Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of 'The Little Couple' are coming back to TLC

‘Little Couple’ Star Dr. Jen Arnold Shares New Pictures Of Will And Zoey, Notes How Close The Siblings Are

It has been several years since The Little Couple stars Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein adopted Will and Zoey. Viewers followed Jen and Bill as they navigated both adoption journeys and everybody has been anxiously waiting for the return of the series to TLC so they can see how much the kids have grown. Arnold and Klein regularly share updates via social media and it’s clear that Will and Zoey are doing well.

The Little Couple family recently moved from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida. Arnold accepted an exciting job opportunity back in the area where she lived as a child, and from the looks of things, Zoey and Will are having a great time as they get used to life in Florida.

Arnold, Klein, and the kids have been enjoying plenty of time at the beach and in the pool and they’re definitely having a blast. In a recent post, Little Couple star Jen shared a picture of Will and Zoey playing on the beach together and she said that she hopes they will always stay that close to one another.

Another photo showed Zoey and Will together in the pool, and Jen noted that they are two peas in a pod. The Little Couple fans will surely remember the moment from several seasons ago when Will first met Zoey. She was very anxious during the first hours in her new surroundings, but Will took to her immediately and melted everybody’s hearts.

The young Little Couple kids developed a tight bond right away and have only grown closer since that first meeting. Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey have been through a lot together over the past few years, with numerous medical challenges to overcome. However, previews for the upcoming season indicate that things are going well and there’s a lot of fun stuff on the way.

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Arnold will head up the simulation center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in her new position. Interestingly, Surgery Chief Dr. Paul Danielson told Fox 13 that they did not even know Jen was a television celebrity when they were recruiting her for her new position. He notes that she’s a rock star in the simulation world, and the All Children’s center expansion will incorporate some exciting technological advances as it expands under Jen’s leadership.

New episodes of The Little Couple premiere in September on TLC, and it seems that all of those were filmed prior to the move to Florida. However, the family is reportedly set to begin filming in Florida in January for episodes set to air in 2018. Fans can catch up with all of the latest from Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Zoey, and Will beginning on September 19 and it sounds as if there is plenty to look forward to from the Little Couple family in the months ahead.

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