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Jenelle Evans Supposedly Tried To Get Ex-Boyfriend, Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend Fired From Her Job

Wherever Jenelle Evans goes, drama seems to follow, and recently some of her exposed reviews reveal that she’s not above starting it, either. The Teen Mom 2 star went to court during the seventh season of the series for throwing a mason jar at ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend. The pair have since split, and Jenelle has allegedly moved on to tormenting his new girlfriend who works as an addiction counselor.

Several Teen Mom fans and expert sleuths have found Jenelle’s reviews on Nathan’s girlfriend’s place of employment, and let’s just say, they aren’t exactly flattering. The Teen Mom 2 star has had a history of attempting to get people fired previously, and even her own mother has accused her of being a chronic liar.

The review, which many do believe is actually from Jenelle and not a dummy account pretending to be her, posts two reviews to Nathan’s girlfriend’s place of employment specifically complaining about her performance. Jenelle, who doesn’t seem to realize she is famous, states that she and her fiancé went to drug counseling with Nathan’s girlfriend and that she gave awful advice to them. Jenelle Evans goes on to state that she called the center back asking for Nathan’s girlfriend, and was cussed out over the phone.

Since their break-up, Jenelle Evans and Nathan’s relationship hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, which is pretty awful considering they are co-parenting Kaiser, 3. Jenelle has been attempting to ensure that Nathan can’t see Kaiser as often as he wants, and often passes the communication baton to her fiancé, David Eason, instead of communicating with Nathan directly.

Nathan has also accused Jenelle of abusing their son after seeing bruises on the tops of his arms in a photo the mother-of-three posted on Instagram. Jenelle has denied this, but the rumors continued after the eighth season’s premiere of Teen Mom 2 in which Jenelle and her fiancé were accused of “throwing Kaiser around like a rag doll” during a disagreement. Nathan has stated that Kaiser is “afraid” of the name David and that he has developed a phobia of water, telling Nathan that he “fell off” a boat.

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