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‘GH’ Contract Update: William deVry Staying, Roger Howarth Returns Next Week, Friz And Julexis Fans Happy

It has been one wild year with General Hospital contracts. It looked like William deVry would be another casualty of failed negotiations, just as Tyler Christopher was. However, fans can now let out a deep breath and start rejoicing because it has all been worked out between the actor and ABC. He will be continuing his GH journey for a little while longer as his contract has just been renewed.

William deVry has been playing the role of mobster Julian Jerome since 2013. He has kind of turned over a new leaf since he appeared back then, but then maybe not. One thing is for sure, the character’s pairing with Alexis Davis has developed quite a fan following, and once word is out on the good news that the soap star will be sticking around Port Charles, there may just be happy tears flowing on social media.

According to executive producer Frank Valentini, deVry is not going anywhere. He sent out a post on Twitter stating that he had good news to start off the weekend. He revealed that deVry will be staying on General Hospital. Julexis fans have been taking to social media to voice their dismay over the snag in the actor’s contract. Just a few days ago, William had mentioned that he was pretty confident that everything would work out just fine, and it looks like he was right.

William deVry is staying
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In other good news coming from GH, Roger Howarth is expected to be back on screen starting next week. He was also on the chopping block a few weeks ago when his contract had hit a snag. Friz fans were relentless in expressing their thoughts on the matter. Relief was felt when it was announced that his character of Franco would be lighting up daytime TV once again.

It has been a long while since Franco has been seen. Elizabeth has been without her man for way too long, according to viewers, but the wait is finally over. Soap Opera Digest spoke with Roger on his popularity and how appreciative he is of his fans. GH co-head writer Shelly Altman also had a couple of details that she revealed to the magazine on what Roger’s comeback will be like.

Franco and Elizabeth will apparently be quite happy to be back together once again and their scenes will reflect just how much they missed each other. It sounds like it will be quite a reunion between the two lovebirds. Altman promises that Friz fans will not be disappointed at all.

General Hospital fans will have both of these hot men back soon. William deVry will be on a hiatus for a bit just like Roger was while the negotiations were going on. His last day of filming was at the end of June, but he should be back in full swing in a few weeks.

Now the question is whether the writers will have Julian and Alexis back together right away or keep them apart for a while. Alexis is warming up to him a little bit, but not quite enough to get things back to what they were.

Are you happy that both William deVry and Roger Howarth will be staying on General Hospital?

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