'Little People, Big World' Controversy: Jacob Roloff Slams Show As 'Orchestrated'

‘Little People, Big World’ Controversy: Jacob Roloff Slams Show As ‘Orchestrated,’ His Return Now Unlikely

The Little People, Big World drama may have taken a short break for Molly Roloff’s wedding last weekend, but is now back in full gear amid some controversial passages leaked from Jacob Roloff’s new book.

The 20-year-old Jacob was in attendance for Molly’s wedding on the Roloff family farm last weekend, but there is apparently still plenty of unrest beneath the surface for Jacob. In his debut book, Verbing, Jacob wrote that the show Little People, Big World started out as what seemed like a normal documentary.

In a passage published by Radar Online, Jacob Roloff wrote that for the first few years of the show’s filming, there were just “a few (dozen) extra people around the house and farm.”

“The actual filming in that beginning period was subject to the events unfolding, that is, something happened then the cameras came running,” he added.

But Little People, Big World soon turned into something very different, Jacob wrote. He noted that producers began to manipulate situations and create story lines where they did not exist.

“After the few first years of testing the waters, the whole process did a sort of flip where events became subject to the filming, that is, became more orchestrated than spontaneous, in a weird indistinguishable mix. That phase went on for a while, too, until turning into the dominantly orchestrated ordeal it is today,” he revealed.

Though that situation may not be unusual for a reality show, Jacob Roloff said it was difficult on him, especially as a teenager. He had said that this pressure was a major factor in his decision to leave the show and move away from the family farm.

The timing of Jacob Roloff’s tell-all book might be difficult for Little People, Big World. The revelation comes less than a week after sister Molly Roloff’s wedding, which brought some positive coverage and appeared to mend family wounds. Jacob played a big role in the wedding, posing for pictures with his sister and appearing to enjoy his time back on the family farm after moving away to live with his girlfriend.

There had even been rumors (via The Hollywood Gossip) that Jacob Roloff had gained some perspective after distancing himself from the show and could even make a return to Little People, Big World.

That could be true — at least for one episode. There are reports that Molly Roloff’s wedding will be featured in the upcoming season of Little People, Big World, so fans may get at least a glimpse of Jacob Roloff once again.

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]