Tiger Woods And Kristin Smith Pictures Force Golf Legend To Set Record Straight On Relationship Status

Tiger Woods And Kristin Smith Pictures Force Golf Legend To Set Record Straight On Relationship Status

Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith’s pictures from a recent “summer holiday” have drawn a lot of attention, as it triggered rumors that the troubled golf legend might have gone off on vacation instead of attending his scheduled court hearing. These rumors have also forced Woods to clarify some key details about his relationship with his stylist — they aren’t dating anymore, and the relationship actually ended sometime last year.

The Daily Mail was the first publication to post the above-mentioned photos, which are believed to have been snapped onboard Woods’ yacht. Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith’s pictures were reportedly taken in the Bahamas, as the couple looked like they “hadn’t a care in the world,” enjoying their time together in the apparent summer getaway. The report also observed that Kristin, 34, looks strikingly similar to two past women in Woods’ life — ex-wife Elin Nordegren and ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

According to TMZ, the photos sparked a lot of speculation about the couple going on vacation around the same time Woods was supposed to be in court for his DUI hearing. The New York Post wrote that Woods no-showed Wednesday’s scheduled hearing, but agreed to enter a diversion program for first-time offenders, in relation to his May arrest for driving under the influence.

While neither Kristin nor Tiger have talked much about their relationship, it now appears as if things had ended between the two with little fanfare, as Woods confirmed in a tweet on Thursday.

Reacting to the Daily Mail’s Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith photo reveal, the golfer took to Twitter on Thursday to offer a succinct denial of the news outlet’s claim that he and his stylist are still together. Woods claims that he and Smith haven’t been dating “since last year,” and while he didn’t provide any details as to the exact date or month when the couple broke up, he made it clear that the Daily Mail had gotten it wrong.

As of this writing, the U.K. publication’s report appears to have been edited to remove any reference to Tiger and Kristin still being a couple, and is now noting that the Tiger Woods/Kristin Smith pictures might have been taken in the summer of 2016, and not in recent days.

With Woods having cleared things up with regards to his relationship status, he can now focus on his diversion program, which includes a one-year probation period, a $250 fine, and 50 hours of community service. The 41-year-old, multi-titled golfer will also be asked to attend DUI school within four months, and face victims of impaired drivers as part of a one-hour class, the New York Post wrote.

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