General Hospital, Frank Valentini. The man in charge describes Rebecca as a “phenomenal” actress who took on a character that the audience did not know and jump into the hearts of fans who are now mourning her loss. He said that he and Rebecca are “close friends.” Valentini said that she had a wonderful chemistry with her co-star Michael Easton who portrays Finn and then makes a statement that an executive producer wouldn’t make lightly.

“Hayden could return … you never know what the future holds.”

The fact that an executive producer praises her work, notes her chemistry with a co-star and does not close the storyline with regards to Hayden and Finn’s unborn child does seem to indicate that this may not be the last time General Hospital viewers see Hayden Barnes, and that in the future she may very well return with their child.

ABC Soaps in Depth has indicated that fans will see Hayden one last time in the weeks to come. Rebecca Budig, herself, has not closed off the possibility of returning to General Hospital. She recently told Soap Opera Digest about her relationship with two of her co-stars and if she would work with them again.

“If I had the chance to work with Michael Easton and Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) again, it would be an easy decision.”

The feeling was mutual, at least for Michael Easton, and he wrote a heartfelt goodbye to his leading lady. He called her his partner in crime and “the light at the end of the tunnel.” She clearly left an indelible impression on one of General Hospital’s most beloved actors. The message endeared Michael and Rebecca to fans who still love the idea of “Fayden” and are struggling to let go.

General Hospital spoilers state that our last glimpse of Hayden may reveal some critical information, including a wonderful future storyline and the potential for a comeback. Spoilers also state that Finn will have a hard time letting go of his fiancée. Although she lied about who she really is, he is still in love with Hayden Barnes, and not the Rachel Berlin she once was.

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