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Connecticut: Bristol School Shooting Threat Suspect Arrested

Connecticut school shooting threat

Bristol, CT – Connecticut police officers arrested an unnamed student for allegedly making threats for a school shooting at Bristol Central High School. The state and the country are still in shock over the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the apparent copy-cat style threats are almost too much to comprehend.

Police officers noted in a statement they released on early Monday morning that they do not believe that anyone was in danger but they took the threat very seriously. The juvenile who allegedly threatened to go to Bristol Central High School and open fire was arrested on threatening and breach of peace charges, according to WFSB News.

The high school student supposedly told law enforcement officers that the threat of a school shooting was merely a joke. A young man who feels that it is humorous to threaten his community with a mass shooting is perhaps someone that both his parents and police officers will be watching more closely in the future.

The threat of another school shooting in Connecticut is reportedly still under investigation. The juvenile male was released into the custody of his parents.

Bristol police officers have reportedly placed two additional police officers inside the school due to the Sandy Hook massacre. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton stated that there will be a police officer in every school in his town on Monday, according to WTNH News. The city is near Newtown where the tragic murder of 26 students and staff occurred. Ledyard, on the other side of Connecticut, will also reportedly have an increased police presence in schools when students return to class this week.

When most of us were growing up, the only time we saw a police officer visit our school was on career day or for some other type of special assembly. Gun laws were far weaker when the parents of today were young students, yet these types of senseless massacres did not occur in America’s schools.

The problems which prompt such horrific scenes are societal and will not be solved by a gun ban. As cliché as it may sound, it is accurate to state that, should laws designed to remove more guns from the hands of citizens be enacted, it is only law-abiding citizens who will be impacted.

Those with evil in their souls will still find a way to buy or make weapons capable of killing many very quickly, just as drug addicts and underage drinkers still find a way to get their hands on cocaine and alcohol.

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7 Responses to “Connecticut: Bristol School Shooting Threat Suspect Arrested”

  1. Joseph Mauriello

    Is this a news story or an opinion piece? If it is a news story your last two paragraphs are completely out-of-line, unethical and well outside the bounds of professional journalism.

  2. Tom Bavone

    Joe, while I agree the last three paragraphs were opinion how does this differ from any of the commentators on ABC, NBC, or CBS that are sitting in Newtown talking about gun sales being the problem?

  3. David DeLuca

    Joe, with certain family members not included, to many journalists do not report the news any more. Most are political pundits.

  4. Tiffany Desmarais

    you dont know what ur talking about… it's not an opinion… it's a fact. things like this did not happen in our parents day and changing gun laws will only impact law abiding citizens. americans need to be armed so that people who intend on causing harm to others can be delt with immediately, instead of waiting for officers to arrive… this is well written and if you don't like it… keep your opinion to yourself…

  5. Joseph Mauriello

    @Tiffany, you do not even understand my point, so I will choose not to enter into a debate with you. My point was about journalistic integrity, not about gun laws. I was imploring the reporter to keep her opinion to herself because that is what she is required to do because of her job. Facebook is a fine place to share opinions, so the fact that you are telling me to keep MY opinion to myself is farcical.

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