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Golden Corral Food Poisoning: As Many As 167 Sick, Causing Customer Backlash On Yelp

Golden Corral Food Poisoning: As Many As 167 Sick, Causing Customer Backlash On Yelp

A Golden Corral restaurant in Wyoming is suspected of causing a food poisoning outbreak that has caused dozens of people to become sick.

More than 150 cases of foodborne illness have been reported near Casper, Wyoming, and a Golden Corral is suspected as the source of the food poisoning outbreak.

Health officials visited the restaurant this week, giving sanitation inspections and interviewing employees and management, the Star Tribune reported.

“We are doubling down on all of our safety and sanitary procedures that are normally done,” said David Giesen, president of franchisee Golden DBL Inc. of Denver.

Health officials said the Golden Corral food poisoning cases were likely the result of a norovirus.

Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne disease outbreaks worldwide, causing flu-like symptoms, the National Institutes of Health stated. The common effects are flu-like symptoms.

There were widespread reports of vomiting and diarrhea in the area around Casper, and authorities linked the food poisoning cases to a recently opened Golden Corral restaurant there. One customer said that in the buffet line at the restaurant, his plate was dirty. When he looked at a stack of 25 other plates, all were dirty with remains of food.

News of the Golden Corral food poisoning led to a massive backlash on Yelp, Business Insider reported. Some diners turned to the website to air their grievances with the restaurant, painting a picture of an unclean and unhealthy environment.

“The floors were so dirty,” one reviewer wrote, while another complained of “raw, undercooked meatloaf and chicken.”

One of the most scathing reviews came from David M.:

” This was the worst experience I’ve had in Casper. The Bourbon Chicken gave me traveler’s dysentery, and I willingly eat street vendor food in Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua and have never gotten this sick. The point is, I know world class bad food and this is in the top two or three in the world!

The steaks looked OK, but I never got there.

The Chinese was aged, the Italian looked Chef Boyardee-like, and getting ill on first dish was my only saving grace.

I can’t imagine the crew training they get there….maybe it was everyone’s first night.
So say grace and ask forgiveness before you go…”

Officials said they will have final results from lab testing within the week to determine the exact cause of the Golden Corral food poisoning outbreak.

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39 Responses to “Golden Corral Food Poisoning: As Many As 167 Sick, Causing Customer Backlash On Yelp”

  1. Anonymous

    The Mayans were right they foresaw the Golden Coral AKA Tomain Tavern coming!
    Hope you poor souls in Casper make the end of the world!

  2. Jerry Woody

    People have a tendency to over exggerate for their 15 min of fame. At this time of year I would not rule out a virus passed along by the public who came to the establishment to eat. With the norovirus everything an infected person touches becomes infected and another person touching the same are passes it along. That's why te cruise ships have such a hard time in the winter months of flu season, which is now. The real problem is a sick person refuses to stay home until cured and they infect dozens of innocent people. Parents are probably at blame here. Their children are sick and they bring them in and tuen them loose. Try going to one of these buffet style restaurant and watch what kids do. Handling food and putting it back, some even taking bites and throwing it back with the uncontaminated food. At this time of year I do not eat out at any restaurant where the public can handle te food. It is just too dangerous.

  3. Herbert Beamon

    People will Stop being So lazy and Start to Cooking at Home. If U think that, s Something. Those Chinese Restaurant, s r, REALLY FILTHY. U could b Eatting Poodle or Cat. Dog is served Regularly, in China.

  4. Kevin O'Reilly

    First of all, anyone who eats at an "all you can eat" place like this is not concerned with health. However, with that said, after reading the comments from people on Yelp, why did anyone eat there-you have control over your own body-you can walk out.

  5. Ralph Ryerson

    I have eaten at Glden Corral for years, breakfast and dinners and never been sick or heard of any problems with the two places within the Phoenix area…They are clean and reasonably priced and food is good….Somehow this franchise is run by a dork……Don't condemn them all because of one bad apple……….

  6. Anthony Mirenda

    Heres the really sad part, people are probably still knocking down the door to get in because people are to lazy to cook for themselves anymore! And just the name alone"the golden corral";if that doesn't make you feel like a piece of cattle Nothing will-never been there, never will….

  7. Thomas Barry

    Me and wife stop there for years ago , we had bad food, but our schools food is bad Not because people getting lazy, it's getting cheater go out places liked this.

  8. Anonymous

    hmmm…Did some of them get ill in their 3th or 4th hour of grazing? I'll admit that food poisoning will tend to quell the ultimate feeding frenzy…Everyone there uses the same shovel to heap on their portions. Scratch their ass, scoop it up and move on…. They'll be back.

  9. Sharon Brobst

    WE- my family and I have eaten at Golden Corral in several cities and have found absolutely NO! problems. The food was very good, the service was good and the places were very clean. I am thinking this is a very local problem. And needs to be dealt with by the local food inspection authorities. Or a management problem.

  10. Anonymous

    Herbert Beamon
    Much better if they are puppies. Get them before they grow out of the "wiggle".

