Fans Attack Joy-Anna Duggar After Seeing Her Non-Biblical Sitting Position On ‘Counting On’

Everyone and anyone who knows anything about the Duggar family knows that touching and intimacy is not allowed until marriage, but one daughter appears to want to push things a bit. Well, that is if you consider this to be pushing and causing an outrage. Fans are apparently irate at Joy-Anna Duggar after a recent episode of Counting On showed her sitting on her husband’s lap in what is being seen as a clearly non-biblical position.

All those who have watched any of the shows with members of the Duggars know that even once married, it still isn’t overly acceptable to show massive amounts of public displays of affection. As a matter of fact, it really isn’t alright to show much of it at all, and that is what’s causing the biggest problem here.

The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that a lot of fans are crying out that Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth were being unacceptable on a recent episode of Counting On. At one point, Joy-Anna was sitting on the lap of her husband, who is laying down, and she is seated right on his crotch.

Making matters supposedly worse is that they are around people.

Not only was this scene brought to attention by Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray, but the admins made it the cover photo of their Facebook page.

The couple consists of a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man who were legally married back in late May. They are officially husband and wife, and one would think that this small amount of affection, or even just an innocent act, wouldn’t be a big deal.

Some were commenting on the picture and saying they didn’t see anything wrong with it. Life is not all pickles always had a comeback and even considered Joy-Anna sitting on Austin’s lap as a “sex act in public.”

“No, it’s because when they date they are not allowed to frontal hug or kiss but once they say I do they can perform sex acts in public. Go figure.”

Others stated that they are totally against this kind of behavior in public as one person commented that she and her husband “never do this.” Another simply stated that they were “praying for her.”

Fans of the Life is not all pickles Facebook page made it abundantly clear that they are not running a “Duggar family fan page.” They actually speak out against some of the things that the family preaches but still doesn’t follow through with or does wrong for their TV shows such as Counting On.

As one person let the newcomers know, they have their thoughts and they’re going to make them regarding the couple.

“First off, it seems we have a lot of newbies visiting this thread. This isn’t a Duggar fan page. So, if you’re looking for side hugs and Duggar love, you’re certainly in the WRONG place. I suggest looking for the Duggar fan page.

“Second. There’s a time and place for affection with your spouse. This isn’t it. I’m no prude but I would be offended if I saw my daughter sitting on her husband this way. I’d tell her to find an appropriate chair, thank you very much….”

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have come under fire in the past for breaking the courtship rule of no hugging before marriage. When Austin proposed to Joy-Anna, the excited couple hugged one another full-on instead of the usual side-hug, and that was made into a huge deal which he even issued an apology for. This latest snafu by the couple on Counting On may end up bringing about another apology since it seems to have set fans off even more.

[Featured Image by Austin Forsyth/Instagram]