Battling Frost Giants in the Conan Exiles Frozen North expansion.

‘Conan Exiles’ On Xbox One Will Allow Private Server Rental In Game, Nudity Addressed For Console Release

Funcom announced details for the Xbox One Game Preview launch of Conan Exiles on Friday. The price of the game is finally set, and Creative Director Joel Bylos and Community Manager Jens Erik also revealed other important tidbits of information during a Mixer livestream, including how the open-world survival game will handle private servers and nudity.

Conan Exiles is set for a Wednesday, August 16 launch on the Xbox One Game Preview program at a price of $34.99 USD. The game will be available in 39 countries at launch, with the pricing customized to the local currency, per Funcom’s press release. This will include the free Frozen North expansion that adds 70 percent more landmass to the game, plus new mechanics, items, enemies, monsters, and more.

The exact launch time has not been announced, however. This is controlled by the Xbox team at Microsoft and is not in the hands of Funcom.

The price is $5 more than the Steam Early Access version of the game. Those interested in the game should be aware that the Game Preview and Steam Early Access price is discounted from the price that the game will be released at when it is officially launched in the first quarter of 2018.

Offical and Private Servers

Building in the Frozen North in Conan Exiles.
[Image by Funcom]

Conan Exiles will have a mix of PvP and PvE official servers at launch. These servers will be further sub-divided into different types of experience players for players. Those labeled “Normal” will have the same character progression that is used today while “Fast” servers for increased progression and harvest rates. There will also be a “Mayhem” server type for PVP servers with even faster progression.

Private servers will be an option for Conan Exiles on the Xbox One. Funcom is making it easy to rent a private server from its partner, G-Portal, directly in-game. None of the money from server rentals will go to Funcom as they are just trying to make server rental as easy as possible.

It is important to note there will not be an option to use an Xbox One as a private server. Additionally, pricing for server rental has not been announced yet.

The max player count on official servers will be 40 players. Private server admins can set it to whatever they want, although 40 is currently recommended. Funcom hopes to increase it to 70 players by launch.


Running through the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles.
[Image by Funcom]

The nudity in Conan Exiles has been a controversial bit ever since it was first revealed for Steam Early Access, complete with a “penis slide.” Many have wondered how this will be handled for a console release, and Funcom finally revealed that it is driven by rating boards like the ESRB for North America and PEGI for Europe.

The game is rated “18” in Europe and will feature full nudity on consoles. Meanwhile, the ESRB has given Conan Exiles an “M” for mature rating in North America and only allowed partial nudity.

Funcom could have gone full nudity in North America, but this would have resulted in a more restrictive rating. Obviously, that is not ideal for the company as it would have limited the availability of the game even more.

Xbox One Graphics and Other Information

Free Conan Exiles expansion will bring new enemies.
[Image by Funcom]

As previously covered, the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles will run at 900p resolution and target 30 frames per second (fps). The graphical settings used are equivalent to the “Medium” settings on the PC.

The gameplay shown during the Mixer livestream ran well overall, with the occasional stuttering and some object pop-in. The real test will be when players start building large structures, which does kill the frame rate in ARK: Survival Evolved.

The Conan Exiles content for the Xbox One will be exactly the same as the PC version at launch. There may be some delay between future updates due to Microsoft’s certification process, but Bylos doesn’t expect it to be more than a couple of days after launch.

There will not be any Achievements for Conan Exiles when it first hits the Xbox One Game Preview program. Funcom will add those later towards release.

One other major change is the move away from the traditional hot bar. As mentioned before, Conan Exiles will use a radial menu for players to equip items for quick access instead.

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[Featured Image by Funcom]