How Hillsong Church And Carl Lentz Helped The Biebs And Kyrie Irving Make Controversial Life Decisions

Turns out there is a common thread behind Justin Bieber’s decision to end his tour and Kyrie Irving’s trade request from the Cleveland Cavaliers: Hillsong Church’s Carl Lentz. Did the New York based pastor really help Bieber and Irving make major life decisions?

TMZ reports that Lentz counseled Bieber and Irving weeks before they decided to take their careers in new directions. Sources claim that Lentz didn’t convince them to make changes. Instead, he simply listened to their problems and told them that they needed to follow their heart.

Irving has been a member of Lentz’s congregation for quite some time. The two men met a few times in early July, and Irving allegedly talked about his desire to leave the Cavaliers for a new team. A similar situation unfolded with Bieber, who was seen hanging out with Irving and Lentz a few weeks ago. Bieber is only an acquaintance of Irving, but both men are super close to their pastor.

According to Heavy, Bieber canceled the final portion of his “Purpose” tour because he was following Lentz’s advice. In fact, insiders claim that Bieber’s relationship with Lentz is about as intense as it gets and that the pop star is quickly becoming the Tom Cruise of Hillsong Church. Although Bieber and Irving have not commented on Lentz’s role in their decisions, the Hillsong pastor carries a lot of influence around the country.

The Hillsong branch in New York is part of a wider network of the Australian Christian Church. In fact, there are over a thousand branches of the organization with over 250,000 members in total. The church is a modern Pentecostal religion that believes in the trinity and living a holy life.

Lentz has written several books over the years, including Own the Moment and The One: Experience Jesus. The pastor is married to Laura Lentz and has three kids. In talking about his religious beliefs in 2013, Lentz admitted that his church doesn’t follow the typical Christian mold.

“There’s a stereotype… A lot of people think of Christians as out of touch. But I say the gospel shouldn’t make you weird. We’re not like those people standing outside the clubs with the posters and the bullhorns. God is bigger than that,” he explained.

Lentz has not said anything about his part in Bieber’s decision to end his tour or Irving’s trade request.

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