'LPBW' family during Molly Roloff's wedding

‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff Posts An Emotional Shout-Out For Youngest Brother Jacob

Little People, Big World fans definitely got excited when they saw the Roloff family complete again on Molly’s wedding last week. Will they be seeing a happy family reunion in the upcoming season of the reality show? After all, it’s been years since all Roloff family members have been seen on television. Currently, only Matt and Amy Roloff appear with their two eldest children, Zach and Jeremy with their wives.

Matt and Amy’s only daughter Molly has decided to leave the Roloff Farms to pursue a college degree in Washington. Meanwhile, youngest son Jacob quit the show more than two years ago, when he turned 18-years-old.

Jacob Roloff has since been branded by the media as a rebel and the black sheep of the family. This is mainly due to his overt dislike for the way Little People, Big World has presented their family. Jacob has previously ranted on his blog about their reality show being “staged.” Just recently, Jacob also published a booklet entitled Verbing, where he described the show as “orchestrated,” Radar Online reported.

“After the few first years of testing the waters, the whole process did a sort of flip where events became subject to the filming, that is, became more orchestrated than spontaneous, in a weird indistinguishable mix. That phase went on for a while, too, until turning into the dominantly orchestrated ordeal it is today.”

It me. Lookin at her.

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Jacob’s words certainly had LPBW fans worried that they may never see the Roloff family complete again on air. However, Jeremy Roloff just proved that there is no bad blood between them. On Friday, Jeremy took to social media to show support for his youngest brother Jacob amid the recent release of his book.

Jeremy posted a photo of him and Jacob taken at their sister Molly’s wedding last week. He happily told his fans that he has been spending quality time with his little brother, who he described as a “smart dude with a good heart.”

“We’ve been in separate states for a good long while so it’s been very nice to get some quality time with him again as he’s been helping me a lot on our house renovations. I’m a DIY kinda guy so with a little brother and some YouTube, anything is possible. He’s a smart dude with a good heart.”

Early this year, Jacob left the Roloff Farms and took an extended road trip with his girlfriend Isabel. He came home shortly after the birth of baby Jackson. Since then, he’s been spotted bonding with his family and even helped to prepare Molly’s wedding.

Right now, the youngest Roloff sibling is helping out with Jeremy and Audrey’s home renovations so they could move in before their baby girl arrives by the end of the month. In both Jeremy and Audrey’s Instagram Stories, they posted videos of Jacob helping Jeremy install new tiles in their kitchen and doing other carpentry work.

Truly, much has changed within the Roloff household in the recent years. Matt and Amy Roloff are now divorced and dating other people, and Jacob obviously has expressed his decision to stay away from reality TV. Even so, the famous family seems to have overcome their differences and is still tight-knit as ever.

Little People, Big World is slated to return with a new season this September. Fans can only hope to see the Roloffs complete once again, even for just an episode.

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