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Peter Kraus Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Upsets Fans With Latest Instagram Post

Peter Kraus has really upset a lot of fans with his latest post on Instagram. The star of The Bachelorette is still trying to win Rachel Linday’s season of the show on television, but on Instagram, he is already selling himself out for sponsored posts. Yahoo shared the details about what Peter did that upset the fans so much.

On July 25, Peter Kraus put up an Instagram post that is a sponsored one. He calls himself a partner and it is a post he did for Fab Fit Fun. This company is known for doing sponsorships with celebrities and reality television stars. If you follow any of them on Instagram, then you are going to see posts from Fab Fit Fun. Along with the picture, he put his co-worker.

Now fans are really upset with what Peter Kraus is doing and they think he is taking it too far. There are several comments on the posts saying things like “no contestant is safe from the Fab Fit Fun endorsement deal…,” “IT HAS STARTED” and ” not even @peterkrauswi can resist peddling these boxes???????? no reality celeb is safe.” The fans notice this and they know that Peter Kraus is getting paid for these posts.

Some people are even saying that they are going to unfollow Peter Kraus over this post. They are mad and he is going to lose a few followers, which could end up causing him to get paid less for the sponsorships he does get in the future. Some people who are on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette never even go back to a normal job. Instead, they end up doing things like this, hosting jobs and more to make a living. No word on whether Peter will end up going back to his normal job or what his plan will be when the show is over. You never know what will happen once someone goes on reality television.

Are you shocked by Peter Kraus already doing sponsored posts on Instagram? Does it make you think he might be there for the wrong reasons? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC. Right now, Peter Kraus is one of the three guys trying to win Rachel Lindsay’s heart.

[Featured Image by Peter Kraus/Instagram]