Kathryn cares for Kensie and Saint, both toddlers

‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Enjoys Summer Down Time With Her Kids Kensie And Saint Ravenel

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis is overjoyed to be having a fairly quiet summer in Charleston and Monck’s Corner, South Carolina with her children. After the drama of the last year in and out of court, what some people would find boring and normal, Kathryn says she appreciates. But while there is no indication just yet from Bravo that Southern Charm will have a season five, Dennis is spending her time taking Kensie and Saint to school and just hanging out.

But because we are talking about Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis, everything is not without controversy. Recently, Kathryn did an interview with Rachael O’Brien for her podcast, “Be Here For Awhile” and spilled some serious Southern Charm tea, including the state of her relationship with Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two children. While Southern Charm fans had joked about Kathryn and Thomas hooking up after the Southern Charm reunion, Kathryn admitted for the first time on the podcast that the former couple indeed got together again after the Southern Charm season four reunion.

“I’ll admit it for the first time, Yes, we did hook up again after the reunion.”

When talking to O’Brien, Kathryn admitted that she rarely sees most other members of the Southern Charm cast when they are not filming.

1st day of school with my 2 angels!

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But Kathryn Dennis is making it clear that she and Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel are not together, and she can’t imagine a time that the two would be together unless many things change. But Kathryn says, for now, she is happy just being a mom to Kensie and Saint. Per her agreement with Thomas Ravenel, for the next few months, she gets the children every other weekend.

“I pick them up from school every other Friday, and I take them back on that Monday. Yeah, I get them three nights now, so I’m really happy about that.”

Any Southern Charm fan who scrolls through Kathryn Dennis’ Instagram sees a variety of cute photos of Kathryn with Kensie and Saint. Kathryn explains that Kensie and Saint are both at great ages, and she loves observing their development.

“They’re at really fun ages right now, like Kensie is getting into makeup and wants to dress up and be like her mommy. It’s so cute and it’s so special seeing your little baby wanting to be like you. It’s sweet. And then Saint is learning how to say no, and not snatch things back, but Kensie likes to take things from him, and he’ll say no and take it right back.”

Sweet pea and Mommy having some fun in the sun after a rainy morning! ☀️???? #mylittlesunshine #charleston

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Things have fortunately been very quiet on the Thomas Ravenel front, but the two are not dating. Kathryn says never say never about the two getting back together, but she says she doubts it because Ravenel’s good behavior doesn’t last very long.

“He can charm me, but I realize it’s, like, a temporary type of intention. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s only for that moment. After that, he’s gonna continue doing what T-Rav wants to do. And that’s OK.”


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But while fans of Southern Charm are waiting to see if the show gets another season, Southern Charm star Shep Rose has a new show called Relationshep which will feature his Southern Charm co-star Landon fixing him up with her friends.

Are you happy that Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is having lots of time with Kensie and Saint?

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