Jinger Duggar Attends A Wedding, But It's Not Her Brother Joseph's

Jinger Duggar Shares Wedding Photos Amid Speculation That Her Brother Gets Married Today

Jinger Duggar will be a bridesmaid today, and she can’t believe that someone close to her is getting married. However, that someone is not her younger brother, Joseph.

Earlier today, there was some speculation that the wedding of Joseph Duggar, 22, and Kendra Caldwell, 19, was going to take place sometime this afternoon or evening. This is because Jill Rodrigues, a friend of the Duggars who lives out-of-state, revealed that she and her family had recently arrived at the Duggar compound in Arkansas. Rodrigues even provided evidence that they were really there by sharing a few Facebook photos of her family’s RV pulling into the Duggars’ driveway this morning.

The Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page noted that the Rodrigues family isn’t usually invited to visit the Duggars unless there’s a wedding taking place. People reported that Joseph and Kendra threw their join bachelor-bachelorette party on July 28, so they seemed like the most likely couple to be tying the knot. However, a post on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram page may shed some light on what is really going on.

Earlier today, Jinger shared a photo of herself and one of her friends, a young woman named Nawon Kwon. According to Jinger, Nawon is getting married today.

“Can’t believe you are getting married today @godlovesnawon,” Jinger captioned the black and white image. “I am so excited for you and Cole!”

Can't believe you are getting married today @godlovesnawon ????I am so excited for you and Cole!

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Jinger Duggar isn’t just celebrating her friend’s nuptials on social media; according to a now-deleted post that was shared on the Fort Rock Family Camp Instagram page, Jinger is one of Nawon Kwon’s bridesmaids. A screenshot of the deleted Instagram post can be seen on the Duggars Tumblr.

“The beautiful bride with her 6 bridesmaids,” the post reads. “We’ve had such a blast together so far and I am blessed to be a part of this special time for Nawon.”

Jinger and Nawon are pictured in the Instagram photo, and it appears that the post was shared by Meagan Ballinger. Meagan is the sister of Austin Forsyth, Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband. The Forsyths own and operate the Fort Rock Family Camp, so Meagan likely has access to the business’s social media accounts.

Jinger Duggar later shared a photo of her lacy bridesmaids dress on Instagram.

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Many of the Duggars’ friends run in the same circles, so perhaps Jill Rodrigues and her family are in town for Nawon Kwon’s wedding. According to the Knot, the event is taking place in the Duggars’ hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, so it would make sense for the Rodrigues clan to park their RV on the Counting On stars’ massive compound in order to avoid paying for hotel rooms for 14 people. It’s also possible that Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are getting married next week and that the Rodrigues family plans on staying in town until then.

This won’t be the first non-Duggar wedding that Jinger has attended since she married Jeremy Vuolo last November. On July 15, Jeremy shared a photo that was taken at another friend’s wedding. He was posing with Jessa Duggar’s two adorable sons, Spurgeon and Henry.

Kickin it w/ the wee lads at a wedding! Spurgeon is excited; Henry is confused; both are dressed to impress.

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Duggar fans might be disappointed that they won’t get to see any photos of Joseph and Kendra’s wedding this weekend, but at least they got to see a snapshot of Jinger’s cute bridesmaid dress.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]