LeBron James Calls Los Angeles Home, Twitter Goes Wild With Lakers Trade Theories

LeBron James Calls Los Angeles Home, Twitter Goes Wild With L.A. Lakers Opt-Out Contract Theories

LeBron James has called Los Angeles his home on Twitter, and Twitter either loves LeBron’s tweet or hates it. As seen in the below tweet, LeBron took to Twitter on Wednesday, August 9, at 11:02 a.m., to express just how much he missed playing basketball. LeBron even borrowed the title of the song “Basketball Jones” to describe how much he was “fiening” to play a game of basketball. James turned to Twitter to seek out a pickup game, and Jamal Crawford told LeBron to come on out to Seattle, because they had great pickup games out there. According to Yahoo, that’s when LeBron responded that he might take a day trip to Seattle whenever he was back home in Los Angeles.

“May have to make a day trip up there when I’m back home in LA bro!”

It was LeBron’s usage of the phrase “back home in L.A.” instead of just “back in L.A.” that caused Twitter fingers to begin furiously tweeting. One common reply showed a GIF of Batman grabbing his own chin, with the “home in L.A.” response being at the center of controversy. It is pretty well known that LeBron touts his hometown of Akron, Ohio, nearly every chance he gets. When LeBron decided to “take his talents” to South Beach, the Akronites and Cleveland Cavaliers fans were crushed. However, LeBron returned to his house in Bath Township, Ohio, and even bought a home in Los Angeles.

LeBron James’ house in Los Angeles. [Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]

LeBron’s Los Angeles home also became the center of controversy when a racial slur was spray painted on the front gate of the house. As seen above, the racial slur was quickly painted over, before reporters could get photos of the slur. That’s when it became more widely known that the Cleveland Cavalier who is LeBron had a house in Los Angeles. While police investigated that melee, which occurred on the eve of the NBA Finals, fans on Twitter are investigating why LeBron would call Los Angeles home.

Basketball experts say it’s not so far-fetched to think LeBron might sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, especially in light of rumors that LeBron’s wife wants to live in Los Angeles full-time.

[Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]

Besides, LeBron’s agent was in talks with the Lakers, according to Newsweek, with LeBron having the option to opt out of his Cleveland Cavaliers contract next summer.

[Featured Image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]