Megyn Kelly Has Some Very Peeved Co-Workers At NBC In New Report

Megyn Kelly has managed to rattle her NBC co-workers in the few short months she’s been on the air at the network, according to the latest reports. Behind the scenes, the former Fox News anchor has reportedly left a wake of peeved co-workers over at the peacock channel as she takes off in a private jet supplied to her by NBC.

It seems it didn’t take long for some of the other personalities over at NBC to have their feathers ruffled over the “diva-like” treatment she has received. The “lavish” spending on Kelly has some “outraged,” according to the latest reports. While some in charge have said Kelly’s treatment is “standard,” it appears that her co-workers don’t see it that way, according to a new report from Page Six.

Kelly was enticed to join the NBC family when her contract for Fox News was up, despite Fox offering a $20 million contract a year for her to stay. Kelly opted to go to NBC even though her contract was said to be $2 million less per year than what Fox had reportedly offered. Page Six reports that Kelly’s salary at NBC is $18 million.

In June Kelly kicked off her Sunday night show, which many folks thought held some promise after she landed a Vladimir Putin interview. Those hopes were short-lived, as she got less than stellar reviews for that venue. Then when reports indicated that the re-runs of America’s Funniest Home Videos came in with better ratings than her show did on Sunday night, it appeared she was really struggling to keep the interest of viewers. Kelly’s ratings tanked, according to what the Daily Mail reported back in June.

According to the Gateway Pundit, her show was an “utter disaster” and it was canceled earlier than planned. Now Kelly is getting ready to kick off her morning show, Megyn Kelly Today, which is slated for a September 25 premiere and the folks in power over at NBC have spared no expense promoting her new show.

The promotion for this show has been translated by her coworkers as Kelly being treated like a “diva” with a private jet and a staff that’s fit for royalty. NBC not only hired a new staff for Kelly, but they’ve also built her a new extravagant set.

She is on a whirlwind tour with her new staff that some days bring her to two cities. For this promotional tour, she has a private charter jet and a support staff of half a dozen people, which includes a hair stylist, a makeup artist, a publicist and people providing her security.

According to Page Six, a source over at NBC said, “People are outraged over her diva-like ways.” One question floating around behind the scenes is… at what point does NBC stop throwing money at her? Another NBC “insider” told Page Six that there is tremendous excitement over Kelly’s new 9 a.m. hour for the Today show. This person sees promise in Kelly’s new morning gig.

This source defended the private jet and all the staff that Kelly has in tow with her for this tour, saying it is a “standard affiliates tour.” Megyn is flying from city to city to visit the NBC affiliate channels to promote her show. They also claim “there’s huge excitement for Megyn Kelly Today in these markets. In other words, it is worth the money spent on this whirl-wind tour. But the crystal ball is not working these days, so only time will tell if Megyn Kelly’s second attempt at bringing viewers over to NBC with her morning show will be worth the expense.

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