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White House Gun Control Petition Quickly Approaching 100,000 Signatures

gun control petition

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, we the people, in order to form a more perfect union, have started a petition to address the issue of gun control on the White House’s official website.

As we have reported before, other petitions this year included a Texas secession petition and a farcical petition demanding that the US government build a Death Star (from the Star Wars film series) as a military deterrent.

Petitions started on need a total of 25,000 signatures to elicit an official response from the Obama Administration. Though the Texas secession and Death Star petitions reached the required number, it took days, if not weeks, for the petitions to garner the necessary signatures.

The gun control petition, a response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, gained 25,000 signatures in a single afternoon, the day of the massacre.

One day later, the gun control petition has been signed by nearly 100,000 US citizens, four-times the amount required for an official White House response. It stands at 81,014 signatures as of this posting, and is expected to surpass 100,000 signatures throughout the course of today.

Though concrete details are still coming out in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, 20 children lay dead, in addition to seven more adults including the killer, Adam Lanza.

The gun control debate has already started on social media, with many celebrities calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting. It is unknown how the Obama Administration will address the issue, but it seems inevitable given the massive amount of public outcry.

Did you sign the White House petition demanding stricter gun control laws in the US?

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44 Responses to “White House Gun Control Petition Quickly Approaching 100,000 Signatures”

  1. Megan Charles

    The problem is the law abiding what the right to protect ourselves and the criminals will find ways to get their hands on it one way or another. Guarantee good people can still own and carry. Too, if a spree killer wants to kill they'll find away, but in other countries we call those suicide bombers. It is horrible what has happened, between the theater, mall, and school shooting this year.

  2. Megan Charles

    May have to consider arming teachers as part of their training to protect the students in the event something like this even hints at reoccurring. I'm sick of this shooting spree mess; all of them, movie theaters, malls, and schools.

  3. Philip Martinico

    When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

  4. G.r. Fernandes

    I can't believe yesterday's tragedy is being blamed on guns. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! It should be blame on the person. Guns are not the reason for violence the truth is people are the reason for violence. End of story. It's scary but its the harsh reality.

  5. G.r. Fernandes

    December 14, 2012 will be forever seared in the minds of a nation, but forever carved in the hearts of 27 families. Nothing is more distrubing than the death of a child. So the premature death of 20 children is enough to grab someone by their soul and rattle them to the core. Small children and adults slaughtered by a mad man's rage. By no means, am I trying to diminish the death of the 7 other victims; it's a tradegy that anyone had to die besides the animal who committed this act.

    The appalling and horrific act that was perpetraded by a complete and utter coward is a scary reminder of how people are. There will be theories on what will be the best thing to blame for this person's unspeakable deed. The theories will be a laundry list: drugs(legal or illegal), family upbringing, society, movies, music, their mental capcity and of course guns. Their will also be the possiblity of a combination of a few of these options; if not a mixture of all of them.

    Very few will look beyond that that thin veneer. To the truth. It is human nature. It's that dark side of human nature. We give it names like the voices, satan, drugs, aliens and any other excuse we can think of, so we don't have to see it in ourselves. We are the only species on this planet that actively cages, slaughters, hunts every other species on this planet to excess. We have wiped out complete species; gone never to return. We are at war with ourselves. We fight and we snap at each other as a microcom of what has happen today. But what happen today was that someone was acting on their true thoughts and emotions. That's what unnerving. This is not an issue of censorship, drug control, gun control, it's about SELF CONTROL!

    But today it came into our homes in the worse way. The children. That wipes away the past, present, and future. You can't see their image with out thinking of the pain. You can't hold them now, and what's worse is you won't see them grow up. That takes away the scents, laughs, cries, smiles, the missing teeth, the "you are ruining my life" scream, and the I love you too's.

    We can legislate anything and everything, but that won't change anything. It's people that need to change. We need more of best of humanity but we are not seeing it. We are all upset for a few reasons. We are saddened by the lose, we are troubled by the crime and angred by not having the justice we would've liked enacted. To the public that is the final crime in all of this.

    Fingers will be pointed and blame will be layed.

    Tears are shed,

    for the blood than was bled.

    As we contemplate words than will never be said.

    Only memories of a young face.

    No more tight embrace.

    The house becomes an empty place.

    A bedroom

    An abandonded space.

    Laughter is replaced by tears.

    The void only deepens over the years.

    I wonder what you would've look like.

    If you were sitting right here.

    The other day I hear your voice.

    I swear

    As long as I'm breathing.

    you'll always be near.

    But why aren't you here!

  6. G.r. Fernandes

    This is not a gun control issue this is a self control, and people control issue. People are to blame. So next time someone gets stabbed lets take all knives out of every kitchen. People don't want to here the truth; that people are evil and not the guns. Maybe we should' ve done away with planes after 9/11. People have been killing each other before guns. So if a someone kicks someone is that the sneakers fault? Having gun control is like having a magnetic braclet to cure cancer. You are trying to put a mythical cure on the symptoms. And not treating the cause. The cause is PEOPLE! That is the harsh reality. Anyone who thinks different is a completely misguided fool.

  7. G.r. Fernandes

    And I challenge anyone to a debate to prove what is said is not true.

