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As ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Date Nears, Panic Spreads

Mayan Apocalypse Nears, According To Millions

As the Mayan Apocalypse date nears, panic is spreading as to what will happen on December 21. Millions of Americans believe that the world will end, while others believe that the date will mark a time of change to a new age.

December 21 marks both the Winter Solstice and the conclusion of the 5,125-year “Long Count” Mayan calendar, reports The Telegraph.

With the conclusion of the calendar, millions believe that the world will also end — or there will at least be some massive cataclysmic event that requires candles and other essentials.

While the panic over the nearing Mayan Apocalypse has caused several in China and Russia to rush for supplies, the supposed impending catastrophe has caused an explosion in survival shelter sales in America, along with a mass exodus to a mountain in France.

While the precise circumstance that will lead to Armageddon remains uncertain there are theories of anything from a celestial collision between Earth and an unseen planet or asteroid (some believe it will be Nibiru, or Planet X), or even a massive solar storm, astronomers have done their best to soothe fears.

Despite the attempts by astronomers and governments to dissuade the public’s assumption that the Mayan Apocalypse will happen, millions still think that something will happen on December 21. Janet Shan with The Hinterland Gazette is more skeptical. Shan writes:

“Doomsdayers are predicting a cataclysmic end of the Earth. Well, no use shopping until you drop for Christmas, right? Sorry, I scarcely believe this will be the end of the world. Just saying.”

While the rest of the world panics about the potential for a Mayan Apocalypse, residents in Mexico, where the ancient Mayan civilization lived, have taken the time as an opportunity for making money. The country has hundreds of Maya-themed events this year and tourism is said to have doubled in 2012, especially in the days left.

Do you think that the Mayan Apocalypse will happen on December 21?

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303 Responses to “As ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Date Nears, Panic Spreads”

  1. Michel David

    People! Wake up, end of the world will not, if it happens, we did not know, the little boy invented a site kalabashki_net and wants to collect a million to a new year and a half a million to give the last one who would make a contribution, I made a contribution, and I do not care, going to last or not , but a dollar is not much, somebody will be happy in this world.

  2. Anonymous

    It says in the Bible that the Lord will only know the Time and the day that the Whole word will End.And that nobody will know the time or the place when the time will finally come.

  3. Roberto Kimura

    The media is creating a tempest in a teacup. The reason the Mayan calendar ended on December 21 have 3 posible reasons: A) the maker of the calendar died…of boredom B) His job got outsourced C) He got laid off.

  4. Jun Kyu Lee

    You guys realized that the Mayan end of the world predictions were not done by the Mayans but New Age thinkers, movie companies, and the History Channel. Really, History Channel?

  5. Anonymous

    The end of an old era, and the beginning of a new era. And so time marches on era after error, such is the human condition.

  6. Darren Bartolomeo

    who tha fu*k cares..if its over there's nothing WE can do about it…so LIVE..til ya die…nuff said.

  7. Anonymous

    They probably ran out of chisels and stone just about the time they got to 12/21… Too lazy to go out and get some more raw materials… went out to get some grog and never came back…

  8. Anonymous

    The end of the world would sure get me off the hook on those mortgage payments.

  9. Jim Zornes

    Yeah, and everyone said the same thing about Y2K. Wasn't the world also supposed to end May 21 of last year? What about Haley's comet and the rapture and six other things that were supposed to end the world. The bible? Don't get me started on that pile of garbage!

  10. Joe Briery

    No , I don't think it will end. Remember Y2K? and how people were in a big panic over that saying that the world was going to end then, and it didn't. Two things we all must remember: First, the Mayan Prophecy if you want to call it that, never said the world was going to end, we in the Western world take things way out of context. The Mayans said it would be a time of Enlightenment, which is signified at then end of every Long count, Armageddon was never mentioned.
    Second, no one and I mean no one other than the man upstairs can predict if or when the world will end, it says right in the bible and I'm not a very religious person, but even I know that!

  11. Anonymous

    Millions of Americans believe…. Are you kidding? How foolish do you think we are? This is a case of the media trying to make something to get people talking.

  12. Joe Briery

    Fishbone, you made the most factual statement i've heard yet. Anyone who says only idiots read the bible are idiots themselves, i'm not religious, but alot that is said in there makes sense.

  13. Kayli Long

    the mayans couldn't go no farther on there calendar cuz they seen obama care was coming and said well no sense in finishing this product.

  14. Cindy Wimberley

    We are traveling home to New Mexico on that day! So not to worried about it!!! LOL

  15. Daisy Buna Corpuz

    what about you? are you no idiot "saying" that : "peple who read the bible are Idiots"? I'm sorry to say that but WATCH OUT YOUR WORD!!

    The Bible says: Nobdy would know when it's coming! The people who believes in Bible saying no one knows except that only God would know when is the second coming has nothing to worry about. Because that day will not come because people predicted it! God is the one who knows it! not people!!!!!

  16. Spencer Morgan

    It doesn't surprise me, the world is full of complete idiots……which also explains Obama's second term.

  17. Dean Rocco Chirieleison

    Yeah,get with the 21st century and start believing fortune tellers and soothsayers or maybe some wooden statues that talk,or maybe our president or so called world leaders.Really Ken ?If you don't trust Gods word ,then WHAT can you trust??

  18. Michele Vetter

    When our calendar ends we don't have some cataclysmic ending unless you call waking up with a hangover January 1 as a cataclysmic ending to the previous night. If the Mayans were such great predictors, why didn't they see the Spanish come?

  19. Anonymous

    I sincerely believe if the world was ending that God would have given all those twenty children in Ct. one more week to see life through.

  20. Marty Dexter

    not sure about january first….what about the third to the fifth?

  21. Anonymous

    What everyone is forgetting is that we changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. That date "Dec. 21" was in the old calendar and actually occured in November. We are past that and guess what? The world dind't end.

