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The Death Of Coke Zero Is Near: Date Set For Coke Zero Sugar Replacement In United States

Around the world, many fans have already had to deal with Coke Zero being taken away from them for Coke No Sugar, and now, it is about to happen to the United States. On Wednesday, Coca-Cola revealed that they are indeed going to replace Coke Zero in the United States market with Coke Zero Sugar after sales in foreign markets have done well. If you’re looking to have any Coke Zero products, you need to get them as they will be gone soon.

As reported by USA Today, Coke Zero Sugar is set to hit stores sometime in August, but an exact date is not yet known. Once Coke Zero Sugar is on store shelves, Coke Zero won’t be immediately pulled, but its phase out will begin at that point.

Currently, Coke No Sugar is sold in 25 markets, but it will be called Coke Zero Sugar in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Coca-Cola insists that the taste of both drinks are very similar, and most soda drinkers won’t even be able to tell the difference. Duane Stanford is an executive editor for “Beverage Digest” and an industry expert who says the ingredients in Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar are actually exactly the same.

The formulation and sugar count have only been altered a slight bit, which makes for the change.

Stanford believes that the packaging from Coke Zero to Coke Zero Sugar is actually going to be the most drastic change of all.

“It’s not as if it’s some complete overhaul of the formula. It’s really as much about the package redesign and repositioning as anything. One of the things they’re trying to do is make it 100% clear that there is no sugar in the product and that it is a no-calorie product.”

Many have simply wondered why this wasn’t a move that Coca-Cola had made many years ago. If all they really did was take the sugar out of Coke Zero, it seems to make sense that they could have altered the formula long before this change.

Still, it didn’t happen then, but it is happening now.

Coca-Cola has said that they are also looking at many of their other Zero-branded drink recipes to see how they can be improved. It is possible that Sprite Zero and others may end up becoming “Sprite Zero Sugar” and other variations in the future.

Coke Zero is something that a lot of soda drinkers are going to be sad to see go, and some of them are actually freaking out about it. Many just don’t like change even though Coke Zero Sugar, or Coke No Sugar, is almost identical to the drink they’ve enjoyed for so many years. While the change in taste will be minimal to none, Coca-Cola is already dealing with a number of irate fans, and those in the United States are quickly approaching the final days of their beloved Coke Zero in the black can.

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