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Mike Huckabee Links Connecticut School Shooting To Lack Of God In Schools

Mike Huckabee Shooting God In Schools

Mike Huckabee linked the Connecticut elementary school shooting to a lack of God and religion in schools. Huckabee, a former presidential candidate, made the comments in an interview with Fox News‘ “Your World” on Friday.

In the interview, Huckabee stated that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, which killed 26 people including 20 children, was because of the “systematic removal” of religion in schools, reports UPI.

Despite the fact that there are no answers on why the shooting happened or who the shooter was, Huckabee stated:

“Ultimately, you can take away every gun in America and somebody will use a gun. When somebody has an intent to do incredible damage, they’re going to find a way to do it.”

The show’s host, Neil Cavuto, attempted to make sense of the tragedy that happened, notes Mediaite. He asked the religious commentator what he believes many are wondering right now: “How could God let this happen?” Mike Huckabee responded:

“…it’s an interesting thing. When we ask why there is violence in our schools, but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools have become a place for carnage because we’ve made it a place where we don’t want to talk about eternity, life, what responsibility means, accountability?”

Huckabee added that, “God wasn’t armed. He didn’t go to the school, but God will be there in the form of a lot of people with hugs and with therapy and a whole lot of ways … Maybe we oughta let him in on the front and we wouldn’t have to call him when it’s all said and done on the back end.”

Do you believe it’s right for Mike Huckabee to blame a lack of God in schools for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday?

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119 Responses to “Mike Huckabee Links Connecticut School Shooting To Lack Of God In Schools”

  1. Rainy MacLeod

    Psychopaths either don't care about god, or, they believe they are doing god's will. All we know about the shooter now is that is mother was very "rigid."

  2. Melissa Ann Grimes

    I agree with Mr. Huckabee. We've become a world that calls evil good, and good evil. Kids are no longer allowed to pray in school, or bring a bible to read in their free time. Anytime someone even thinks about mentioning God in their valedictorian speech, or saying a prayer during a football game the ACLU is all over them. So is it any wonder these things are happening in the one place our kids should be safe?

  3. Anonymous

    You bet. People are wondering why the United States is no longer the United States. The reason is because one or two people here and there don't like God so they remove Him from every corner of our once great nation that was guided by God. Instead of praying for protection up front, prayers are now said in the rears to overcome the emotional onslaught.

  4. Jackson Mayhew

    It is wholly possible to talk about responsibility and accountability WITHOUT bringing religion into it.

    This is an absolutely pathetic attempt by the conservatives to use this tragedy for their own benefit. They will not be happy until their religion, and only their religion, is talked about in this country.

    The United States of America is not now, nor has it ever been, a theocracy. YOUR religion, Huckabee, is just that, YOUR religion. It is not now, nor has it ever been, the "official religion" of the United States of America.

    You think bringing religion into schools will solve this problem? There is religion in the churches, and it hasn't done anything to keep children from being molested by priests, has it? Bringing god into the equation does not solve the problem. People raised with god bomb abortion clinics, how is that moral?

    You can't just ignore all the bad things that have been done in the name of your religion, Huckabee. It makes you look completely out of touch with reality.

  5. Howard Curtis

    Back around 1952, in Queens, NYC, our 3rd grade teacher lead us in the hymn, "Come Thou Almighty King." "O Lord victorious, come and reign over us, Ancient of Days." We sang this at the beginning of EVERY class day. I am 69, a follower of Jesus Christ, and believe that song sowed seeds the Lord of the harvest sent workers into the "field" to harvest. The people in the church I attend believe our Father Loves us UNconditionally.
    A friend lives in a town in which the people who attend church believe in conditional love has to cope with their judgement on almost a daily basis. The point being: the church(people) in general must repent of the idolatry of "playing God" in order to represent HIS Sovereignty, uniting in HIS Love, to present a solution through "WE the People." No matter who plays it, and how well expressed it is, the "blame game" must end, being replaced by the demonstration of our willingness to "renovate" the rampant secularism in gov`t, public education, most media, and even some churches. The "slogan" in Latin under the pyramid on the back of the $1 bill reads, "New SECULAR Order."
    History proves that religion + politics = secularism + death.
    Upon awakening each day, let us acknowledge the Holy Spirit`s Presence in our lives. Then, let us be lead by the Spirit to serve our Father with gratitude, thereby being part of the solution that is so desparately needed in these times.~Peace~Blessings~.

  6. Anonymous

    You go Gov! We love to blame GOD when bad things happen. But all the people that voted GOD out of our schools and Government and cry for separation of government and church always ask where is GOD when things go wrong? Atheists like to blame GOD too for all the bad things, remember GOD does not exist according to your manifesto so do not blame GOD when things like this happen. The earth, mankind, politics, war and rumors of war, economies, religions will operate much smoother if you have a proper relationship with your creator! Until then do not blame GOD for our troubles. Many have said all along we do not need GOD or do not believe in GOD. So fix it yourself! By the way how is it working out for you?

  7. Peter McDonald

    This seriously frightens me. "Should we be so surprised that schools have become a place for carnage because we’ve made it a place where we don’t want to talk about eternity, life, what responsibility means, accountability?” So in other words, the only reason Mike Huckabee doesn't go on a rampage killing innocent children is because he doesn't want to risk his soul burning in hell? Does it not factor in that it is just morally wrong to kill another person that is not a threat to you or anyone else? Is he so selfish that earthly morals don't matter compared to your own alleged eternal comfort for your "soul"? If that's the case, I truly wonder if he has a soul to save in the first place.