  22. Chris Jiss

    The fact is no on really knows what is going to happen. Not even the top scientists can say. but what they DO know for certain is that our galaxy will perfectly align with with the Super Massive Blackhole somewhere in the Universe. But they really don't know what may happen because of this event.

  23. Joe Mac

    that's a picture of an aztec calendar, not a mayan calendar you uneducated (fill in the blank).
    and guatemala is the mayan land..not mexico.

  24. Anonymous

    Not necessarily , but just in case I would like to find a good woman.

  25. Anonymous

    Ken Neth: Yeah, like anyone in the 21st century has any real answers. Moron!

  26. Pete Utley

    hey dummie, when you stand high in fron of my lord, you jump up and show everybody else how bad you are on your way down into that lake of fire… you need to throw that crack pipe down, get on your knees and ask god to forgive you for being a blastfeemer you will be sorry so saith the lord.. im going to pray for you and for myself… we are all sinners and we need to get it togeather…. im done…

  27. Michael Stephens

    Yeah, fishbone. The Bible also says God forbids us to eat rabbits or shellfish, and that menstruating women make everything they touch unclean, and that you can't wear clothing made of more than one material, and an endless list of other stupidities. It's garbage.

  28. Tomas Portillo

    I guess the mayans got a little busy when the spaniards arrived, they say we'll finish it later…nobody will notice…

  29. Gregory Johnson

    Yeah, something will happen on December 21st,, the sun will rise, the sun will set, the moon will rise, and the moon will set. Personally, think the mayans just got tired of doing a calendar on stone tablets thousands of years ahead of time. They were also probably on the lunar calendar as well, so there may need to be an adjustment. If an asteroid was going to hit the earth, I am pretty sure we have the technology to predict that a week ahead of time. I have yet to hear a weather report saying an asteroid will wipe out the earth in the next 7 days.

  30. Michael Stephens

    Xiana Fontno — we don't know that for a fact. In any case, it's still not a Mayan calendar, thus irrelevant as an illustration of this article.

  31. Rashad Smith

    The World Is Not Ending Guys Stop Trippin The Media Is Scaring Yall To Make Profit Off Of It Nothing Is Going to Happen Except Me Rolling 50 Joints & Laughing At The Bullshit U Must Not Have A Life If U Believe This Bullshit The Mayans Calender Is Ending Not The World Lol I Guess The World Endin December 31st Too Cuz My Calender Ends…………. #AmericaIsStupid

  32. Phil El

    the world has already ended the ignorance the stupidity the bad people …the selfishness thats the end of the world the disrespect of people

  33. Anonymous

    Ken Neth ,
    If I am a Believer and there really IS a Heaven and Hell when I die what have I lost? If you are not a Believer and there really IS a Heaven and a Hell what are you going to lose when you die? Think hard before you make a decision.

  34. Anonymous

    probably not the end but a catistrophic event for life as we know it.

  35. Anonymous

    Judging from most of the other comments, ignorance is what is going to kill most of you.

  36. Al Kraus

    As thousands "flock to a mountain in France" I feel now is the opportune time to drop a nuke on that mountain and raise the average IQ of the planet but a point or two…stupidity is contagious…and that could actually lead to the destruction of the planet! Anybody want to go "halfsie" on one of those bunkers?

  37. Anonymous

    Spoken by yet another scoffer. People like you ARE one of the signs spoken of in the Bible. You're a testimony to the prophecy by fulfilling it… and unwittingly at that. I love how God's irony works.

  38. Al Kraus

    My Aztec is a little rusty…but I think it say vote Democrat and stop Global Warming. Guess they did not buy that load of crap back then either!

  39. Jon Clemson

    I've come to truly hate some "reporting" that goes on out there. Is panic really spreading? Are there really "millions" of Americans who believe this? All I've ever seen or read is people making jokes about it.

  40. John Wagner

    Mayan Apocolypse? Please! Do you really think, even for a second, that God would let the World end? If the World Ends, then God can't make his greatest creation, MANKIND. Think logically, you morons!

  41. Jessica Howell

    Only an idiot would say what you just did.. May God Pity your soul for you do not know what you speak of…Read the Bible Ken Neth…There IS a guide through life it is called the BIBLE…

  42. Anonymous

    1st. the mayan prophesy doesn't say the world will end, it says it will change. whered all this world ending talk come from.

    2nd. the maya calender doesn't exactly line up with ours (they didn't account for leap years).

    3rd. according to the Bible, a much more reliable source, the world will also change (2nd coming), but there's still some events which must happen first.

    4th. it's likely something will happen, or begin at this time (maybe HAARP, a world war, etc) cause the powers that be/illuminati have hyped up this date too much for nothing to happen.

  43. Evan Schwartz

    New Age thinkers never believed or taught that it is the end of the world, just a new beginning.

  44. Justin Edward

    the calendar was made over 2000 years before the bible was even a thought in someone's head…

  45. Anonymous

    As many, many believe, the mayans were transported away by alien spacecraft. Many also believe that December 21st is the date that they return to earth. Not the end of the world.

  46. William Wise

    Blah, blah, blah, all you religious freaks are the same. When someone says something just go and see how you can equate what was written in the bible to make your little reality world where you feel safe and everything is in a neat little box. Don't fix your screendoor on a Sunday because you know God rested on the 7th day. In fact, don't fix it at all. Just let everyone else live their life while you look to your book for all the answers.

  47. Anson Bowen

    Go to a New Age thinkers section in any bookstore, all you see is books on the end of the world. Maybe not your belief but I would say at least 80%.

  48. Grace Hughes

    I read the Bible and I feel sorry for people like you who have no idea of what's coming and I don't mean the Mayan end of the world. Repent and be saved before it's too late!!! How can you be saved? Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins, that He was buried and that He rose from the dead, then read your Bible so that you are not caught off guard of what really is coming. God Bless!!!

