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Speeding Ticket For Motionless Car: Traffic Camera Epic Fail

Speeding Ticket For Motionless Car: Traffic Camera Epic Fail

Baltimore, MD – An automated police camera issued a speeding ticket for a motionless car. In what is being called a “perfect storm of errors,” the city of Baltimore issued a citation for a stationary vehicle, which was validated by a human police officer and not just a computer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, police officers can sometimes be extremely generous, as one struggling father in Texas discovered when a $100 bill was found wrapped in a traffic ticket. Officer Christopher Izquierdo was not so generous when he validated a speeding ticket for a motionless car. According to The Baltimore Sun, the automated citation generated by the city’s camera system “alleged that a Mazda wagon was going 38 mph even though a video clip from the camera and two time-stamped photos given as evidence clearly show the car stopped at a red light.”

Based upon Maryland state law, every automated citation is first created by a radar-equipped camera system, double-checked by XeroX State and Local Solutions, and then finally approved by a human law enforcement officer before the speeding ticket is put into the mail. The city of Baltimore had suspicions that the camera system was not functioning correctly, so they started a “reasonableness” test on cameras thought to have problems.

Baltimore Police chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told The Baltimore Sun the results of their testing:

“It sounds like a perfect storm of errors. The equipment sends up the photos, the photos went through the process, it was authenticated [by police]. There’s no disputing that. This task force is designed to figure out how this happened, why this happened and how to fix it.”

The owner of the motionless car that was issued a speeding citation plans on contesting the $40 fine. While judges routinely throw out automated camera tickets for a variety of problems, police insist the overall error rate is low and that the cameras have made roads safer. Xerox spokesman Chris Gilligan also claims such blatant camera system problems are “rare and isolated.”

The Baltimore Sun notes that each police officer reviews 1,200 citations per day, leading spokesman Guglielmi to explain how police approach this problem:

“It’s no secret the volume of citations that have to be reviewed as authentic is a lot. You rely almost exclusively on the equipment, the validity of the equipment. That’s all you have. You have the photographs, the time stamps. You authenticate based on the equipment. We need to figure out: Is it an equipment issue? Is it oversight? We don’t know the answer to that. It could be both.”

According to LiveScience, motorist Daniel Doty said it was “shockingly obvious” from the police images that the car was stopped at the time the ticket was generated. Cash-strapped local government are turning to traffic violations to generate more revenue, although researchers have found camera systems may only generate an increase of 0.32 percent.

What do you think about cities using police camera systems now that you can see that they can issue a speeding ticket for a motionless car?

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67 Responses to “Speeding Ticket For Motionless Car: Traffic Camera Epic Fail”

  1. Anonymous

    8 hours/day times 60 minutes/hr=480 minutes. Each officer reviews 1200 citations per day. that allows 20 sec each. I think I found the problem.

  2. Anonymous

    If they do 1200 photos a day they are not even checking them. They just rubber stamp and pass them on.

  3. David Cottonware

    I think there were more grammatical errors in this article worth mentioning and giving a ticket for.

  4. Patrick Nielsen

    It's all about the benjamins… when my garage was burglarized – my local law enforcement did nothing but write a report, when my car was ransacked in front of my house – my local law enforcement did nothing but write a report. However, when my son received a parking ticket for parking on the street in front of my home on garbage day and forgot to pay it – our district court (which is housed in the same building as our local police force) sent an armed, uniform office to my front door to let me know that my kid had a single outstanding parking ticket that was now 10 days past the due date. Sadly, in many cases local law enforcement has been proven impotent against crime – but damn expedient at extracting $$ for citizens and property owners.

  5. Anonymous

    Cameras are an invasion of everything wrong with the system all Law enforcement and government agencies. Get rid of the of the cameras and put more police in place that's not only creates more jobs but gives the police something legit to do.

  6. Chris Simonetti

    Well said my friend. Look at all these terrible shootings, from the movies to our schools..the time the law gets to them, over a dozen lives are lost.

  7. Joe Gibs

    Send every driver a ticket in the mail every 12 months. Take down the cameras Let the police do police work. clog up the course and the revenue will remain the same You cant make sense out of non sense.

  8. Anonymous

    All automated tickets in Baltimore should be thrown out that were issued near this incident's point in time as these tickets are all now suspect.

  9. Dennis Scott

    forgot about lunch and breaks and bathroom visits not to mention a few doughnuts

  10. Anonymous

    The county that I live in is getting rid of the cameras. A study showed that they did not make the roads safer and the after the $28,000 per month paid to the company that owns the cameras no appriciable revenuue was generated either.

  11. Michael Medlock

    "The city of Baltimore had suspicious that the camera system were not functioning correctly, so they started a “reasonableness” test on cameras thought to have problems." Speak english, please.

