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Full Video: Car Falls 7 Floors From Austin Parking Garage – BMW Just Misses Crushing An SUV

A newly released video is shocking, as it shows a woman’s car plunging seven stories to the ground. The incident took place in Austin, and it is believed that the woman in the car stepped on the gas instead of the brake, causing her BMW to fall seven stories below, clipping the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe that had just driven past the spot where she landed. The below video shows the SUV driving in the alley between Fifth and Sixth Street, near Sixth Street and Brazos Street, at approximately 8:28 a.m. on July 13.

The woman driving the car that fell was woman seriously injured. Surprisingly, it is not the first time that such an incident has happened in the downtown Austin parking garage. According to KVUE, the woman drove her car over the edge of the seventh floor almost one month ago, but the shocking video of the incident has just been released. According to the Austin-Travis County EMS and Austin police, the woman’s car made it past the retention wires of the Littlefield parking garage on the seventh floor, and her BMW even struck the building across the alley on its way to the ground, where it ruptured a gas line.

The man driving the SUV was named William Burch, and he said that he had pulled into the alley to await his colleagues. That’s when Burch said he turned around in the service delivery area, as seen in the above video. As he backed out near the dumpster, William said he heard a noise, since his window was open. Speaking to his mother on the speaker of his phone, Burch said there was soon a loud crash, and that’s when he remembered a car that sailed over the edge of the same Austin parking garage eight months prior to the latest incident. Therefore, Burch put his Tahoe in drive and drove forward, but the car landed on the back of his vehicle.

Burch said he could only imagine what his mother was thinking when he told her he had to go since a car had just fallen on him. William referred to the incident on September 12, 2016, when a different vehicle plunged over the side of the same parking garage, but was caught by a wire and suspended in midair. That driver escaped safely.

Not all parking lot incidents end that way. As seen in the top photo above, a 62-year-old woman died when her car went over the edge of a parking garage in Spokane, Washington, on Saturday, April 8, 2006. Jo E. Savage had plunged from the fifth floor of the parking garage, after knocking down a concrete wall with her car in the River Park Square garage.

[Featured Image by Bryan R. Green/AP Images]