  49. Clifford Holt

    Xiana Fontno maybe that's true, but it isn't the same. they used similar methods but the Aztec calendar doesn't have this end of cycle thing.

  50. Baggy Buddy

    My Aztec is a little rusty, but I do believe this calendar is predicting that on 12/15/2012 it will be used as a portrayal of a Mayan calendar.

  51. David Holt

    Impressed! most people, including myself couldn't tell the difference. Also Is this article legit or like an Onion article. There are not "millions" of Americans that think the world will end. If so, America is stupid and uneducated more so than would have thought.

  52. Manuel Suspect Moreno

    This ain't the mayan calendar this is the aztec sun stone totally different.

  53. Clifford Holt

    Probably an exaggeration, but it might be true. Millions of Americans think the country is fine with this administration, so the lack of intelligence doesn't surprise me.

  54. Anonymous

    I got batteries and tampons to get me through the apocalypse. Oh and a ounce of weed to smoke to help through too :-)

  55. Anonymous

    I am glad I am not in the BANDWAGON OF IDIOTS! I know I will live after 12/21/12. I am ready for it… So bad! BRING IT! <3

  56. Anonymous

    Ken Neth , Sorry you feel that way. If you were to read the Bible you would see why .lots of stuff is happening these days. Where you came from and where you are going.

  57. Rick Will

    Time to stop living in the dark ages…December 22nd will come and go and so will the days the proceed it. The Mayans, Hopi. Aztecs and any other ancient culture (theirs the magic word "cult" in culture) are all dead and gone for a reason. Anything to do with a cult is generally fake anyway so stay away from the poisonous grape Koolaid cause you will not be getting on Hail Bop to join that alien culture in the sky. :-)

  58. Anonymous

    Evan Schwartz you are correct,unfortunatly the new beginning is not enlightenment,its a dummy down as population rapidly exceeds intelligence growth world wide Going Global doesnt work!

  59. Ken Kmetz

    the sky is falling! NOBODY KNOWS! Get on with your lives and live each day like its your last day of your life.

  60. Anonymous

    With deep,thought out post you provided,i hope to GOD you are a student at Canarsie High and not a member of the faculty…part of the New Age dummy down either way…

  61. Jennifer Potter

    The calendar that this all points back to is the Long Count calendar. It's an astronomical calendar that was used to track what the Mayans called the universal cycle. Each cycle is calculated to be approximately 2,880,000 days. They believed that the universe is destroyed at the end of each cycle and the recreated to start a new cycle. The "creation date" for the current cycle we are in today is 4 Ahaw, 8 Kumku and according to the most common conversion this date is equivalent to August 11, 3114BC in the Gregorian Calendar or September 6 in the Julian calendar.

  62. Anonymous

    The only person I saw panicking was my wife leaving for the mall to go christmas shopping.

  63. Monica Royston

    I got the same calendar, so I think everything's going to be just fine.

  64. Chandler Schewe

    The bible also mentions unicorns and it says the earth is the center of the universe and that a man walked on water. Its not the most reliable source of information.

  65. Anonymous

    First of all, when the Mayan's began their calendar, there was no such thing as leap year…thus, doesn't it make sense that if the world was going to end, it would have happened by now, if according to the Mayan calendar…in addition, I completely agree with fishbone1934: "Only the Lord will know the Time and the day that the Whole word will End…"

  66. Chandler Schewe

    I'm loving all these good christian comments. I thought you people were supposed to turn the other cheek? way to be like jesus. Thats why 21st century christians are a joke. I guarantee you nothing of the bible. If you do, and you still believe it, you are willfully stupid and ignorant. Just like a bunch of whiny kids when you tell em santa claus isnt real haha

  67. Douglas Zelesko

    Only people that have never read the Bible always have an opinion that they dont believe in the Bible. That shows your knowledge and Faith.

    A guy was seated next to a 10-year-old girl on an airplane. Being bored, he turned to the girl and said,
    "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger."

    The girl, who was reading a book, closed it slowly and said to the guy, "What would you like to talk about?"

    Oh, I don't know," said the guy. "How about nuclear power?"

    "OK," she said. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff… grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?"

    The guy thought about it and said, "Hmmm, I have no idea."

    To which the girl replied, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?"

  68. Chandler Schewe

    I'm loving all these good christian comments. I thought you people were supposed to turn the other cheek? way to be like jesus. Thats why 21st century christians are a joke. I guarantee you know nothing of the bible. If you do, and you still believe it, you are willfully stupid and ignorant. Just like a bunch of whiny kids when you tell em santa claus isnt real haha

  69. Peter Colon

    So tell me what makes the mayans smarter then us when they couldn't even survive in there own time.. Boy'' We don't think much of our selves if we believe in some calendar that a bunch of indian's that couldn't live in the calender of their own time that they died out like a fot in the wind. Its go's to show you there's a sucker born every minute, So here it is I'm selling Alaska cheap before the 21 first.

  70. Anonymous

    Chandler Schewe, nowhere in the bible does it say anything about the earth being the center of the universe or anything about unicorns, you are not the most reliable source of information.

  71. David Lucas

    Chandler and Ken Neth are internet trolls. Like caged little weasles behind a computer screen. They are nothing but pixels on a screen starved for attention.

  72. Rob Saccente

    How funny would it be if all the electric companies decided to shut off the power for an hour on 12/21? Just a nice little prank.

  73. James Nichols

    so the Bible saids we wont know the end so it CANT HAPPEN THAT day.

  74. Wendy Maddy

    please tell people, pass it along, that there are no cataclysmic signs in the astronomical ephemeris for December 21, 2012. Unlike the angry aspects astrologers warned about for December 13 and 14, which expressed itself in the elementary school massacre recently, and a great deal of public unrest and harm worldwide, things actually get turned around for the better after December 19, when a key planet ends its reverse orbit and goes direct. so take heart. whatever reason the calendar leaves off after a 5,00+ year cycle, we aren't privy to that reason anyway, since the Mayans had no written language at the time.

