Aaron Carter And Madison Parker Split After He Drops Twitter Bombshell

Aaron Carter And Madison Parker Split After He Drops Twitter Bombshell

Aaron Carter has been dominating headlines over the last 24 hours. The pop star has been in and out of the news since this past April when he announced he was battling some mental health issues. Anxiety coupled with an eating disorder is no walk in the park, but it is the reality Carter lives on a daily basis. The troubled young man was arrested recently on suspicion of DUI and possession of cannabis. Aaron insists that this was just an attack on his celebrity status and states that he holds a card for prescription marijuana that helps with his anxiety. Alongside him, his girlfriend Madison Parker was also arrested.

Twitter has been buzzing about Aaron Carter for several hours now. He decided to take a risk and put everything out in the Twitterverse for his fans and followers. Carter revealed he is bisexual and has had encounters with both men and women. According to Us Weekly, Aaron Carter and Madison Parker have split up. This news comes on the heels of his announcement, which some have considered to be over the top. Parker and Carter began dating late last year and seemed to be doing well together. Despite their outward appearance, things between them weren’t working out. It is unclear whether Aaron’s admission of bisexuality has played a role in the split, but it was reportedly amicable. There won’t be any “bad blood” spilled across social media.

At this point, everything about Aaron Carter is news to fans. He reportedly has been bisexual since his teen years, but acted on it shortly before becoming an adult. All of his relationships that have been publicly talked about included women, never any men. In fact, his regret over losing Hilary Duff was something that made headlines for several months as he attempted to try to court her once again. It was announced that she had split from her husband, and Carter was interested in getting her back. The situation was complicated, and Duff wasn’t flattered by the way he went about things.

Fans wish Aaron Carter the best as he begins his life with his true self. Madison Parker has not yet spoken out about her split from the pop star. As of now, things will reportedly remain amicable as Carter tries to clean up his life and battle the demons that have been plaguing his health and well being for so long. He has received support from the LGBT community for his recent remarks and his fans are behind him all the way as he strives to improve himself.

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