goldust wwe rumors monday night raw new role manager summerslam

Rumor Has It That A ‘Monday Night Raw’ Star Is Going To Take On A Brand New Role

When a WWE superstar has a major turn or changes something about their character, it usually leads to a pretty big push and that is what’s rumored to come for a longtime Monday Night Raw member. Back in May, Goldust shockingly turned heel by beating down his tag team partner R-Truth. Since then, Goldust has brought back the “Golden Age” persona of his character, and it may actually lead to him taking on a brand new role at SummerSlam.

Ever since turning heel, Goldust has been seen in a very limited fashion out in the ring. He did appear and beat down R-Truth a number of times and has had many promos and vignettes, but he’s been noticeably absent from appearing live for the crowd.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of EWrestlingNews, Goldust is rumored to be transitioning into the role of a manager. It appears as if he has not just been talking about a new film for himself in the vignettes, but rather unveiling his next masterpiece who could be his protege.

As Goldust did just turn 48-years-old earlier this year, his time in the ring looks to soon be coming to an end. He’s great on the mic, though, and has enough years under his belt to really help another superstar get over with the fans.

goldust wwe rumors monday night raw new role manager summerslam
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Many may wonder just who Goldust could take on as his next masterpiece and become the manager of, but there are a number of great options out there. Sportskeeda made a list of the top five possibilities and all of them not only make a lot of sense, but they could easily transform into the mindset and gimmick of Goldust.

  1. Darren Young
  2. Summer Rae
  3. The Velveteen Dream (NXT)
  4. Lince Dorado (205 Live)
  5. R-Truth

Perhaps the most interesting possibility is that of The Velveteen Dream from NXT. Goldust never said he was simply searching for a protege from Team Red, but he could look anywhere throughout WWE. Anyone who has seen the Dream enter the arena knows that he has the type of charisma that Goldust may be looking for.

goldust wwe rumors monday night raw new role manager summerslam
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All you have to do is listen to Goldust’s promo from this past week’s Monday Night Raw to see that he is not going to be on his own much longer. He speaks of bringing forth his next masterpiece and unveiling that person at SummerSlam which seems to lead right up to him taking on the role of a manager or “director.”

Goldust has been one of the most iconic and interesting characters for the last two decades and in the history of the WWF/WWE. Even though he is out of the “Attitude Era,” the character is still relevant and he is at his best when he’s actually a heel. It’s not exactly known who will be Goldust’s new masterpiece or even if that person will be from Monday Night Raw, but everyone will find out soon at SummerSlam.

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