  75. David Valerian Heizer

    Mayan this, Maybe that. Everything that's old is granted so much more value.
    Did people have giant brains back then or something?
    If we could see and talk to them today, it would pretty much be.."Oh! your just regular people."

  76. David Valerian Heizer

    Mayan this, Maybe that. Everything that's old is granted so much more value.
    Did people have giant brains back then or something?
    If we could see and talk to them today, it would pretty much be.."Oh! your just regular people,
    except that because of your lacking of knowledge have fortellers rather than philosiphers, witchdoctors (or whatever the mayan equivalent is) rather than medical practitioners.

  77. Jeff Sullivan

    There's only one fact in the Bible, a fact that had been corroborated from people from every angle of witness, that counts: the crypt was empty.

  78. Ed Lindley

    I'll tell ya one thing that will happen on the 21st. Millions of peoples credit card bills will be due…..And the banks will not Armageddon as an excuse for being late..

  79. Anonymous

    Hahahaha, you think Camping has got his flock believing again. Know a guy that 100% believes Nabiru is approaching. What an diot. Nabiru has already launched the spaceship. It's orbiting Mercury right now. It's waiting for the 21st. It's the age of Aquarius….Aquarius!

  80. Jeff Sullivan

    Who created the axioms of logic in the first place and why do they work? There is one Creator.

  81. Anonymous

    Has anyone considered the fact that they just simply ran out of stone, hence the end of the calendar.

  82. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure the Mayans didn't recognize leap years, if you figure in that, the end should have already happened…. just sayin

  83. Terry Garrett Jr

    Any idiot out there that thinks the world is going to end in less than a week and wants give away their money just give me a call, I'll be glad to take it off your hands… But don't come asking for it back when you realize what a moron you were..

  84. Anonymous

    Michael Stephens, you pick and chose from the old testament, read the new testament as well. Your entire argument is erroneous, like you. Read Mark Chapter 7 verses 1 -23. Don't have a Bible, no problem. I'll help.

    Clean and Unclean
    The Pharisees and some of the teachers of the law who had come from Jerusalem gathered around Jesus and saw some of his disciples eating food with hands that were “unclean,” that is, unwashed.

    (The Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they give their hands a ceremonial washing, holding to the tradition of the elders. 4 When they come from the marketplace they do not eat unless they wash. And they observe many other traditions, such as the washing of cups, pitchers and kettles.)

    So the Pharisees and teachers of the law asked Jesus, “Why don’t your disciples live according to the tradition of the elders instead of eating their food with ‘unclean’ hands?”

    He replied, “Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written:

    “‘These people honor me with their lips,

    but their hearts are far from me.
    They worship me in vain;

    their teachings are but rules taught by men.

    You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men.”

    And he said to them: “You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions! For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother, and, ‘Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death. But you say that if a man says to his father or mother: ‘Whatever help you might otherwise have received from me is Corban’ (that is, a gift devoted to God), then you no longer let him do anything for his father or mother. Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.”

    Again Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen to me, everyone, and understand this. Nothing outside a man can make him ‘unclean’ by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him ‘unclean.”

    After he had left the crowd and entered the house, his disciples asked him about this parable. “Are you so dull?” he asked. “Don’t you see that nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him ‘unclean’? For it doesn't go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out of his body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods “clean.”)

    He went on: “What comes out of a man is what makes him ‘unclean.’ For from within, out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery,
    greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and make a man ‘unclean.’

    Michael Stephens your opinion is garbage, and you should really educate yourself before you post something online for the world to see how wrong you are, and you very welcome for the lesson.

  85. Anonymous

    Seriously this is just as bad as believing a god. LOL, so glad that most of my generation has enough brains to know a fairytale when they see one.. as you were sheep..

  86. Anonymous

    Michael Stephens i wish i had parents like you..Mine still believe in fairy tales..

  87. Anonymous

    you would need allot of bombs.. it's moments like these that you can ALMOST sympathize with tyrants/ really is that easy..

  88. Michael Maletto

    A fool, has said in His heart: That there is no GOD !! quote from the bible,and if the Word of God did indeed became flesh and dwelt amongst men.. These will come to be. So mr.Neth, either ih this world or the world to come. ALL man shall bow down on their knees and with their mouths confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of GOD the Father!!!

  89. Tatiana Hurst

    what about leap year? technically it's supposed to be sometime in 2013.

  90. Anonymous

    Now think about that statement in the Bible for a moment. Do you really think that day the Lord has in mind, there will "not" be a one person in this world predicting the world will end on that day??? I am sure there will be at least one person living on this world making that same day prediction. Sorry to burst your bubble…that other person…the Mayans!?

  91. Carl Caola

    I wouldn't be surprised if something happened from the godless shape of things the world and our country is in..I personally believe this marks the begiing of the 7 year christian biblical tribulation period. We are all dying they are just killing us slowly.

  92. Anonymous

    Ken Neth it is an induviduals right to read and believe whatever they choose like i believe your a pretensious asshole who thinks that your opinion really matters

  93. Lea Straume Gegenava

    Ken Neth you cudnt be wrogner and no need for insult. Only idiots wud believe in end of the world said by some wankers on internet (feels good? ) :)))

  94. Carl Higdon

    Chandler Schewe, do u think i'd take it lightly if someone insulted me and told me that i shouldnt respond? Thats exactly what your doing. Dont talk bad about God and then tell me not to be insulted. Go to hell

  95. Lea Straume Gegenava

    No one asked mayana about creating world and us…no one will ask them about destroying the world and us.
    Trust me it will rain for 40 days and nights before the world will end :)

  96. Kane Fuller

    Hello, Im an idiot so I will pray for you, I will take whatever negative comment u want to give, I still love u
    p.s. Im not Kane Fuller

  97. Janet Camarillo

    Maybe the enlightenment wiil be that Washington will finally get something done…Nah…
    Any way, if they were that good at making predictions, why didn't they know the Spaniards were coming to wipe them out?

