‘Clash Of Clans’ News: Defending Giants, Builder’s True Fate Revealed

Supercell continues to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its hit mobile game, Clash of Clans, with a “Giant Surprise,” which can be taken both figuratively and literally. It has been officially announced that the Giants can now defend huts.

The news came from the Clash of Clans Reddit, where it was revealed that the update would see a surprise giant jump out of the ruins of the hut right after they are torn down to provide extra defense against attackers.

The new Clash of Clans update was explained in the announcement:

“He behaves just like defending cc troops and serves as a complement to them. Every hut will spawn one. This also occurs in war.”

The same post revealed that Clash of Clans players could expect the Giants spawned to be at level 1 for all townhall levels. With regards to the degree of destruction these folks can do, they have 300 hitpoints and deal 22 damage every two seconds.

This will not be a permanent change in Clash of Clans though. The Giant Surprise will only be available for a “limited time” as part of the commemoration of the game turning five this month. It is unknown at this time how long the feature will run. For now, gamers can watch how it works in the trailer below the article.

To some, this surprise was not really all that surprising since leaks and data mining had already uncovered the feature prematurely as Supercell teased fifth-anniversary updates for Clash of Clans.

Either way, it is expected to be a fun addition to the game that Clash of Clans players should enjoy. Interestingly, Supercell sought the opinion of gamers about the idea of this feature being made permanent, which hints at the possibility that it could end up staying for good.

Additionally, the Giant is pulling double duty this week as Clash of Clans continues to be Builder-less, which forces other characters to take over. Gamers will remember that the Builder has decided to pack up his bags after watching another one of his creation burn to ashes.

A statue of PEKKA built by the 'Clash of Clans' Builder

It has now been revealed that he decided to take his skills to the real world. In fact, the Builder assembled an 18-foot statue of PEKKA, another Clash of Clans character, at the Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

The Builder used supplies typically found in the area, including LED lights, a taxi hood, and traffic cones to put the massive structure together. He even made it work as a charging booth as an added touch. According to Adweek, it was the folks over at Barton F. Graf who did the real construction work.

Whether or not the Builder will stay in the real world or return in Clash of Clans remains a mystery at the moment. Many believe Supercell has big plans in store in this aspect as far as gameplay goes, so fans will just have to wait and see.

[Featured Image by Supercell]