Dolph Ziggler Is Being Repacked Whenever He Returns to WWE Television

WWE Officials Are Planning Some Major Character Changes For Dolph Ziggler After ‘WWE Summerslam’

Dolph Ziggler remains one of the best performers on WWE’s roster, but he’s been kept off WWE television for the past several weeks because the powers that be don’t have anything for him to do. WWE Summerslam is just over a week away, but Ziggler hasn’t been featured on SmackDown Live since the July 4th edition. The odds of him having a match in Brooklyn are low, which is a massive step down from where he was last year.

Last year in Brooklyn, Dolph Ziggler challenged Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at the biggest party of the summer. The match was solid, but most people were expecting a lot more from their bout. As a result, their match was forgotten over a long weekend. Heading into Brooklyn this year, Dolph hasn’t even been on WWE television in over a month, which has a lot of fans concerned about Ziggler’s future in WWE.

It has been said that “The Show Off” is in the same limbo that Luke Harper, Tye Dillinger, and others are in right now where WWE officials just don’t have anything creatively for them to do on television. While there is still time for Harper or “The Perfect 10,” Ziggler is a former WWE World Champion without any kind of a match on the second biggest event of the year. However, WWE officials have not forgotten him completely.

Dolph Ziggler has Always Been Capable Of Much More
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It’s being reported that Dolph Ziggler may be getting repackaged soon and WWE officials could be making some major changes to his character while he’s off television. As of this writing, it’s not clear what changes could be made to his gimmick. However, WWE officials are likely trying to bring him back strong because the longer he’s on the sidelines, the more pressure there is on Ziggler to bring something new to the table.

Dolph Ziggler May Not Be With WWE For Much Longer
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A lot of people would argue that Dolph Ziggler has nowhere to go on WWE programming because he’s not going to break into the main event scene again. There is a lot of concern that his rivalry with John Cena in 2012 is the reason for that because it permanently soured him with WWE officials as a main event talent. A lot of people feel he’s had his chances to “reach the brass ring.” No matter when Ziggler makes his return to WWE television or what changes he’s undergone, many people feel Dolph has peaked as a WWE Superstar.

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