  98. Anonymous

    Who said it would end in 'a day'? I think the end is in progress. Humans are helping it happen faster by believing in money and greed rather than humanity and earth. Nostradamus wrote of the nearing of the apocalypse with signs such as; high loss of life to disasters both man-made and natural, only being able to tell the seasons by the leaves on the trees, significant melting of ice near the poles, and more. The earth IS changing. The meek shall inherit it. Will YOU embrace it?

  99. Bryan Little

    buy a gun then and make it happen today. the world doesnt want you around anyways if all u can say is it should end. u sound like a really great guy there grandpa

  100. Carlo Sarci

    Intelligence, logic and rationality in America is what appears to be fast coming to an end. So many are turning it into a nation of sheep and parrots who can't think on their own and have a need to repeat what some nuts on the radio spit out, whether it is logical or not.

  101. Maria Dominguez


  102. Christopher Flores

    for all you dumb people saying nothing will happen, u guys will be the ones crying when the events start happening, or who knows maybe you will be the ones laughing your asses out, nobody knows, lets see what happens.

  103. Jason Jacob

    People are so retarded. The Mayan calender was a lunar calender and thus not at all in sync with the current solar Gregorian calendar which we use. The reason Jewish and Muslim holidays are never in sync with our calendar are due to this reason, thus the date of December 21st is almost completely irrelevant.

  104. Wolf Cuesta

    Bible my ass the world isn't going to end retards is very simple even a 4 year old can solve this

  105. Anonymous

    Maria Dominguez No. Only God knows. Jesus said, that even he did not know the hour. Only the Father.

  106. Kerrie Douglas Shaffer

    Yessir! Thousands of people in California are headed for the coast. They're going to spread their legs, bend way over and kiss their behinds goodbye. Then we'll only have Texans to deal with.

  107. Doug Steineman

    Most people I have talked to don't even know what this about. I doubt millions of people actually beleive the world is going to end.

  108. Anonymous

    We ALL live ; We ALL die. Simple!, death is going to happen. Dec 21 , 31 or 10 years from now, we all have an expiration date. Worry about making every day count loving the ones in your life that matter most. Avoiding deaths door or trying to convince yourself that if you relocate to a top of a mountain to avoid it , is the silliest thing I've heard in all my 28 years of "Living". I don't create my life around someone's "opinion" , nor a calendar. Predictions are opinions. The only New Age that's going to happen , is the one that we create ourselves. GET PARANOID ABOUT LIVING YOU LIFE , NOT DIEING. That is all. – Tae

  109. Anonymous

    We ALL live ; We ALL die. Simple!, death is going to happen. Dec 21 , 31 or 10 years from now, we all have an expiration date. Worry about making every day count loving the ones in your life that matter most. Avoiding deaths door or trying to convince yourself that if you relocate to a top of a mountain to avoid it , is the silliest thing I've heard in all my 28 years of "Living". I don't create my life around someone's "opinion" , nor a calendar. Predictions are opinions. The only New Age that's going to happen , is the one that we create ourselves. GET PARANOID ABOUT LIVING YOUR LIFE , NOT DIEING. That is all. – Tae

  110. Dave Woodling

    Speaking of an idiot. Ken, you fit the bill, a true know it all. If the 21st century is to ignore the Bible, you are in real trouble, again, you idiot!!

  111. Tonya Allen

    Only idiots would believe that the world is ending on December 21st. No reason to call people who read the bible "idiots", unless you have some information the rest of us don't, which I highly doubt you do. Its another scare tactic and we have lived through many of them the last few years. Same guy always cooks up the same half baked reasons for "why" the world is supposed to end. And every time he does, he is wrong. So I am with fishbone. Only God above knows the time and date when he will end what he created. No one else.

  112. Anonymous

    Again, I shall do my best to help comfort those who are afraid and worried. It saddens me th at many has lost touch or forgotten their true nature of the Divine. I can't stress enough unto the masses that this hype is only what it is.."HYPE". Sadly though, because of the BELIEF that many has of this so called end would actually manifest itself unto them that are far beyond reach. They are convinced within their minds that "AN END IS COMING" which actually is "THEIR END". But even at their end, they shall still exist. For those of you that are CONVINCED that such end would occure, I give this unto you…."YOU ARE LOVED BY THE DIVINE AND YOU CAME INTO THIS REALITY / WORLD TO EVOLVE AND TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ALSO TO WORK OUT YOUR PAST NEGATIVE KARMA AND EMBRACE YOUR GOOD KARMA. If you decide to "END" your reality / life/ world (that YOU CREATED) then just know that this isn't the first time you have experienced such violent passing. You've been through this many many times and guess what? YOU STILL EXISTED AND CAME BACK EVEN MORE WISER THAN YOUR OTHER LIVES / REALITIES. You are not alone nor should you ever be because YOU ARE APART OF THE DIVINE THAT HAS NO BEGINNING NOR AN ENDING. You do not have to sucume unto this hysteria that the masses, the media is spreading. Because we all have free will and shall always, you have a choice to make. You can choose to forget your true nature and become a victim OR go deep inside yourself and ASK of your HIGHER SELF OR SPIRITUAL GUIDE to open your eyes and restore your DEVINE POWERS OF CREATION AND WISDOM and they SHALL DO SO. I am a SPIRITUAL PROPHET WITH GREAT WISDOM AND MY SPIRITUAL GUIDE HAD INSTRUCTED me to do a video just based on this "NEGATIVE HYPE" to help others who are afraid. I done what I was instructed to do and posted it on YOU TUBE. I'm not sure if I can post the link here so I'll just tell you how to find the video. Go to YOU TUBE…..TYPE IN "2012 end of the world and God" or type "BEYOUNDTHESTARS 2012 End of the world and God". Or just type in "BEYOUNDTHESTARS Kaden Martin". Look for the name "kaden Martin"…that's my name. There are 4 videos posted. For this specific purpose, watch the video about 2012 end of the world and God. It is unlike any video you have ever witnessed but it is important that you get a clear understanding of who you are and events that takes place and why. This has nothing to do with religion so let that be understood. I am here to help yet the rest is up to you all. Be blessed….~Kaden

  113. Bob Hooftallen

    there were in the middle of the job when their space ship returned for them and they all split… it's pretty simple, really…. there's no other valid explanation for their disappearance…

  114. Ashley Spinella

    Maybe the dude just ran out of room and thought "oh darn… well 5,125 years from now this ought to be interesting…" lol.

