Ben Affleck Reportedly Being Fired From Batman Sequel: Jennifer Garner Divorce To Blame?

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Ben Affleck could be in danger of losing the role of playing Batman in the forthcoming sequel if rumors concerning his relationship with Warner Bros. are true.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the studio was pleased with the outcome of Batman V. Superman last year. In fact, Ben was even approached to direct the forthcoming flick, The Batman, which he graciously accepted.

However, in January it was reported that Ben Affleck had stepped down from the role of directing and playing the character at the same time, leaving Warner Bros. to replace the father-of-three with Matt Reeves.

And while Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman in the forthcoming Justice League movies, sources say that there is a strong chance the actor will not be coming back for his standalone film for reasons that seem to relate back to Jennifer Garner.

Insiders claim that with a string of bad press following his divorce finalization with his ex-wife, along with reports revealing that Ben Affleck had allegedly been dealing with drinking problems for years, the negative headlines would undoubtedly be a distraction to the franchise.

The fact that Ben Affleck had willingly stepped down from directing a superhero film as big as Batman has given fans the impression that the actor doesn’t connect with the character or the story as much as other Hollywood stars would have, such as Christian Bale, one social media user notes.

So to hear that Ben could also be replaced from playing Batman wouldn’t come as such a shock after all.

Sources tell Celeb Dirty Laundry that the studio has allegedly been “working on plans to usher out Affleck’s Batman,” insinuating that there are definite plans to find somebody else to take over Ben’s character after his contractual obligations have been completed.


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If that wasn’t enough, while married to Jennifer, CDL claims that Garner would have most likely held Ben Affleck’s career together while he was dealing with his drinking problems, but now that she’s gone, there’s a chance he’s bound to make some regrettable decisions.

With Garner no longer around, the gossip outlet concludes by saying that Ben Affleck’s choices regarding his career could be damaging, to say the least. His supposed plans to leave the DC Universe would be one of them.

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