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The Rock Got Rid Of An Iconic Part Of WWE ‘Attitude Era’ History – The Original Brahma Bull Is Gone

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, decided to do something this week that took a small piece of the WWF/WWE Attitude Era and made it obsolete. While it may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, it’s actually something that longtime wrestling fans are shocked to see gone and it’s rather strange that it no longer exists. The Brahma Bull tattoo that was right in the middle of the ring for so many big matches is no longer what it once was.

As reported by TMZ, The Rock has been getting some work done over the last few days and he’s documented it all on his Instagram account. The former world champion called it the “Evolution of the Bull” and it has all been an upgrade to his Brahma Bull tattoo, which has been on his right arm for a very long time.

The Rock posted a video on Instagram the other day which spoke of the tattoo he got when he was “just a kid.” He said that the evolution of the bull is being done to reflect who he is as a man and how things have come about in his life.

After 22 full hours of work, he posted the finished product on Friday for all to see.

Evolution of the bull. After 3 sessions and 22hrs of tattooing with world renowned @NikkoHurtado, the story's almost done.. Every detail is a reflection of my own personal history. From the cracks and heavy damage in the bone representing life's hard lessons I've learned over the years. Just like scars and wrinkles – I'm so grateful to have 'em because they're earned. To the horns, not pointing up or out to the side, but pointing straight ahead representing relentless energy and forward progress. The core and anchor of this image is in the eye. Look closely and you'll find the life, energy, power and you'll feel the MANA (spirit). The eye tells the story of a disruptive positive energy always ready to dent the universe. Depending on the light and angle, sometimes the energy's subtle and sometimes it's glaring. But it's always alive and ready to disrupt the universe and love and protect my family and all things I love with intense passion and gratitude. Cheers to living, learning, evolving and growing. And to the positive disrupters ready to dent the universe. #EvolutionOfTheBull #TheDisrupter #TheMana #NowLetsBreakOutTheTequila

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It is a vastly different and much larger tattoo, but his explanation details just why he did what he did. It is obvious that the Brahma Bull means a lot to him and what has happened during his life, and that’s why The Rock had the new version designed as it is.

Anyone that watched wrestling during the time that The Rock was a full-time superstar, saw just how prominent that bull design really was. It was his logo for a long time, on WWE shirt designs, and even appeared on in many of his entrance videos on the Titan Tron.

It’s very understandable why The Rock would want to make this change to his tattoo and he lets the world know it, but some fans are still finding it hard to take.

the rock wwe attitude era brahma bull tattoo cover up dwayne johnson
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As his life has changed from football to wrestling to acting, The Rock has written many new chapters in his life. He’s now more commonly known as Dwayne Johnson and he wanted the tattoo on his arm to reflect the person he is today. It’s not uncommon for people to get unwanted tattoos covered up, but The Rock merely wanted his to go through an evolution. The Brahma Bull does still exist, but it is far different than the one seen during the WWF/WWE Attitude Era.

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