  115. Robert LeBlanc Sr.

    It would be good if it were true and then God could try again with maybe fewer errors. Practice makes perfect.

  116. Sandra Henaghan

    I look at it this way: there's not a damned thing I can do about it, either way. if it happens I resally don't want to survive it, I'm too old to hunt for food. if it doens't happen, then Dec 21 2012 can be filed in the same tempest in a teapot as the doom-n-goomers in 2000.

  117. Greg Broussard

    Michael Stephens , as an educated man you should know the old testament was simply a learning tool for the people God choose. Everything God created was good, but they needed to learn to hear his voice and obey his word so he gave them statutes. The glory was not in what they did not eat for they could not make themselves holy. The glory was in hearing and obeying his voice. Thus, I think you are using something that is without flaw to justify a bias that you have for whatever reason. That is indeed your choice, but at least as an educated man if you are going to reference something present it in its truth.

  118. Anonymous

    Hey, I have a VHS video from the 80's, has 3 in 1 of those prophecy things on it; says the mayan calender ends Dec. 23, 2012. Now what do I do?

  119. Fred Hagen

    Ken Neth What a hopeless life you lead. One day you will look to the God of the bible when you are out of options and done with your pride. He will love you into a relationship.

  120. Annette King

    I have a theory about Y2K – we have all been living in an alternate universe since 2000. So if that is the case then maybe we will go back to the original universe or maybe go to another one on 12/21/12. Who's to say that won't or can't happen. My response is Why worry!. If the the world ends then no one will be here anyway so NO WORRIES FOLKS!

  121. Greg Broussard

    going2trash , I hate to burst your bubble, but when Jesus came the Lord did not share that day either. People predicted it, but only the Lord knew the day. Thus, for you to think he needs my help, your help, or even the Mayans we would be wrong. When Christ died he removed the need! The trumphet sounded then, people have been getting dressed for the wedding feast since then, and time was measured.

  122. Carolina Renée

    Its true that nobody knows when the world is going to end. I do believe we have to be prepared as the weather and the people will be unpredictable. I also believe there will be some dark days to come and every being will be either a witness or a victim or both. No end of our world, or at least not yet.

  123. Greg Broussard

    Chandler Schewe ,the young man has a point. His! You have to respect his choice, and nothing he says should offend you because it is his choice.

  124. Joshua Wheaton

    Well since the bible is bull shit and has no basis because it was written by man, I guess your opinion does not really count because mine has evidence to back it up. Sorry the bible is a nice book of tales told to make children behave and the sheep follow.

  125. Anonymous

    Ken Neth reading the bible doesnt make you an idiot it is the words of our lord and savior God forgive you i pray God will touch your heart and all the non believers

  126. Brad Richards

    Ken, I am a believer, But I also respect what others believe. In no way, what you said was nice, or respectful…. you may not believe but that's no reason to call others stupid or dumb or old fashioned for doing so. I have said my piece.

  127. Anonymous

    Maria Dominguez God only knows the time it says in the bible that jesus dont even know

  128. Cindi Keane

    Right you are poet. So, being somewhat of an Idealist, why don't we try being civil to each other EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY? Because, we never know when God will call us to His Kingdom or send us the other way?

  129. Kerrie Douglas Shaffer

    I find it so interesting how people who know absolutely nothing about the bible and have most likely never read a sentence of it (obviously) like to pretend that they are experts on what is in it. Amazing.

  130. George Loose

    Maybe the Mayan's simply discovered paper about the same time they finished with that particular calendar…

  131. Jim Stewart

    It is a 5000 + year calender based on the planets all lining up in a row pointing to the center of the solar system. This happens again on the 21st. Then it just starts over like it has thousands of times before. Trust me, we will ll be paying taxes on or about April 15 2013.

  132. Rich Doughty

    Yep! Agreed. He Just happens to be of Anunaki(Sp?) decent. Wait….No…Earth was already here…4 Billion Years and still going strong. But we did have a creator…for sure. The Sumarian texts are older than the bible, by thousands of years….. The Book of genesis is a copy..almost verbatim…of the ancient sumarian texts. They were here. Our Religion does not speak of them….Our schools do not teach of them… why? Because…No one wants to go through life KNOWING they were CREATED to be slaves to are greater civilation. The earth will not end. relax.

  133. Jan Dave S H

    well… I all I know the long count of the mayans is just the only thing that will end.i don't think the world will end too. besides, they never said that when their long count ended, mean it's the end of the world too…and there's no such thing as planet x or niburu…so I don't think it's the end of the world.

  134. Anonymous

    please leave me all of your cash and belongings if your checking out on 12/21/12.

  135. Allan Morancie

    what about time zones… will it end in england before america lol.

  136. Anonymous

    Don't worry about the Mayan date, WORRY about Obama's fiscal cliff. That happens on Jan 1, 2013. This is the fun part. It will be like a roller coaster ride off a cliff with roller coaster to sit in. It is just a free fall economy with no controls to save us.

