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Tanya Tucker Releases Tribute Song, Statement On Glen Campbell’s Death, Says She Forgave Him Long Ago

Tanya Tucker has released a statement on the death of her former lover, Glen Campbell. Two days after Campbell died following a six-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Tucker, whose stormy love affair with the country music superstar made headlines in the early 1980s, says she is completely devastated by the sad news.

“I’m just devastated,” Tucker said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“Absolutely devastated. It’s been so hard these past several years knowing what he’s been going through. My heart just breaks.”

Tanya Tucker acknowledged that her relationship with Campbell was rocky at times, but that they both moved past it.

“Glen and I shared some incredible, precious memories together for a long time,” Tanya said.

“There were some ups and downs and, of course, all the downs were played out in the press. We both got past all that. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.”

Glen Campbell was 22 years older than Tanya Tucker when they began their romance in 1980. The duo recorded the 1981 hit “Dream Lover,” but their public battles and alleged wild lifestyle often played out in the press and overshadowed their music.

More than 35 years after their split, Tanya Tucker has now revealed that she recorded a new song in honor of Campbell titled “Forever Loving You,” with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

“I’m releasing ‘Forever Loving You’ in memory of Glen and for all of those who are losing or have lost someone they love,” Tanya Tucker said. “I’ll forever love you, Glen.”

Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell’s relationship only lasted 15 months, but for Tucker, it was the love of a lifetime. In multiple interviews over the years, Tanya has professed her undying love for Glen, telling the Chicago Tribune in 2015 that she never really got over Glen Campbell and he is the reason why she never married or had children.

“It was a love that will never be again,” Tucker said.

“That was it for me. I always did love him and that’s never gonna change.”

While Tanya Tucker had other high-profile romances with Don Johnson and Andy Gibb, she has long said Campbell will always be the love of her life.

In 2014, Entertainment Tonight showed Tucker a trailer for the farewell tour film, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and she became emotional over what could have been.

“I’d just love to give him a big ole’ kiss,” Tanya said of Glen. According to ET, at one point while watching the trailer, Tucker pointed to Campbell’s wife, Kim Woollen, and declared “that should be me.”

“I don’t know, what am I going to do? Steal him back or something?” Tanya said. “I don’t like crying, but every now and then he’s worth it.”

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While Glen Campbell married Kim Woollen less than a year after he broke up with Tanya Tucker, Tanya has said the “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer was “just on the rebound” with Woollen.

“She don’t like me, but I have nothing against her,” Tanya told the Tribune of Glen’s wife. “I appreciate her taking care of him all these years, because I know he’s a handful.”

You can listen to “Forever Loving You,” Tanya Tucker’s tribute song for Glen Campbell, below.

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