Jennifer Aniston To Reunite With Brad On TV Tell-All?

The ongoing claims about Jennifer Aniston and ex-husband Brad Pitt reconnecting have been rampant ever since Angelina Jolie shocked the masses and announced that she was filing for divorce from the heartthrob. Despite Team Jen members secretly cheering for the Friends star, who was believed to be the victim when Pitt and Jolie began their affair while filming the 2005 hit Mr & Mrs. Smith, Aniston continues to insist that she and Pitt had been through for months ahead of Jolie and the actor beginning their romance.

Filmmaker Ian Halperin made headlines in recent months due to his confession that he is working on a Brangelina tell-all that he insists will reveal never-before-seen footage of the estranged couple and will also unveil secretive details about the beginning of the relationship, demise of Jen and Brad, and what finally caused the demise of Angelina and Brad’s relationship.

Although a date hasn’t been set which will allow fans to tune in for the exclusive details about the trio, Radar notes that a late night talk show host is ready to bring Aniston and Pitt together for a tell-all on his show. Jimmy Kimmel is rumored to be pushing for the former spouses to appear on his show.

A source reportedly close to the situation indicates to the publication that the chances of Brad and Jen reuniting publicly on the host’s show are “pretty good,” and goes on to explain that Kimmel “is super close to Jen, but he’s also really good friends with Pitt disciples Peter Dante and David Fincher.”

Jimmy reportedly sent a message inviting Brad to the show and stated that Brad is “a welcome presence,” and that he is invited “even just to hang out in the bar area backstage and schmooze.”

The insider adds that Kimmel is prioritizing Pitt in hopes that the notable actor will always make his late night program the first stop on publicity rounds. The source claims also that Jimmy sees the time as being right for Pitt and Aniston to appear publicly together ever since Pitt has been displaying a “softening stance toward the whole Jen drama.”

Jen is reportedly very close with Jimmy and “trusts him” to tastefully present her to the public if the reunion is to go ahead.

Despite words from a source, however, Jennifer Aniston is generally one to avoid being the subject of headlines for personal reasons and usually opts to find herself in the media simply for her work onscreen. This is made clear in Aniston’s poignant essay she wrote last year for the Huffington Post entitled “For The Record.” It, therefore, seems that this claim is unlikely, but only time will tell if Kimmel is actually cooking up a reunion segment with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]