  11. Russ Bacon

    I eat at Golden Corral and the food is generally pretty good. But there are 2 I refuse to eat at now because of poor food quality and service….Olathe, KS and Clinton, MO. The managers/owners are boobs and get offended by complaints. Best one I have eaten at was in St. Charles, MO….They do it right.

  12. Erika Iturria

    We ate at this establishment (located in CA), this past summer and found it to be one of the most unsanitary filthiest restaurants we had ever been in. The people eating there were like animals. Food and trash all over the tables and floors. Disgusting! We were joking around about how it resembled a feed lot! Would never eat there again!

  13. Casey Gilbert

    Funny that this story came out. About 2 months ago we had a family b-day party at Golden Corral here in Texas and 3 of us got sick with vommiting and/or diarrhea. I have only eaten there 3 times, but that was the last time I will ever go. The first two experiences were fine.

  14. Michael Nunyabiz

    I'll tell you where they are, if they are like me they got attacked by the ones who worked there or bushwacked by a union. There are places I've been where I ran into serious problems and when I stopped the gravy train all of a sudden I was rumored to have an infectious disease- something that will kill the career of a health inspector. When I finally had a meltdown from being constantly attacked I just decided it was too much cost to enforce the public health. That's where the hell the inspectors are, they all just said screw you and went home!

  15. Connie Cuka

    Who are you to judge anybody as to where they shop or eat? BIGOT!!!

    Who are you to judge anybody because of whrer they shop or eat? BIGOT!!!

  16. Alyce Silva

    I used to do "mystery shops" for a few companies at several locations in the CSRA. I did 4 of them, with Golden Corral…two at same location , one at another location ( at different times/yrs. ), one at another location. They failed every time to make the grade. I reported exactly what I saw and even gave some names. These took place between 2001-2006. Filthy restrooms, food on floor, lack of clean carpeting, no names of food over the items, messy salad bars with food all over them -off the plates they were supposed to be on and feed smeared around, dirty tables that were not cleared, and no one attempting to clear them, etc. After these mystery shops, I NEVER have eaten there again. I refuse to.

  17. Alyce Silva

    Temperature of some foods was incorrect too, some foods that were supposed to be kept warm, were NOT warm at all, but were cold. This happened in Augusta, Ga. Food smeared on the carpet…..I could go one and on.

  18. Nicholas Miller

    You get what you pay for I suppose. I'll never be able to look at a chocolate wonderfall again without thinking about what a bummer diarrhea is.

  19. Bryan Ellis

    this loser has 47 friends on Facebook, one picture, OWNS A SO CALLED "buisness" that is pretty much ALL TALK, and he has the nerve to look down on others ! OMFG

  20. Jason Wheeler

    With that many cases of food poisoning, I don't think this restaurant is going to be staying in business. If it lookd as unsanitary as it was described by people, what would make folks stay to eat the food?

  21. Kenneth Johnson

    well the Golden Corral should be responsible for all of that and fined big time and pay everyones hospital bill and law suite, they also should have to get cooks that know how to cook.

  22. Kenneth Johnson

    I eat at the golden corral every week and there isn't any situations like the one you described being dirty, and under cooked foor, now this is in Austin, Tx , i'm talking about, I don't know about it in other cities though, but if I saw a dirty plate, or any under-cooked food I'd file a law suite on them, and if I got sick I'd be sure they paid my hospital bill to.

  23. Jerry VanHuss

    Any buffet comes with risk. Actually any dining outside of home comes with risk. You have no idea what you are eating, or whom or how it was prepared. At buffets, you have children leaving school that have shared every microorganism available with there friends, and our healthcare and sanitation workers whom provide us all with such suppurb services handling food and utensils okbefore you

  24. Jerry VanHuss

    Oddly, I was cut off in the middle of my commentary. Anyway, if you eat out, you should observe the age-old philosophy or buyer beware! If you didn't grow it or at least buy and prepare it, you have no idea what it is! And for the love of God, if you get an entree you are dissatisfied with, demand a refund! Never eat food returned to the kitchen! Chefs/cooks are usually reprimanded for bad dishes, and often send you a token of their appreciation! I'm sure you don't want that, whatever surface or orifice it came from!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Bryan Ellis you seriously went to his Facebook page to check him out lol??? kinda like a stalker lol.

  26. Lorena Jordan

    There's always two sides to every story. My dad was a food inspector for the city of Salt Lake many years ago. There was an outbreak of a disease caused by infected pork and he had a very difficult time proving that it was not his fault. I did not mean to disparrage you I know what a difficult job it is. Mea Culpa..

  27. Bob Goodrow

    Wow! Didn't even post an opinion……Just a statement! That really brings out the fringe element. I do not look down on anyone but I guess Connie and Bryan do. Oh how liberal you are! For people who do not judge; you judged me pretty harshly. Now go screw.

  28. Scott Balch

    I have eaten at several GC in many states and have never gotten sick. I do wonder if sometime there are people who just want to be heard. None of us has ever gotten sick when eating there and I have never seen anyone get sick while there. Unless it was a person who ate maybe 8 or 9 plates full of food. I will continue to go there and eat.

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