'Alaskan Bush People' stars Billy and Ami Brown move out of Browntown.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: 3 Burning Questions Fans Are Asking After Episode 6 ‘Bush Code’

For many Alaskan Bush People fans, last Wednesday’s show was one of the more emotional episodes this season. Since Season 7 premiered, Billy Brown has said that they have decided to uproot their family out of the wild so they could all be with Ami as she battles lung cancer. In Wednesday’s Episode 6 entitled “Bush Code,” it finally happened, and it was such a bittersweet moment.

Billy and Ami’s three kids Bear, Snowbird, and Rain went back to Browntown for the last time. Aside from parting with many of their things, the Brown children also had to say farewell to so many memories. As the narrator put it, it was a lifetime’s worth of belongings.

The three said goodbye to their tree house, wind turbine, and their boat named Integrity. For the show’s fans, these things have already been part of their ABP viewing experience so it was like saying goodbye to them as well.

However, many fans took to social media after watching the episode and feeling a bit confused with so many loopholes within the reality-documentary show. Below is a roundup of some of the most burning fan questions from Alaskan Bush People Season 7 Episode 6.

What Happened to Sabrina The Cow?

More specifically, what happened to the other animals living with the Browns? Fans noted that Billy and his family brought their dog, Mr. Cupcake, with them to California. But they had other animals back in Browntown, including chickens, cats, and Sabrina the cow.

Alaskan Bush People fans have become particularly fond of Sabrina since her arrival to the Bush was featured in one whole episode in a previous season. In his quest for self-sufficiency, Billy thought of getting a milking cow to better provide for his family. The Brown children liked the cow so much that they gave her a name and Noah even built her a fence to keep her safe from the bears.

Hopefully, Discovery sent Sabrina the cow to another safe farm to breed.

Who’s Cleaning Up The Mess In Browntown?

As Bear cleared out his tree house, fans couldn’t help but notice that there’s just too much trash in Browntown that they’re leaving behind. There were clothes, Noah’s invention knickknacks, and other useless junk.

At one point, Bear says that the forest will “reclaim” his treehouse, but fans wish Discovery could’ve shown the family and the crew actually cleaning up after their mess.

Why Leave Browntown?

This question has actually been raised since Billy Brown first announced that they were leaving the Bush for good. Why do the Browns have to leave Browntown after fighting fiercely for social independence all these years?

Many fans argue that they could always go back to Browntown after Ami’s treatment, whatever the outcome may be. One fan had left a better suggestion on Alaskan Bush People’s official Facebook page.

“Why not let the new Alaskan family live in Browntown so the dream could carry on? Why shut it down and waste all your hard work when it could live through a new family and you could still visit and watch it grow,” the fan wrote.

Meanwhile, “Bush Code” also gave a brief update on Ami’s treatment. At the time of filming, Ami was just about to start radiation. Dr. Ann Raldow, Ami’s oncologist, tried to ease Billy and Ami’s fears and explained that most of her patients have come to like the treatments since they become more of a routine. By now, Ami must have completed her radiation sessions and should be in the middle of her chemotherapy.

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