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Apocalypse Survival Pods Go Up For Sale As Mayan Doomsday Nears


In order to survive the upcoming apocalypse all you’ll have to do is sit on your couch. But if you really want to be safe you can buy some apocalypse survival pods.

According to Sky News, a 45-year-0ld Chinese farmer and furniture making is selling apocalypse survival pods, dubbed Noah’s Arks, in order to ensure your survival on December 21, 2012. The tsunami-proof survival pods can withstand tsunamis and earthquakes according to their creator Liu Qiyuan.

Qiyuan said:

“The pod won’t have any problems even if there are 1,000-meter-high waves… it’s like a ping pong ball, its skin may be thin, but it can withstand a lot of pressure.”

The apocalypse survival pods are a little expensive (about $50,000) but Qiyuan said that they are big enough for 30 people. Qiyuan said that the pods are designed to fit 14 people but in an emergency, like the Mayan apocalypse, the pods are capable of keeping 30 people alive for two months.

Qiyuan also notes that you can survive in Noah’s Ark anywhere in the world. If a giant tsunami wave carries you down to the south pole you could still live “for four months in the pod … without freezing, or even feeling slightly cold.”

NASA, the White House, and several other agencies have released statements and videos in an attempt to calm fears as the Mayan apocalypse nears. Still, panic is starting to spread around the world.

Do you think Qiyuan is going to find customers for his apocalypse survival pods? Do you think the world is going to end on December 21, 2012?

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43 Responses to “Apocalypse Survival Pods Go Up For Sale As Mayan Doomsday Nears”

  1. Mia Suarez

    OMG THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END ON THE 21'ST. people are idiots if you believe that. might have some disturbances in the earths atmosphere, but that's all. maybe not even that. people will believe anything. I'm so over this theory.

  2. Greg Boehning

    Well, good for Qiyuan. Gets to make a profit off of stupid people. Do believers in this apocalypse theory realize that the end of the Mayan calendar was to mark the start of a new century. They expect them to write their stupid calendar forever?

  3. Christen Wilt

    hm do I think Qiyuan is going to find customers for his apocalypse survival pods? Yes because many people are just that guliable and really stupid. There has been evidence shown that the world isn't going to end. Mayan experts even Modern day Mayans have said it is not. It is just the end of their calender ffs. So to answer the question do I think the world is going to end Friday NO ITS NOT! I bet these same people who are buying pods are the same ones who believed Harold Camping when he said the world was going to end twice this year. They probably believed every other time people said it would end. I will be glad when next Friday comes and goes cause this subject is getting annoying.

  4. Kianoosh MN

    And if you knew what some Chinese would do for money, you'd be a fool to buy this!

  5. Anonymous

    I doubt very much that the world will end – but I imagine there will be Jonestown type incidents, riots, and mass shootings anyway – so the world WILL end for some disturbed individuals. The question to as really is – if the world was to be about to end, are we really worth saving when no one cares about anyone else anyway? As far as the pods, wooden structures wouldn't stand tidal waves coming at you at 700 miles an hour. Still, if you are in California it might be good to head to Nevada where the sea level is hundreds of feet higher… plus you can catch a show and some cheap buffets.

  6. Anonymous

    I mean, if 29 other people want to go in with me I'm down. you can never be too careful ;oP.

  7. Carol Brittain-Jeuck

    I actually talked to some Mayan people! I asked about the end of the calender. I was told that the reason for the end of this calender was because it is the changing of the gods. So I do not believe the world is going to end. The person I spoke to was reassuring that the world would not end.

  8. Carol Brittain-Jeuck

    I actually talked to some Mayan people! I asked about the end of the calender. I was told that the reason for the end of this calender was because it is the changing of the gods. So I do not believe the world is going to end. The person I spoke to was reassuring that the world would not end. He has family and small children.

  9. Anonymous

    I'm selling pods that u can survive in while floating in outer space! starting at $1,000,000.00 u can survive in this pod for 1 year. PPL r freakin idiots. merry christmas everyone.

  10. Leon Smiley

    Yall dont read shit about the mayan calender thre calender does not end its thrir cycle n a beginning of a new one lik ours end on dec 31st then jan 1 maya dont hav the knowledge to do that..onky god can.

  11. Karen May

    Two Myans were working on the Myan Long Count calendar and near finishing it. The first Myan said to the other. "I only have room to go to Dec. 21st, 2012." The second Myan replied, "Well that will freak them out someday." So since the date and time translate to 3:00 something AM in the middle of the night when I wake up Friday morning all will be good. Happy Holidays Everyone.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Michelle Beaver

    I just can't believe how stupid this is, stupid, stupid, stupid! Millions upon millions of morons have stood in line to drink the Kool-aid.

  14. Diana Foster

    I agree with Mia, people are so seriously stupid to think this is going to be the end, there was actually a program on that disputed the ending of the Mayan Calendar and it was by scientists that said further tablets containing a continuation of the Mayan calendar were discovered and that the supposed ending of the Mayan calendar is a hoax.

  15. Derrick Wills

    I think a lot of you are overlooking an obvious question here. Even if there is an apocalypse, what good would it do to charge 50 grand for these, it's not like the we would still have a money system to go by post apocalyspse. What would he do with the money? What would be available to purchase…Jack squat that's what! What an idiot!

  16. Drew Swaggin Hylton

    The world is not ending on the 21st. Only God knows the date. If the earth is going to blow up like some theorists say what is the use in buying a pod. If I wrote a calender all the way up to the year 5,000 I'm going to get tired of writing it.When was the last time anyone even saw a Mayan it's not like u run into one at the supermarket but see everyone on the 22nd.

  17. Kienne Pisano

    idk what mayan ppl you talked to. The mayan have been extinct for thousands of years! no one knows what happened to their race, they seem to simply have just disappeared, don't believe me? look it up!

  18. Robin Thomas

    I always feel sorry for these people— they are so delusional they don't even realize how crazy they are–what convinced them that the Mayans knew any magical information? Just like the year 2000 crazies — what will they fear the next day?

  19. Daniel Clark

    If you know your history they did all pass back in 1400's and they did have the calendar that could tell our time, but they were wrong on somethings and I think this is one that their wrong on, but lets hope so for all our sakes.

  20. Joyce Young

    the only one who can tell you when its over isen't talking to you right now people,get a clue ONLY GOD KNOWS

  21. Liesl Arnold Fletes

    @kienne Mayan people are still alive today, if your referring to the ancient civilazation, well yes that doesn't exist anymore. They are modernized to a certain extent. They still live in small villages mostly in central and South America. My grandfather was a 100% Mayan. When I visited Belize as a child, we visited his village. & no the world will not end on 12/21/12!

  22. Wayne Brake

    This Joker who made these things, is going to be rich, if people are STUPID ENOUGH to believe any of this Jazz! There is only 1 person who will know when our time is up, and that is GOD Himself, so don't believe any of this stuff you hear or read about.

  23. Deborah D. Dortch

    My sentiments exactly…didn't say anything about being fireproof…or explosion proof…or if one ends up surrounded by rock please….. I figure if it's my time to move on then so be it but see ya'll on Dec 22nd and have a great holiday! Be gratefuly for what you have right this moment.

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