'The Sinner' Episode 2 Promo And Synopsis: Why Doesn't Cora Tannetti Want Her Old Life Back?

‘The Sinner’ Episode 2 Promo And Synopsis: Why Doesn’t Cora Tannetti Want Her Old Life Back? [Spoilers]

The Sinner premiered on USA network last Wednesday and just like Jessica Biel promised, it was gripping, unsettling, and interesting. Many viewers couldn’t take their eyes off of the television screen. There are a lot of questions after Cora Tannetti’s disturbing and seemingly unprovoked crime. What can fans expect in Episode 2? Spoiler TV released the synopsis and promo for the next installment.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. If you do not want to know what is coming up on the next episode, then do not continue reading.

During the season premiere of The Sinner, Cora Tannetti was living what appeared to be a typical life of a wife and mother. However, there were signs that something was not quite right. Subtle non-verbal messages indicated she was struggling with something.

She was easily startled when working in the warehouse. She was almost mechanical when getting intimate with her husband. She swam beyond the roped borders and when she went underwater, she intentionally almost didn’t come back up. Then, there were the trance-like moments immediately before the brutal murder.

Cora Tannetti has confessed to the crime. There were several witnesses and evidence has been gathered. However, the question is, what was her motive? Why did she suddenly kill a man on the beach that she claims not to ever have met? These are the same questions that Detective Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is asking. It appears that he won’t rest until he has it figured out. However, the synopsis for The Sinner Episode 2 reveals that Cora tries to block Ambrose’s quest for answers.

“Cora tries to block Ambrose’s investigation; Mason struggles to come to terms with secrets from Cora’s past.”

In the promo clip for the next episode of The Sinner, Detective Ambrose says that most people have secrets. Even the most unlikely ones. However, Cora does not want her secrets and dark past to come out into the open. Even though trauma is the root of what caused her to commit such a horrific crime, Jessica Biel’s character would prefer to keep her demons silent, even though it is clearly killing her inside.

Cora does admit that something in her “just snapped.” Fans did see a few flashbacks from her childhood, which seem to have contributed to her psychosis. It was a shocking moment when viewers learned that as a little girl, Cora was blamed for her baby sister being sick. She was told that during pregnancy, Cora took all of her mother’s strength, enough for three children. However, with a lot of prayers, Cora’s sister survived. Then, a young Cora was informed that she had to do everything God expected or her infant sibling would die.

That is a huge load on a little girl. However, that is probably not the only secret in Cora’s past. There are undertones of sexual abuse. This is clear when Cora was watching the couple at the beach. After the murder, she tried to approach the victim’s girlfriend, telling her that she was “safe” now. Whatever is in Cora’s past, she wants to block it out.

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A visualization of a blue and gold wall appears when the memories get to be too much for her. In the season premiere of The Sinner, that wall was seen not once, but twice. As many people are aware, it is a defense mechanism. A way for someone to block out a painful event that is simply too much for the mind to handle at the time. However, one can’t really cope and work through trauma if they spend their entire lives stuffing it behind a mental wall. Eventually, it will escape, which is most likely what happened during the murder.

In the promo clip for The Sinner Episode 2, Ambrose tells Cora that he isn’t going to stop digging. He explains that he is trying to help her and she could get her life back. That is when she gives an unexpected and shocking response.

“What makes you think I want my life back?”

As the Inquisitr previously teased, it was hinted that Cora Tannetti almost feels safer behind bars. Now the question is, why, and what kind of secrets and trauma are going to be unveiled? Exactly what is the reason behind Cora’s response to Ambrose?

What did you think of the season premiere of The Sinner? Will you be watching Episode 2, which airs August 9 on USA network?

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