Destiney Rose was also on People's Couch on Bravo

Who Is New ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Cast Member Destiney Rose?

On the new season of Shahs of Sunset, you might be looking at Destiney, the party planner Reza sent Mike’s way for his housewarming party, and thought, “I know her.” Where have I seen her before? And if you are a fan of The People’s Couch, also on Bravo, you would be right, because she has been perched on the couch, frequently with snacks, commenting on your favorite shows in the past. But how will Destiney blend with the rest of the Shahs? Fans will get a good idea when she joins them on their trip to Israel.

Logic says that Destiney should get along with everyone because she is already friends with Reza and helped Mike out with his party. The only real wild card in the world of the Shahs of Sunset is once again GG (Golnesa), who, so far this year, seems calmer than in seasons past. But just this Sunday, Janice Dickinson made GG angry when she took the outfit that GG was supposed to wear in the L.A. Fashion Week show run by Golnesa’s friend, Eric. Eric offered to get GG something else, and she suggested instead that Janice should get something else.

“I thought this b***h died out with the Flintstones. I don’t even know how she’s able to walk right now, let alone walk a runway, let alone walk the runway wearing that outfit I’m supposed to be wearing?!”

But something says that Destiney Rose will be able to hold her own with GG, MJ, and will be just fine with Asa. She seemed genuinely enthused when Reza asked her to join the Shahs of Sunset crew in Israel. On the Shahs of Sunset page, Bravo explained how Destiney came to join the Shahs cast.

“Newest to the group, Destiney is Reza’s friend who finds herself at a crossroad in her life as she works to balance her personal goals with family responsibilities. At 36 years old, she is in search of a healthy work environment after scaling back her career in the nightclub industry. But despite the issues in her own personal life, this newbie does not hold back from offering her opinions or concerns – unsolicited or not – on the larger-than-life, tight-knit group of friends.”

Destiney Rose made a great first impression on Shahs of Sunset fans who had never seen her before on Bravo’s The People’s Couch.Reza was concerned that Mike would throw a lame housewarming party for his new bachelor pad, and so he sent party planner Destiney to the rescue, and she delivered. To make an impression on Mike’s friends, Destiney brought with her The Sugar Dollz, sexy women wearing lingerie and lampshades on their heads.

Served at the party was LiquidSweets, which are candy-inspired alcoholic drinks including the Sugar Daddy Martini. Sadly, Destiney Rose and her sister Cathy will no longer be seen on The People’s Couch as the Bravo show has been canceled.


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Will Destiney continue to get along with the Shahs of Sunset crew as the newbie? Only time and a trip to Israel will tell.

What do you think of Destiney Rose so far on Shahs of Sunset?

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