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1927 School Bombing Was Deadliest In American History

bath school disaster

Sadly, America has seen a few school massacres with a higher body count than the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Sandy Hook is the second worst school shooting in American history and the third worst school massacre. The deadliest school massacre in United States history was a 1927 school bombing referred to as the Bath School Disaster.

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The 1927 school bombing occurred at a schoolhouse in Bath, Michigan. Forty five people were killed during the incident, including the bomber, 55-year-old Andrew Kehoe.

Unfortunately, the high body count isn’t the only thing that the Bath School Disaster has in common with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Like the Newton shooting last week, the majority of victims during the 1927 school bombing were children. According to Voice News, 38 children were killed during the bombing.

Yahoo News reports that Kehoe was upset about a new tax levied upon the community to build a new school. Kehoe, who was a board member at the school as well as the caretaker, blamed the new school for the financial problems that led him to lose his farm. Kehoe was so enraged with the new tax that he decided to blow up the building.

The motive behind Adam Lanza’s horrific rampage aren’t known yet but the Newtown shooting does have one other thing in common with the 1927 school bombing. Before Kehoe enacted his plan to blow up the school he attacked and killed his wife. Police believe that Lanza also attacked a love one, his mother, before he went on his rampage.

According to Voice News, Kehoe killed his wife and lit his barn on fire before making his way to the school. While firefighters were putting out the fire on his farm he set off several bombs at the school.

Several teachers and students lost their lives during the initial attack but Kehoe still wasn’t quite out of explosives. The 55-year-old farmer waited in his car next to the school for the authorities. When they arrived, he blew up the car, killing himself, the superintendent and several other people.

The 1927 school bombing known as the Bath School Disaster remains the deadliest school massacre in American history. Unfortunately, several incidents have challenged the Bath School Disaster in recent years. Two of the deadliest incidents have occurred in the last five years. Five of the seven deadliest incidents have occurred in the last 15 years.

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13 Responses to “1927 School Bombing Was Deadliest In American History”

  1. George Cantero

    Is that supposed to make us feel better? The publisher of this article is ghoul.

  2. Dave Peters

    interesting and also not gun related bomb related now they are illegal and are still being used oklahoma… 1927 38 children and his wife.

  3. Dennis Galliera

    Mr. Cantero- The author is just stating an historical fact. If all you read is the lame street propaganda machine then you're limiting your awareness. There's a big push with the elite to eliminate the guns of law abiding defenders but not the criminals. Who will defend our liberties as the government dominates us more and more each day. Will you be happy when your told how many times to flush per day? Are you THAT weak? I hope not.

  4. Reid Tock

    just goes to show sick people have been around since the beginning of time really, remember the story in the Bible of Cain and Abel..

  5. Don Schaf

    He is that weak, that's the problem now days. They want to be babied and not stand up for themselves. Don't worry, Dennis. Mr. Cantero is not a real man.

  6. Shelby Walsh

    Mass shootings in America peaked in 1923, spiked in the 60's, spiked again in the 90's. We are currently on a decline regardless of what the media or politicians try to feed you. It has been proven (from other countries doing this) that banning arms does not lower crime, it increases it b/c criminals don't turn in their guns.

  7. Scott Goodpasture

    It's supposed to inform you of other attrocities. Attrocities are ghoulish by nature.

  8. Sheila Thacker

    I agree. Next they will write a book or make a movie involving this and some other kid will think cool I wanna do this. This world is full of sick people. They talk about calling 911 if anyone you know ever talks about killing themselves or someone else. Do they really believe they will reveal their secrets.

  9. Muhammad Alih

    Don Schaf no this is rubbish, what public citizen needs an assault rifle and extended mags? It should be strictly for military use only. Even if you do carry a gun, it doesn't mean you will stop the shooter. Besides I wouldn't feel safe in public with you or anyone carrying a weapon concealed or not. Giving a teacher a gun would be pointless, if he turns his back to write on the board, the gunman would then take opportunity to open fire. The sales of assault rifles are dumb and unnecessary.

  10. Muhammad Alih

    Dennis Galliera, carrying a gun doesn't make you strong, it makes you a target. I could guarantee that by the time a gunman starts shooting and you begin to pull out your gun, he will spot you. Besides what if you accidentally shoot a bystander? A child? It is possible and you would have to live with that for the rest of your life. It isn't weakness, it is just wanting to reduce school shootings, esp. in elementary schools. What good would carrying a gun do if you aren't even at the location. Are you just going to storm in to shoot the suspect? By the time you could get there police would have the area blocked off with first responders in the building.

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