Julie Chen Is Hosting 'BB19' In 2017

‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Is The Most Popular Houseguest In The ‘BB19’ Cast?

BB19 spoilers about who the most popular houseguest is presents good news for fans of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. The BB19 cast has presented a lot of interesting storylines this summer, giving fans of the show a chance to really take sides on who deserves to win the $500,000 prize. Among the Big Brother 19 rumors and debates on social media, though, is who fans feel will be named America’s Favorite Houseguest by host Julie Chen during the season finale.

In the latest BB19 cast rankings from fan site Joker’s Updates, Cody Nickson is holding down the top spot, followed (in order) by Jessica Graf, Kevin Schlehuber, Mark Jansen, and Jason Dent. Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott rank low on this particular scale, where fans assign points to every houseguest. A fan can give someone zero or up to five points and the rankings depict the overall views of those voters. For most of the season, Kevin has been the most popular houseguest on this scale.

Over at another fan site called Big Brother Network, the poll works a little differently. Each week, fans are asked to vote only on who their favorite houseguest is in the BB19 cast. This presents a more specific voting structure from the fans. The BB19 spoilers from that Week 6 poll present Paul Abrahamian as the most popular houseguest. Paul has 24.99 percent of the vote, followed by Kevin Schlehuber at 19.41 percent, Jessica Grad at 17.73 percent, Cody Nickson at 15.1 percent, and Alex Ow at 6.16 percent.

It would certainly be interesting if Jessica Graf ended up getting named America’s Favorite Player from this season after she failed to even make it to the BB19 jury. If the numbers provided by Big Brother Network continue to reflect what many fans already feel, then Paul Abrahamian could be on his way to winning the $25,000 prize that comes with the popularity. Since the first day of the summer 2017 season, Big Brother 19 rumors have hinted at that taking place, so this particular poll may be confirming it.

As with most polls, the popularity rankings of the BB19 cast will shift as the season progresses. There are still 11 houseguests in the game to try to “steal” votes from each other. That leaves a lot of time and eviction ceremonies for someone other than Paul Abrahamian and Jessica Graf to start making bold game moves to win over the support of the viewers. Alex Ow seems like a possibility, as she continues to win challenges and holds a power position in the house. If she evicted Cody Nickson, could the next round of BB19 spoilers see her support level increase?

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