  12. Richard Irvin

    Chris Simonetti hat's why we need to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. we should have the right to defend ourselves. remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away

  13. Katie McCollum

    Just proves it is easier to get money out of us good guys than the bad guys and we are much easier to find. We follow the rules and look where it gets us. Very frustrating.

  14. Anonymous

    My nearby city of Garden Grove, Ca uses tons of cameras with poor review as well. I've gotten 2 camera tix from them that were CLEARLY not me driving (completely different race). I talked to local officiers who said the initial review is automatic/civilian done, then an officer is to review the licence plate, makes a positive id (off driver's licence picture) and review the violation evidance before the citation is sent out. Its common place the private company that runs and initially reviews the cameras splits the citation fee with the police department.

    So essentially a private company with no accountability is issuing tickets for profit, then an officer is rubber stamping them, for profit.

  15. Anonymous

    Dan Shapiro -Look at the efficiency this would create. Not only could they protect each and every one of us 24/7, but they would also be there to write us a ticket or arrest us if we were to break the law. But wait, they would be there, so we wouldn't break the law. Look how much crime would go down, and with crime going down we wouldn't need so many police. But then crime would start up again and we would need more police. Oh my Dan, look what a vicious circle you have started.

  16. Anonymous

    Another example of BIG BROTHER. We are losing more of our freedoms everyday.

  17. Aaron Harring

    Sorry people.if you did nothing wrong than you have nothing to hide. Just because no one SAW you do something wrong doesn't make it right.

  18. Mi Mi Ha

    The local enforcement agency has a right to rob people at will by issuing extortion tickets at its own fast pace. When they need money to spend, they issue tickets to motorists. When you need money, what would you do?

  19. Keith Edward Baucom

    When I call them for something they act pissed off and say I guess I will have to write a report,then every Sunday they are sitting in the highway wainting for someone late for church.

  20. David Brewer

    Cops are all liars anyway. Giving false testimony is the only way they can convict innocent citizen's. In Indianapolis, people are routinely arrested for no reason, bond set automatically according to a preapproved schedule without court involved. Then after the bondsman collects 10% of the bail (and pays a kickback to the city), the charges end up not ever actually being filed or dropped due to lack of any evidence.

  21. Anonymous

    And how do you intend to pay those extra police officers? More taxes to support the budget increase? Everybody seems to want more and better services but nobody wants to pay for them.

  22. Anita Zick

    How much do you have to pay for speeding? Here in Detroit, Mi. when I get a ticket for speeding I have to pay at least $150… This guy only had to pay $40 for his fine (even though it was a false reading) -just wondering what other people around the country were paying.

  23. Anonymous

    Need paintball guns to blind the cameras, or pull them off the poles. Its not about safety, its about MONEY in the crooked cities pockets.

  24. Anonymous

    This is why I have a camera in my car. Mounted to the windshield interior, the unit has 2 cameras, 1 that records where I'm driving, and the other that records the interior, with microphone for sound, and with infrared to record the interior at night. The unit also has a internal GPS and spedometer. All video and data are recorded onto a removable SD card. Perfect solution for when cops lie. And they do. I'm a retired police officer.

  25. Anonymous

    Funny thing is my local city is trying to figure out how to manage a deficit due to the fact that their red-light cameras havent brought in as much as expected. they spent millions on the research and buying into the program, but the return wasnt even close to what was expected. Do the research on it

  26. Louise Wood-Markasovic

    We had the same experience when my sons trunk was broken into in our driveway. They wanted me to have the car towed to the sheriff's garage to be fingerprinted. What a slap in the face to the taxpayer. And now they know why we arm ourselves, we have to, they don't respond to us.

  27. Anonymous

    I wonder which city officials relative is in charge of these automatic ticket writers, and what % is the kickback to said city official?

  28. Anonymous

    ALL these cameras have NOTHING to do with safety for anyone. Cameras are completely about revenue.

  29. Anonymous

    Yes, they did the same thing you did –rush and have the wrong conclusion. You were on the right track but did not show the connection between minutes and seconds then you divided wrong. 480 minutes with 60 sec/min = 28800 sec then divide by 1200 citations =24 citations/sec. without downtime for the breaks mentioned above

  30. Fabian Rivera

    You hit the nail on the head. It's ironic that when most people see an police officer, instead of feeling more safe we feel afraid because any mistake on the road can cost you hundreds of dollars in the form of a ticket. The are so good at giving people tickets. It's the easiest way for the city to make money. But ask them to actually do some work and help you investigate a crime.. they are too busy for that.

  31. Danus Lenara

    Don't end a sentence with a preposition. Proper: "… worth mentioning and ticketing." Improper — what you wrote.
    The Camera

  32. Danus Lenara

    "If you did nothing wrong you have nothing to hide" was a popular thing to say in Germany around 1938 too, dickhead. People like you need REAL fucking jobs, you judgmental, hypocritical, slow-pitch pile of shit.

