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WWE News: The Real Reason Behind Dolph Ziggler Not Being Seen On WWE Television In More Than A Month

When a superstar disappears from WWE television, many wonder if there was an injury or some backstage trouble or something worse, but that isn’t always the case. Over the course of the last month, fans have realized that Dolph Ziggler has been nowhere to be seen on SmackDown Live, and it has caused a bit of concern. Well, the real reason for his absence has now been revealed and it seems as if there is just nothing for him to do.

The last time that Dolph Ziggler was seen on WWE television was the Independence Day Battle Royal, which was on July 4. Now, it has been more than a month since “The Showoff” has been spotted and with SummerSlam is approaching, it seems as if he will not have anything to do at the big pay-per-view.

Some people have wondered if Ziggler had done something wrong since he’s been wrestling at WWE Live Events, but not on television. Well, everyone can relax a little bit as there is no trouble, and the only problem is that the roster is a bit too big.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., WWE simply has nothing for Dolph Ziggler to do right now and that’s why he has been missing in action.

wwe news dolph ziggler luke harper smackdown live television erick rowan absence
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Throughout the month of July, Dolph Ziggler worked a number of live events as he faced off with Shinsuke Nakamura and usually ended up on the losing end. Still, he hasn’t been seen on television in quite a while and people started to get concerned that one of their favorite superstars was gone.

Of course, his not being on TV has led to a lot of speculation once again that he would soon be parting ways with WWE. A number of people have started asking Ziggler on Twitter if he is on his way “out the door” or leaving wrestling entirely.

In true heel fashion, Ziggler is playing things up and keeping them guessing as to what really may be going on with him.

Ziggler did also take on Randy Orton in a match or two and one came near the end of July in Detroit. He’s even teamed with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to take on the tag team of Orton and Nakamura, but again, only at house shows.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Ziggler is simply in the same place as superstars like Tye Dillinger, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan in WWE not having anything for them to do storyline-wise. It’s quite a shame that such talented wrestlers as these four are stuck in limbo with no kind of direction, but that’s what happens when a roster is so huge. Between SmackDown Live, Monday Night Raw, 205 Live, and NXT, it’s just hard to have enough for everyone to do.

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