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Despite Being In Prison, Abby Lee Miller Makes Her Acting Debut In ‘Sharknado 5’

Abby Lee Miller may be spending her time these days behind bars at FCI Victorville where she is serving one year and a day for bankruptcy fraud, but tonight she will be making her acting debut in Sharknado 5. The former reality star is one of many celebrities involved in the project, and she appears in the Syfy film around 40 minutes into the film. In her role, she utters her famous line, “Everyone’s replaceable,” before being chomped on by a shark.

The ridiculous film, which has gathered steam since its first film in 2013, has become a franchise with annual films being released. The newest installment stars Charo as the Queen of England and Fabio as the Pope–as if things couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Abby Lee Miller will be playing herself in the film and appears with several other D-list celebrities as they attempt to flee the sharknado.

Though the disgraced Dance Moms star looks to be having a lot of fun in the film, reports state that she hasn’t been having as much fun behind bars. The former reality star has been cleaning toilets and bathrooms at FCI Victorville as she waits for her permanent work assignment behind bars.

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According to inmates who have already been released after spending a couple of weeks with Abby Lee Miller, she has been prone to crying fits and hasn’t been adjusting well to life on the inside. The former reality star has been living in a multipurpose room due to overcrowding, and inmates have been able to come and gawk at her, which they have reportedly done often.

The reality TV star is said to have many people on the inside who are intent on watching her fail, and hope that the star gets knocked down a peg while she’s serving her time. It was also said that the correctional officers despise women who have come in for white collar crimes, and thus have been shining lights in her face and making it difficult to sleep.

However, there is interest in the prison of Abby Lee Miller teaching a dance class to the inmates.

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