  33. Danus Lenara

    The automated ticket systems here in Maryland tend to run around $40, but no points. Simply a revenue trap; they probably had a meeting and figured $40 was enough to cause minimal objections but enough to justify the extortion in the first place.

  34. Danus Lenara

    hellopat5 Heehee, and you got the ratio backwards. Seconds per ticket, not tickets per second. Irony. Point valid in spirit though. Nowhere near enough time for an honest look-see.

  35. Anonymous

    $40.00 speeding ticket in LA that's $340.00 how can the #s be so different.

  36. Lee Rogers

    In Hawai‘i they were ruled unconstitutional because the speeding ticket is supposed to be issued to the driver. Since the camera cannot really always prove who was driving (owner's relative, a friend, a car thief?) then the citations are not valid. Speeding tickets ≠ parking tickets.

  37. Daniel Tegan Marsche

    The police are not checking these photos with any level of concern for anything other than revenue – otherwise, how would something this obvious be overlooked. I received 2 citations for driving on the Florida Turnpike, because the "auditors" failed to read the license plate correctly. So two times I had to call the Florida Department of Transportation to let them know that I don't even live near the turnpike and that I hadn't even left town on the days they had "photographic evidence" of my dodging a toll payment. I say that if machines are going to start enforcing the law, then police officers need to have their salaries reduced. Less work = less pay. Especially if all they have to do is look at a picture, and they can't even get that right.

    Additionally, I love how the article says that these types of problems are few and far between, and, yet, I have already had to deal with their oversights twice. And God only knows how many other people have had to deal with them. Or, worse, how many other people just paid their tickets without investigating the possibility that a mistake may have been made. I could go on a rant about law enforcement in its current state, but that would get too ugly.

  38. Daniel Tegan Marsche

    The issue is: This driver did nothing wrong. That is the whole point of the article and the many responses that have been generated by it. So, it must be you that has something to hide, if you are trying to diminish the legitimate concerns of people who have been falsely fined for infractions that they did not commit. Just because you didn't say it doesn't mean that we can't read between the lines.

  39. Phil Trudeau

    When I was younger I caught myself thinking, "Where's a cop when you need one?" Thus I decided to become one. 12 years later and now a supervisor I can say you're all right, in a way. Yes, we have officers who would rather write tickets than take reports and others who gripe about taking reports, and like every profession there are those who should quit or be fired that don't/aren't. I'm all for using technology to investigate crimes and crashes, but not snapping pictures for tickets. I also support legal concealled carry. I'm also sorry to hear about poor police work in your various communities. I am proud that my agency is known for its diligence in enforcement and investigation. 100% of our officers are basic crime scene techs and takes prints on scene when practical (but we're not filming CSI), and I ensure you, there's a lot of manhours that go into those car & garage burglary cases that is never known. Though not immediate, we solve many of our burglaries and yet still write tickets. Now that being said, our neighboring community has been known not to take reports for stabbings and victimless shootings, let alone property crime. Some large cities won't even send an officer anymore, reports are filed online or phone by appointment. Schools, hospitals, offices and police departments are all full of people doing a job, some for a check, others for a purpose. I hug my boys everyday when I leave, planning to be back but never knowing. I teach them please and thank you and to treat others with kindness and respect unless you need to defend yourself or another, and I fear for their safety constantly. Its truly maddening to see rampant abuse for social support programs and I can't even refinance my house to save a money because it depreciated. I'm rambling now, thus godspeed.

  40. Kevin Spears

    I was once issued a ticket from a red light camera and you will never guess what for. running a green light and the photo showed the light was green for my direction of travel I fought it and showed the judge that picture and he tossed the case out.traffic cameras are useless annoyances.

  41. Caleb Noel

    Chris, Law enforcement can't tell the future. The police acted as quickly as possible to the recent shootings. They are hard working men and women who risk their lives to protect our cities. Parking violations are a part of the job.

  42. Cyndie Broussard

    The problem, exactly! Taxpayers, property owners, working law abiding citizens are easy to fleece.

  43. Lee Rogers

    Hmm??? more cameras and fewer cops then?? That will really prevent those DUIs and such. Let the cameras catch the drunk drivers. Well, just ticket them in the mail.

  44. Lee Rogers

    Another thing is that if the cameras are only catching speeders or red-light runners, what are the law enforcement agents possibly missing by not being there physically to issue the citations- drug runners, drunk drivers, no insurance, etc? What a incredulously STUPID idea!

  45. Heather Johnson

    How so? And, by the way, the convention is to capitalize "English."

  46. James Cody Key

    Its private property the owner is allowed to use is as he or she sees fit however is also responsible for its use in circumstances such as lending it to another person.
    I do like the part about profit splitting… interesting. I think it interferes with due process however this is a capitalistic country, dollar signs are the name of the game.

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