Muntsr Abuseini: Chicago Uber Driver Allegedly Used App To Track Passenger And Assault Him

Muntsr Abuseini: Chicago Uber Driver Allegedly Used App To Track Passenger And Assault Him

Muntsr Abuseini, a Chicago-area Uber driver, is being sued by a man who claims he used the company’s app to track him down at his home and attack him, not long after kicking him out of his car.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, David Riordan’s lawsuit against Abuseini was filed on Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, with details of the events that took place on the early morning of December 18, 2016. The 34-year-old man is suing Abuseini in specific for battery, assault, and emotional distress caused by the attack, and suing Uber for negligence in hiring and supervising the driver who had allegedly beat him up several months ago.

In his suit, Riordan claims that he had hailed an Uber at around 2 a.m. on that day to take him home from a party and that Abuseini had arrived at the intersection of Damen and Division in Chicago’s Wicker Park to pick him up. Muntsr Abuseini, the 25-year-old Chicago Uber driver named in the lawsuit, soon became “aggressive” toward Riordan, kicking him out of the car, and exiting the vehicle to punch his passenger and tackle him to the ground. Riordan then headed to a friend’s home to report the attack to Uber at around 2:30 a.m. and hailed a second Uber ride to take him home.

When Riordan arrived home in Logan Square, he allegedly saw Muntsr Abuseini waiting for him, armed with a metal baton. He claims that the Uber driver jumped him from behind and used the metal baton to hit him in the head, making the following comments as the attack took place.

“Don’t f**k with Uber drivers.”

The Chicago Sun-Times report makes no mention of what could have set Muntsr Abuseini off. But the Chicago Uber driver might have taken issue with David Riordan and his friend, who got on the ride with him, getting snow into the car and acting belligerently when told about it.

According to prosecutor’s statements cited by DNA Info, Riordan and a male companion had tracked snow into Abuseini’s vehicle, and when the driver asked the passengers to shake off their shoes, an argument broke out between both parties. After canceling the ride, the two passengers exited the vehicle, with Riordan’s friend allegedly throwing a snowball at Abuseini’s car, triggering the physical fight referred to in the lawsuit.

Prosecutors noted that the incident involving Uber driver Muntsr Abuseini might have started with the passengers getting snow in his car. [Image by zwola fasola/Shutterstock]

Muntsr Abuseini would then call Chicago police and two other Uber drivers, asking them to meet him at Riordan’s apartment, whose location was entered into the Uber app. And while the officers left after Riordan didn’t return home at the expected time, the Uber drivers remained at the Logan Square location, which is where Abuseini allegedly beat Riordan repeatedly with a baton, leaving him with a black eye and bruises, and requiring him to get nine stitches in the head.

As noted by the Chicago Sun-Times, Muntsr Abuseini was arrested on January 23 and released after posting bond. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. Uber refused to comment on David Riordan’s lawsuit, simply stating that the company removed Abuseini’s access to the driver app following the alleged attack.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]