WWE superstar Enzo Amore addresses Big Cass betrayal

WWE Rumors: Enzo Amore Responds To Rumored ‘205 Live’ Demotion

WWE superstar Enzo Amore appears to have responded to rumors about an impending demotion to 205 Live as part of the promotion’s Cruiserweight Division.

On his Instagram story that a Twitter user took a screenshot of (see image below), he shared a mirror selfie that included cryptic text that reads as follows.

“206 pounds of zero dimes given.”

This was understood to be Enzo Amore’s reminder to WWE in the midst of the rumors and assurance to his fans that he is not qualified to be in the weight division since Cruiserweight only features wrestlers who weigh 205 pounds and below.

However, Pop Culture says that a one-pound difference does not guarantee Amore’s safety from the demotion, but his microphone talent might. He isn’t called Smacktalker Skywalker for nothing. The site believes that this is the saving grace Amore has after all the bad press he has been getting in the past few weeks.

There have been tons of WWE rumors about Enzo Amore and what he has been doing backstage that have been upsetting his co-wrestlers. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has reported he brought “questionable” guests into the locker room that broke locker room etiquette.

He was apparently even called out by a stripper on social media, which left the WWE Raw locker room “disappointed.”

Several WWE superstars have publicly blasted and spoken about Enzo Amore in light of the rumors. They believe that he is on the path of destruction. John Bradshaw Layfield went so far as to say during an episode of Bring It to the Table that the future for Big Cass’ former tag team partner in WWE is bleak.

“We’ve had ring announcers, we’ve had commentators, talent thrown out in the past. Here’s what’s bad about it. Most of those guys, except for Miz, never made it. Once the locker room turned against these guys, for whatever reason, they’re sprayed with human repellant. They never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo.”

Despite doubts about Amore’s WWE career, Bleacher Report points out that not all hope is lost for the Michael Jordan of Jargon. After all, he is still part of a WWE SummerSlam storyline that he is expected to influence the result of.

However, he will not tussle with anyone, at least at the outset. Enzo Amore will watch Big Cass and Big Show throw down during the WWE main event while he is inside a shark cage suspended over the ring.

Silver tongued son of a gun with a ❤️ of gold….. Mind's gone #Platinum

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While this is the case, it is still counted as something and not as a career death sentence with the aforementioned site emphasizing that WWE icons like manager Paul Ellering and Hall of Famer Chris Jericho also found themselves in the same setup.

The publication also pointed out that while his winning percentage appears to be on the decline, the fact that Enzo Amore is still appearing on television and that his win-loss record has not gone Curt Hawkins yet shows WWE is not done with him.

If there is one thing that Enzo Amore has everyone impressed (with apart from his mic skills), it is his determination, which shines through in his response towards the WWE demotion rumors.

Although the WWE rumors and backstage reports are eating him alive right now, many expect Muscles Marinara to rise above it, at least if he plays his cards right from here on out and avoids unnecessary but damaging issues like this.

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