'Days Of Our Lives': Marci Miller Criticized On Instagram, She Gives Kind Response, Followers Defend Actress

Marci Miller Criticized On Instagram, She Gives The Kindest Response, Followers Defend Actress

Days Of Our Lives fans are passionate, and everyone has an opinion on recasts. This includes Marci Miller, who replaced Kate Mansi as Abigail. Even though viewers are divided on the issue, most are respectful about it. However, one Instagram user decided to highjack Miller’s social media post to share her dislike of Marci’s portrayal of Abby. The actress responded in an incredibly kind way. Followers rallied around Miller and defended her.

Instagram user @lindacardem commented that she fast forwards through Miller’s scenes. The viewer added that Marci “has no chemistry” with Billy Flynn, who portrays Chad DiMera. Then, she stated that Chad and Gabi (Camila Banus) should be together.

“I fast forward through your scenes. Chad needs to be with Gabi. You have no chemistry with Billy Flynn.”

People are allowed to share opinions, and it happens a lot on social media. However, Marci Miller’s Instagram post mentioned nothing about “Chabby” and didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion on the soap opera couple. She was simply holding a pile of scripts, mentioning that she had a lot of lines to memorize for the weekend. Sometimes a comment can be ignored, but other times it is appropriate to respond. Miller decided to do the latter but did it in a very kind way.

“Entitled to your opinion! Next time, mind posting it on your own page? Have a great day! Much love.”

Days Of Our Lives fans that follow Marci on Instagram chimed in to defend the actress. One person who also preferred Chad and Gabi explained that the Instagram’s users comment was unnecessary. She also made it clear that this was Miller’s personal Instagram account and rudeness was uncalled for.

“I personally like Gabi and Chad on the show together too, but this her own personal Instagram and that isn’t nice to tell someone you fast forward when they are on the tv. It’s okay to have an opinion, but not [to be] rude on her personal social media pages.”

Recently, actress Camila Banus went through a similar ordeal. Fans that were not happy with Chad and Gabi‘s romance gave her a lot of heat on Twitter. One day, she received a bouquet of flowers and took to Instagram to talk about keeping her head up and remaining positive. When one is in the public eye, such as an actress, they need to ignore the haters and develop a thick skin. It appears that both Miller and Banus have done this and don’t let the negative comments affect them.

@carlivatiron putting us to werk this weekend. #YesSir #OCaptainMyCaptain #ScriptsOnScriptsOnScripts #Days

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For those that continue to dislike Marci as the “new Abby,” that probably has more to do with Dena Higley’s writing than the acting. Now that Ron Carlivati is the new head writer, people are seeing a positive change in Abigail. She is becoming stronger, just like she used to be.

Happy birthday, Queen Bee. I look up to you lots and lots. ????@camilabanus #LeosAttractingLeos #Days

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What do you think of how Marci Miller responded to the negative comment about her scenes on Days Of Our Lives?

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