Insiders Claim Angelina Jolie's Heart Has Softened Towards Brad Pitt As Divorce Proceedings Have Stalled [Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

Insiders Claim Angelina Jolie’s Heart Has Softened Towards Brad Pitt As Divorce Proceedings Have Stalled

Is there a chance we haven’t seen the last of Brangelina? Angelina Jolie has reportedly found new respect for Brad Pitt now that he’s turned his life around. Will her softened heart lead to a reunion?

A source told Hollywood Life that Jolie is impressed with Pitt’s sobriety and attitude towards their divorce. The actor went to rehab shortly after Jolie filed for divorce in September and has gained more appreciation of their marriage. With Pitt quickly becoming a new man, Jolie has softened and might be open for a reconciliation down the road.

“Brad has made huge changes in his life, he’s so much healthier now than he was a year ago. He’s cleaned his side of the street with Angie and admitted to his part in the failure of the marriage. The way he’s handled himself has gone a long way to earning back Angie’s respect,” an insider dished.

The source was less certain about Jolie and Pitt getting back together. After all, the two went through a rough time in the wake of the split, including accusations of child abuse and a heated custody battle. Despite their differences, the insider claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie communicate a lot more and are just trying to reach a point where they can co-parent in a healthy environment.

According to Us Magazine, Jolie has put the divorce on hold until she can figure out her next move. In fact, the actress recently purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, only miles away from Pitt’s estate. Although Jolie hasn’t commented on the divorce delays, sources claim that she still loves Pitt and might never finalize the split.

“The divorce is off,” the insider shared. “They haven’t done anything to move it forward in several months and no one thinks they are ever going to.”

In an interview with GQ, Pitt admitted that his drinking was one factor in the divorce. The actor explained how he took things too far in the alcohol department and decided to quit cold turkey after Jolie filed for divorce. The actor has been free of alcohol for the better part of nine months and it sounds like Jolie is starting to take notice.

Friends of the estranged couple believe they will eventually get back together. After all, Jolie has not finalized anything in court and Pitt truly has changed in the wake of the divorce. Whether or not this is enough for Jolie to take him back is yet to be seen.

Jolie and Pitt were together for over a decade before calling it quits. The two share six children together – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

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[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]