Dorinda Medley On Bethenny Frankel: Does She Have High Expectations Of Millionaire?

Dorinda Medley On Bethenny Frankel: Does She Have High Expectations Of Millionaire?

Dorinda Medley has been on The Real Housewives of New York for a few years now, and she’s learning that her co-stars are unique and demanding. Dorinda has slammed Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan for their behavior, while she has praised Bethenny Frankel for her business success. Medley has revealed that her co-star is a hard worker, and she isn’t surprised that Frankel has worked her way up to where she is today.

But as Frankel sold her company and made millions of dollars, Dorinda Medley may have expected more from the business owner. Before the ladies decided to go on their trip, Medley had never been to Mexico, and she enjoyed every minute of the house Bethenny had rented for the trip. According to a new Bravo blog, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she expects nothing less from Bethenny.

It’s not that she has high expectations and that she would be disappointed if Frankel didn’t give her pure luxury, but Dorinda hints that there is a sense of standard and quality that comes with Frankel. Of course, Bethenny has a good eye for design and taste, so it makes sense that she knows what she wants.

“The house is another level. Bethenny truly outdid herself, but frankly I would expect nothing less from her. I have never been to Mexico and to come for the first time and stay in a place like this? Well, it’s just unbelievable. The house, the grounds, the view, the beach. I feel blessed,” Medley explains on her Bravo blog about the home that Frankel found for the ladies.

Of course, many housewives have high expectations of Frankel because they know she has the money to get things done. Even though Frankel was forced to pay her ex-husband thousands of dollars to live in their apartment after the divorce, it sounds like she invested her money well. And Dorinda Medley should know the value of money, as she inherited and sold her deceased husband’s company after he passed away. This was revealed on a Real Housewives of New York reunion special a few years ago.

Dorinda was praised for being smart with her money, which explains how she can afford to live in both New York City and have a place in the Berkshires. It’s something she’s very proud of.

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What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s comments about Bethenny’s trip to Mexico? Are you surprised that she has high expectations of Bethenny and would expect nothing less than a beautiful villa in Tequila, Mexico?

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