‘Little People, Big World:’ Amy Roloff Enjoys Downtime With New Beau Back Home, ‘LPBW’ Fans Remain Skeptical

As Matt Roloff spends some time in Surprise, AZ for some well-deserved R & R, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is also getting herself some downtime. In a recent post on both her official Facebook and Instagram accounts, the Roloff matriarch shared a little concert date she had with her current boyfriend, Chris Malek.

Amy’s recent post featured a simple selfie of her and her current flame. In the photo’s description, Amy revealed that she and Chris went to a Lake Oswego Concert. While Amy did not explicitly state when she and Chris had their date and which performance they watched, she did tease that they attended an evening concert.

“Having a great time hanging out with this guy at the Lake Oswego Concert in the park tonight! Seeing a lot of friends here too.”

According to the official Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation website, the most recent concert that was held in the area was A Night of Steely Dan with Chris Baum Project, which was part of the ongoing Sounds of Summer Concerts festival. The concert happened on Wednesday night at Westlake Park, and it was open to the public.

Amy did not explicitly state which show she and Chris were watching in her most recent post, but based on the date when she uploaded the image to her social media accounts; it appears that the Little People, Big World star enjoyed a night of smooth Soul and R&B music with her boyfriend. After all, as stated in the event’s official page, the performers are famous for their excellent covers of songs from Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire and Amy Winehouse, among many others.

Amy’s recent posts have generated a very strong response from her hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Her Facebook update, for one, has gained more than 10,000 likes and more than 400 comments since posting. Her post on Instagram, on the other hand, has gained more than 13,900 likes and more than 170 comments as of writing.

Many of Amy’s followers graciously wished her well, telling the LPBW star to take it easy after the long, stressful preparations for Molly Roloff’s recently-held wedding. After all, since the wedding ended, the Roloff family has pretty much taken things down a notch. Jeremy and Audrey are just getting ready for the arrival of their baby girl, Zach and Tori are back home with Baby Jackson, and Matt, Amy’s former husband, is currently in Surprise, Arizona for some sun, swimming, and a lot of ATV driving, as noted in a previous report from The Inquisitr.

“So happy you’re having fun with Chris. You deserve it!” one user wrote.

“You two look fantastic. Glad you had a good time. Chris is a good man. I’m glad you guys found each other,” wrote another.

While most of the responses to Amy’s concert update were positive, a number of her followers also aired their reservations about the reality TV star’s current relationship. Some believe that there is something off with Chris, especially with regards to his tendency to avoid talking about his plans with the reality TV star.

“I worry that Chris is not what he portrays himself to be. Guard your heart Amy; I believe you’re in for a bumpy ride with him,” one commenter wrote.

“Never cared for the guy from day one. Something is just not right with him; he acts sneaky,” another commenter wrote.

Despite the reservations of the reality TV star’s followers, many of Amy’s fans have rallied behind her current relationship, nonetheless. As stated by Amy’s supporters, the LPBW star is a smart, grown woman, and she is fully capable of making her own decisions. Thus, she likely has an excellent handle on her relationship.

“Amy is a grown woman and can make her own decisions – this is all new for her, and I give her credit for heading out of her comfort zone and trying a new relationship,” wrote one of her supporters.

“I think Amy is more than capable of choosing the man she wants to date; she’s not a kid. Leave the woman alone and respect her choices,” another commenter wrote.

What do you think of Amy Roloff and Chris Malek’s relationship? Do you think the LPBW star and her new flame are in it for the long haul? Sound off in the comments below!

Little People, Big World is expected to return for its latest season later this year.

[Featured Image by Amy Rolfof/Instagram]