  137. Jose Guadalupe Soto

    The good thing is, it is before my rent is due so I'm good with the date! So…………….go for it!

  138. Kelena M. Kai III

    Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye y'all. If the sun comes up on the 22nd….do the Gangnam Style Dance…lmao.

  139. Allison Petty

    You have to be kidding! No one except God knows when the world will end. No one – not even His Son knows the time of the Rapture which precedes it and the seven year Tribiulaton that follows the Rapture so how could anyone else predict the end of the world? No, December 21 will come and go just like any other day and on December 22 the stores will be crowded with Christmas shoppers.

  140. Scott Vineall

    HEY there's no holiday vacation day for that on my government calender………..SO it has to be wrong.. MY government calender is never wrong.

  141. Anonymous

    Since there are 24 time zones will the Mayan apocalypse go through all 24 zones like a wave of blackness or when it's 12/21/12 in the Mayan timezone in mexico?

    I gots to know….;-).

  142. Joey Janke

    I challenge all you doomsdayers to put your money where your mouth is. Write me a $20,000 certified check dated for the 22nd. If you're right, the check will never be cashed. If you're wrong, well, I'll have a very nice Christmas. Any takers?

  143. Teresa L Rawls

    All these comments and no one has even thought to mention that Julius Ceasar implemented leap year-obviously after the Mayan calendar was done. SO with the addition of leap year then the world would have ended a few months ago according to the calendar. Also the Mayan calendar was for 18 months not 12 etc.

  144. Teresa L Rawls

    plus as stated in several comments, only the Father in Heaven knows the hour the world will end

  145. DianaWhodat Galletta

    Yeah, the MAYANS aren't even in true existence anymore….I SO believe in their APOCALYPSE in 6 days….Yeah, I'll be waiting! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  146. Gary Middleton

    Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you believe in God?
    Dr Ray Stantz: Never met him.
    Winston Zeddemore: Yeah, well, I do. And I love Jesus's style, you know.
    Dr Ray Stantz: The entire roof cap is made out of a magnesium-tungsten alloy…
    Winston Zeddemore: What are you so involved with over there?
    Dr Ray Stantz: These are the blueprints for structural ironwork of Dana Barret's apartment building, and they are very, very strange.
    Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you remember something in the bible about the last days when the dead would rise from the grave?
    Dr Ray Stantz: I remember Revelations 7:12..And I looked, and he opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood."
    Winston Zeddemore: "And the seas boiled and the skies fell."
    Dr Ray Stantz: Judgement day.
    Winston Zeddemore: Judgement day.
    Dr Ray Stantz: Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.
    Winston Zeddemore: Myth? Ray, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason we've been so busy lately is 'cause the dead HAVE been rising from the grave?
    Dr Ray Stantz: [Pause ] How 'bout a little music?
    Winston Zeddemore: Yeah.

  147. Anonymous

    what if the 21st comes to china n japan 1st then we can say ooooohhhh shyte.

  148. Lev Zilbermintz

    I do not believe for a moment that the Apocalypse will occur December 21, 2012. The Bible says only God Almighty knows the time and the day the world will end. This 12/21/2012 is just the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era in human consciousness. Nothing to be scared of. Relax, people!

  149. Gary Middleton

    this person Janet Shan with The Hinterland Gazette is more skeptical. is 100% nuts , I scarcely believe this will be the end of the world. Just saying.” she needs to be fired from her job.

  150. Gary Middleton

    just like ray said in the ghost busters Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.
    see everyone on the 22nd.

  151. Rudy Schmid

    the mayans never said the world will end. It is just the end of that particular calendar. The whole Mayan apocolypse was started by white people as are most doomsday scenarios.

  152. Francisco Quintana

    That's an AZTEC calendar in the photograph, not MAYAN, very different cultures…

  153. Rich Adams

    I agree with you too… Think about the days of Noah… Noah built the Ark, Noah didn't know when it was going to rain… I think other people were thinking he was crazy, and they joked and laughed, then it happened… The Flood, Then a new covenant was made, not to be flooded ever again… I think Jesus mentioned as the days of Noah meaning the wickedness will be abolished, but now by fire… So I don't think Mayans, or whoever thinks the earth is going to be destroyed, but according to Rev… Look, I make all things new… And only the creator knows when he is going to make things happen… I just keep in mind that God is Love… A patient God, and he reads hearts…

  154. Austin Neal Dukes

    Who gives a damn. If it ends it ends. we will all be dead if it comes true so why worry?

  155. Tino Burke

    sadly enough some will do stupid things and many people will be hurt or die from fear I say live your lives as you always do and if it happens what in the hell can you do about it by the way where will you run to when you don't have a starship enterprise to get you there the world will end someday but your world (body)will come to an end SO WHY SO SERIOUS (Joker) Peace oh hell it did come to an end NO MORE TWINKIES MY GOD YOU ANIMALS YOU TOOK THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  156. Johnny Edward Gentner

    apparently nobody has ever heard of he bible. last time this end of the world thing was predicted, people fell for it and gave $50 to protect your pets from the end of the world. when the end comes, YOU ALL DIE! people need to think outside the box.

  157. Maribel Cintron

    I find it interesting that all those to have a problem the gospel seem to be soo interested in such topic…every knee shall bow..the 21st on or whenever the time comes, there will be a completition and all those who denied the fact and live based on their own limited mindset will scream out for forgiveness and it will be too late. Only idiots choose to not read it…the bible reflects the truth and many people cannot confront it because it reveals their true condition…with that said, the BRIDE say COME! GOd is real, God is coming, and I don't care when, I just care that I get to my destination…i prefer dying, living righteous and not going no where then dying, living not righteous and going somewhere.

  158. Jake Corsi

    Honestly who cares, we're all going to die eventualy, if the world ends the 21st so be it, we alll die together.

