'General Hospital' Spoilers: Rebecca Budig Talks Hayden Exit

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rebecca Budig Talks Hayden Exit

General Hospital spoilers have indicated that Rebecca Budig’s exit is almost upon us. The announcement of her departure came several weeks ago. At first, many General Hospital viewers doubted the sources reporting she had been let out of her contract, but the actress confirmed that was indeed the case. Budig signed a four-year deal for the soap but only played the part for one of those four years. There has been speculation about how Hayden will exit Port Charles, and it looks like there may have been a hint dropped.

Over the weekend, there were some fan events held by the General Hospital cast. While Rebecca Budig skipped the main cast event because she felt awkward, she decided to show up for the Michael Easton and Roger Howarth event. According to an exclusive from Soap Hub, Rebecca Budig says that Hayden’s General Hospital departure is going to be bittersweet. Of course, she didn’t give any details, but she did gush about Easton’s performance as Finn opposite of Hayden. The two seemed to have a good working relationship, and when it was confirmed Budig would be exiting the show, Easton penned a farewell to her. While there was no straight answer about whether or not Hayden would be killed off, Budig coyly answered the question about whether or not she could return with a smile and “Who knows.”

Hayden's request bowls over an unsuspecting Liz in the best way possible. #GH #GeneralHospital

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After the writers decided to have Hayden fall pregnant, General Hospital fans were under the impression she would be sticking around for a while. They had woven her into the canvas, given her friends, and started working on bringing her together with her half-sister Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). All of this was promising, and then the bomb dropped. Rebecca Budig finished taping her scenes at the end of June, shortly before the entire General Hospital cast went on vacation. The scenes should be airing shortly, and Hayden will be removed from Port Charles. With Finn left without her, what will his purpose be?

The next few weeks will be telling, especially with Rebecca Budig’s exit and Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital. There are new writers, and new storylines will come along as well. For now, viewers are going to have to trust the fate of the show in the writer’s hands, and hope they made the right decision by cutting Budig loose.

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