  8. Anonymous

    Does anyone else see a connection between the countries that have band the ownership and possession of firearms, and mass shootings at a school( ie scotland et al). Coincidence? Just say'in. Storm clouds are gathering over America. The time to prepare is now.

  9. Thomas Alfred

    100,000 of them and what, 80,000,000 of us with multiple tools'? Just sayin.

  10. Zachary Glines

    Really people, please think logically…Rather than throwing a huge fit about gun control in the wake of such a horrific event, (which we all know 99% of those votes came from anti-gun committees, it's sickening to know these tragic events are what you people wait around for to pounce on) why can't we focus on supporting the community of Sandy Hook Elementary. Regardless if we put a full ban on every type or firearm, if their is a unspeakable lunatic out there aiming to repeat these recent events… THEY WILL FIND A WAY. Do most people out there not realize how many unregistered firearms there are out there? It's like going after a 500,000 acre wildfire with a garden hose. I do fully agree with giving the staff and any form of security personnel a choice to carry a firearm to use any means necessary to protect themselves and our children.

  11. Virginia Robinson

    I'll sign also. It should be the law that every citizen over the age of 18 be required to carry a gun any time they leave their home. That includes teacher, preachers, doctors, (debateable abour lawyers, LOL), and everyone else. Children should be taught as toddlers to leave them alone. By the time the child is 5 or 6 they should have been taught gun safety and the art of shooting. No thug would dare enter a school, church, medical center, or the corner 7-11 when they know everyone there is armed. No thug would dare do what was done to these precious children if he knew that when he killed their teacher, one of them would be quite capable of picking up her dropped firearm and use it.

  12. Margaret O Kyttle

    Everyone"s worrying about the world ending as we know it on the 21 st. Wake up people. It already has ended as we know it. It started 4 years ago when Obama was elected. Now,,, They want Our weapons & are using Idiots actions to take away Our Protection against criminals.

  13. Lynn Glover

    We all know that the problem we face is not the guns but the crazy people carrying them. This man was know by his family to have mental problems, as well as all the other monsters that have brought on these gun disasters. So, the parents, in this case the mother did nothing to get this kid help, the same with all the rest. Its the mental state of these people that is a fault, not the guns. This boy should have been in a mental hospital, where he could be treated and helped. The other shootings were done by similar young men with mental problems.

  14. Tim Boylan

    the morons behind the guns are the ones who kill people, a gun cannot fire it self. a person can easily kill with a knife, baseball bat, etc are we going to bad those items.

  15. Ruth Martin

    What kind of sick twisted people are you – everyone should be carrying guns? People would be killed en masse everytime there is a traffic fender bender, traffic jam, argument in a WalMart. Only in the south are you so ignorant to see that you will be the destruction of our beloved nation and the murderers of thousands of innocent children. May God have mercy on your souls.

  16. Jack Roscigno

    if you ban guns I want cars, airplanes, slippery floors to be next….they are just as capable of killing as a gun is….then we outlaw ice, ice storms, snow, blizzards…etc…..where oh where will it end?

  17. Amelia Felci

    All those things you mentioned can be the results of an accident or mother nature….that gun was fired by a human on purpose and not by accident. May all those innocent people that lost their lives rest in peace.

  18. Mike Lyons

    If they ban guns in the US… there will be MASS shootouts all over this country.

  19. Harry Weber


  20. Jerry Harlan

    Gun control? This is a perfect example that government cant protect us. And why everyone should be carrying.

  21. Jack Roscigno

    Actually that was not a human being that fired that weapon..that is not a debatable point….and I was invoking my old friend sarcasm because every time this happens the lefties go mental and start talking about gun control….it's really about parental control…why did his mom take him out of the system…did a teacher or administrator realize that he wasn't playing with a full deck….this is about parental control…there is the key to this whole nightmare……why did she pull him out of the system and home school him and exactly what happened to him at that school…..GOD….we may never know !!!

  22. Jack Roscigno

    And I apologize to anyone that was offended by my sarcasm….in times like these it's my only defense mechanism….I was going mental listening to the left wing nuts going mental….

  23. Lee Trader

    stop blaming guns if we would take the money that we waste on wars and other countrys and take that money and put metal detectors and put police in our schools we would not have this problem you take the guns away your only taking them away from people that are t law abiding and if you are abiding the law you not out killing people you bunch of #$% take away from law abiding and let the killers go cazy I seen the largest mass killing in the usa on 9-11 so lets outlaw planes and just remember they only had box cutters.

  24. Scott Waller

    Town in Arizona that allows outside carry has the lowest crime rate of the country where the city , Chicago , which has the most gun control laws , has the highest crime rate ? hmmmm

  25. Carl Petersen

    All who promote this petition under the title of this horrible tragedy should be ashamed. Using the deaths of young children and those who cared for them to sensationalize YOUR political agenda is wrong. EVERYONE grieves the loss of each and every innocent life in that school. USING THIS HEADLINE AS A STUMP TO PITCH YOUR CAUSE IS WRONG!

  26. Peter Graves

    Yea. Remember the time that guy broke into a school and killed 20+ children with a slippery floor? Me neither.

  27. Red Cabbage

    Scott Waller

    Comparing a backwater to a city of millions? Apples are red, oranges are…never mind, it's too complex for you.

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