  159. Debbie Gray

    The calender doesn't end, it starts over: On Dec. 21, or thereabouts, the ancient Maya calendar rolls over to start a new 394-year century, or baktun. And that's pretty much it, despite all efforts by writers and filmmakers to market the notion that the Maya predicted the crack-up of Earth this year.

  160. Linz Staffz

    Yeh Guys Come On..!!! Us over here in the Southern Hempishere, New Zealand-Australia will be kissing our butts good bye before you lot, as were 24 hours ahead so only 1/2 the world can blow up on the 21/12/12 and the other half of the world is gonna have to wait till you guys in the Northern Hemisphere have the 21/12/12… So if I'm here on the 22nd Dec still, I'll email ya all in the Northern Hemishpere at 12.01am to let you all know every thing is ok but if I don't email you all then, you'll know your half of the world will go on your date of the 21st Dec 2012… Cheers Lin… :o))))

  161. Esteban Garcia

    If the world had an ending, all the water and food supply, your shelters, your weapons, wouldn't survive, so why do some people think they would? Isaiah 24:1-23 gives you a vivid picture of how the world will end. Only an alienment would cause something like that to happen. So, it's up in the air, I'd rather pray instead, it's all we really have!

  162. Maribel Cintron

    I find it interesting, that, all those to seem to have a problem with the gospel seem to be soo interested in such topic like the end of days. Why is it so intriguing that you feel the impulse to click on the apocapolys link or anything about end times…every knee shall bow..the 21st or whenever the time comes, there will be a completition and all those who denied the fact and live based on their own limited mindset will scream out for forgiveness and it will be too late. Only idiots choose to not read it…the bible reflects the truth and many people cannot confront it because it reveals their true condition…with that said, the BRIDE say COME! GOd is real, God is coming, and I don't care when, I just care that I get to my destination…i prefer dying, living righteous and not going no where then dying, living not righteous and going somewhere.

  163. Anonymous

    Here is what I believe! First of all, when you hear the statement…"End of the World"… it's not referring to the PLANET/ EARTH. The bible says that: The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. The earth has been here for "TRILLIONS" of years and will probably be here trillions more.

    The word world has more to do with what is "CREATED" by man. When you walk into someone’s home, you're walking into what they have created. You're walking into the physical manifestation of what was in their…MINDS! You’re walking into their…WORLD! The same with you…when someone comes into your home, they’re coming into your world…what you created!

    I believe it is referring to GOVERNMENTS and INSTITUTIONS that are on the earth that where created by man and that has all of the inhabitants on the earth MESSED UP…MENTALLY and SPIRTUALLY!

    I believe there will be a new paradigm shift/change in peoples thinking and in their consciousness (there souls) which will ultimately change the world…change the GOVERNMENTS and INSTITUTIONS that are on the planet earth!

    We are reaching a point of being DISSATISFIED! 100% dissatisfaction brings about 100% change!

    So in my conclusion, I think we have a wondrous new world coming our way. A world where there will finally be peace and brotherhood. But…like with anything, there are those who will fight the change because they are the ones that created the present world that we live in and they are not going to give it up without a fight!

    WHY? Because they don’t see nothing wrong with it!

    It’s simply a power issue. A changing of the guards!

    Those in power are not willing to give up their power. So conflict must happen first. And when the power of those powers and principalities in high places are broken, then there will finally be peace on EARTH!

  164. Lisa Brewster

    God says not even the angels know. I don't think the Mayan's or anyone else has the inside scoop. If you believe in God and His word, then you know the truth.

  165. Cynthia Lovestolaugh Crawford

    Nobody knows the day.not even the son.itill be fine.i havnt dreampt about any thing deathdefying so no worries

  166. Charlie Gordon

    Almost the entirety of of this comment thread features arguments claiming invalidity of Mayan mythology by virtue of Christian mythology. Sorry, Christians, but one unsupported assumption is equally valid as any other.

    America, instead of relying on old books from mainly illiterate desert nomads in the Bronze-Age, why not put forth a little effort to learn something about reality?
    Something like physics, astronomy, or anthropology?

    Demonstrable knowledge of the real world is a much stronger response than "well the bible says this!"
    Who cares?

  167. Jennifer Stephens

    If the world is really going to end, there isn't anything we can do about it, so just relax and eat a lot of chocolate!

  168. Jennifer Stephens

    I am more worried about the people who are going to act crazy because they are so worked up about December 21.

  169. Anonymous

    I guarantee that for many, the world WILL end, because all over the world, on average, about 150,000 people will DIE. Not only on Dec. 21, but on the 22nd, the 23rd, the 24th, and so on!

  170. Aubrey McCarthy Gauthier

    I think its all a crock of SHIT! the world will not end and as a roman catholic our bible states world with out end! there will be no zombies or aliens.

  171. Richard Reynolds

    If Mayan predictions were so accurate, how is it they didn't see and respond to, the more immediate threat from Spanish invaders, and climate changes? It wasn't that long ago our computers were set to crash with the advent of the year 20000. And nothing happened then either. Get over yourselves, we have lots of more immediate problems to focus on, don't you think?

  172. Christopher Daniel Montgomery

    What about the hundreds of other ancient civilizations that predicted the end of the world on their calendars? Why do idiots think the Mayans are so special?

    There have been thousands of "end of the world" days in recorded history. So far their accuracy is obviously 0%.

    I will be sleeping in late on that day and wake up to laugh at people hiding in their basements.

  173. John Wagner

    I think this starts a new era of peace and tranquility. THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END! There's some things some people haven't discovered yet. Like marriage, children, grandchildren, etc.

  174. Paola Morris

    I agree with fishbone 1934. Only God knows. In addition, it's funny that people are willing to buy into the apocalypse matching up with the Myan calander; but they don't follow any other Myan beliefs. How about human sacrifices to the sun gods. No.. because it is just as ridiculous.

  175. Nora Cotter

    this article is bs. the opposite of what the Maya have said according to scientist.

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