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Richard Engel: NBC News Correspondent Reportedly Missing In Syria Since Thursday

Richard Engel: NBC News Correspondent Reportedly Missing In Syria Since Thursday

Richard Engel has reportedly gone missing in Syria, with the NBC News foreign correspondent out of touch since last Thursday.

Reports of Engel’s disappearance have come from Turkish news sources, which also note that a Turkish journalist working with Engel, Aziz Akyavaş, has also gone missing. Engel had been reporting on the ongoing conflict between rebels and forces backing President Bashar al-Assad.

News of Richard Engel’s disappearance in Syria have reportedly been blacked out of NBC News. Gawker noted that it had agreed to the blackout for the past 24 hours, but broke the news on Monday afternoon.

Engel’s disappearance has been widely reported in Turkish media, with the newspaper Hurriyet reporting that Engel and Akyavas were last in contact with NBC News on Thursday morning.

With the news also spilling over to Twitter, NBC News had been active in trying to stop reporters from breaking the news blackout.

The network’s Twitter account had been seen asking users who mention the reports to call a cell phone, though Gawker noted that those tweets have since been taken down.

Slate reporter David Weigel was among those tweeting about Richard Engel’s reported disappearance.

NBC News‘ own David Schuster also made reference to Engel.

Such blackouts are common, especially in cases of kidnappings. In 2008, the New York Times maintained a news blackout for several months after reporter David Rohde was taken by militants. It is important to note that NBC News has not commented on David Engel’s condition or location, and there are not reports of a kidnapping.

By Monday afternoon, reports of David Engel’s disapperance had grown widespread beyond Twitter and Turkish media. Chinese newswire Xinhua,Daily Kos, and all had reported on his supposed disappearance in Syria.

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22 Responses to “Richard Engel: NBC News Correspondent Reportedly Missing In Syria Since Thursday”

  1. Don Gonzales

    It would be interesting to know what the State Department is doing.

  2. Janet Thompson

    prayers for Richard, I have been worried for his safety. he is an amazing and thoroughly professional reporter!

  3. Patricia Napolitano

    I pray he is found safe as he did outstanding reporting. Prayers for both who are missing.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm overwhelmingly sad at hearing this news. Please let them both be safe!

  5. Emmee Anne Martin

    Praying for Richard and his co-worker. This man is the epitome of brave, committed, and professional. On many occasions after watching another of his reports in very dangerous situations I would say to myself, this man is beyond brave! Please come back safely!

  6. Thomas Cummins

    He got away but it was a dangerous held hostage situation; haven't seen much of him on TV. When will the middle east world get their act together. It's costing us a FORTUNE! and what it is doing to the people there to be living in constant fear has got to suck!

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