  8. Suzanne Booher

    This is ridiculous. I'm 63 years old and we never had prayer in school, ever. Only private religious schools did. Blaming lack of God in schools is always the cry when things like this happen. It's just not true. Don't forget, nearly all wars have been started because of religion, back as far as history has recorded. Public schools should not have religious overtones. Just because you're Christian, doesn't mean you are the end all, and be all of what's right and wrong in this world. This man was mentally deranged. It's as simple as that.

  9. Daniel Moulin

    we live in a culture of violence. psycholgists say that the average child sees more than 20,000 acts of violence on TV by the time he is 12 years old. combine that with lax gun laws and the glorification of guns and gun violence; mix in lack of reverence for all sentient beings and add overprescribed psychotropic drugs ; the result is tragedy!

  10. Patsy Mehle

    He IS 100% RIGHT. I am a believer, but not considered a religious person. The atheist including the non believing news MEDIA will blame the REDNECK guns owners, instead of many factors, including mental health issuses , all the violence that comes from the hollywood crowd and the violent video games.. I blame the NEWS MEDIA, for all their hype and opinions.. say no more BLOOMBERG.

  11. Tommy McCormick

    I am 52 and I remember praying in public school in Nashville Tn. The Bible was a class subject that was read aloud and tested like any any other subject. Untill Madelyn Murry had it all stopped. Back then the worse thing in school was playing hooky, or the shame of a young girl being "loose". Now teenage age pregnancy, drug and shootings are the norm. How could we ever think that we are better off without the morals the are in the Bible. The evidence speaks for itself.

  12. Tommy McCormick

    I am 52 and I remember praying in public school in Nashville Tn. The Bible was a class subject that was read aloud and tested like any any other subject. Untill Madelyn Murry had it all stopped. Back then the worse thing in school was playing hooky, or the shame of a young girl being "loose". Now teenage age pregnancy, drug and shootings are the norm. How could we ever think that we are better off without the morals the are in the Bible. The evidence speaks for itself.

  13. Margaret C Gayton

    I actually blame the NRA all these guns were purchased legally. Why did this woman need assault rifles in her home and three hand guns? You can blame God but he gave you a brain and turning it off and blaming him is not going to stop the next maniac from shooting up a Mall or a School. Its not going to stop people from committing crimes against each other. So you can pray all you want but until you take action to prevent these type of things form happening they will continue to happen.

  14. Julianne Booth

    I remember when Kennedy was assainated , I was in 4th grade.We immediately stopped our work and said prayers for him.We also had morning devotions everyday.I recently found a Thanksgiving booklet I made in 2nd grade almost every page mentioned God.This was a public school.Christains formed the first public schools when this country was founded.Obviously society has gotten off tract and allowed a minority of athiets and non believers to dictate the rights and beliefs of the majority.Pathetic…….Huckabee is right.

  15. Leslie Purl

    Huckabee is a sick, demented GOP/NRA backer. Huckabee just sold his soul to the devil with those comments. He is still posturing to the Tea Party Evangelicals and NRA instead of having compassion for this community. WHO can justify these 20 little children dying by a mentally disabled person? And saying it is God's plan for punishing this community? From what I have seen, this is a very religious community. These people all flocked to the Catholic church to pray after this massacre. Is he saying that GOD does not recognize CATHOLICS as religious? I hope Huckabee burns in hell along with the shooter. He makes me physically ill!

  16. Herb Malsman

    huckabee's paychecks are 'signed' by satan/aka/rupert murdoch…who's news corp, will stop at nothing to sell papers…see: "If you were a journalist and you’re colleague showed you how to hack into a famous person’s answering machine system would you do so when working on a story about the person?

    Seeking to contain the damage from a long-running controversy, News Corp.’s U.K. newspaper unit said it is apologizing and admitting liability in some civil lawsuits in which the company’s racy British tabloid, the News of the World, has been accused of hacking into private voicemail accounts in pursuit of scoops.

    News International said Friday it would offer an “unreserved apology” to some civil litigants and admit liability in cases that meet certain criteria. It also will establish a compensation scheme to process claims against the tabloid.

    “This will begin the process of bringing these cases to a fair resolution with damages appropriate to the extent of the intrusion,” the statement said. News International said it will continue to contest cases it deems meritless or outside the scope of its responsibility. News Corp. is the parent company of The Wall Street Journal.

    The development signals the company’s hope that it can close a chapter in the episode, which has brought consistent criticism of the tabloid’s controversial reporting tactics. It isn’t clear, however, how many civil cases News International will be able to settle with plaintiffs—especially wealthy celebrities who may be intent on publicly airing the details of their cases against the company.

    Settling the cases may not just be about money for News International. The civil litigation so far has given the story momentum in the press. It has also generated, through discovery, new evidence that is also being used in a parallel criminal investigation. That could lead to further damage to the company."

    "After the NY Post's headline about the murder of 20 some odd people in a shooting at McDonalds in CA, entitled, "Big Mac Attack Kills 23!"

    the image of that child lying in a pool of his blood near the door of the restaurant, is forever burned into my conscience. front-page image choices made by murdoch's publications and electronic media…help to fan the flames of violence. AND THAT'S WHO HUCKBEE WORKS FOR!

  17. Brenda Hill


  18. Leslie Purl

    So that is how you justify a mentally deranged person killing 20 INNOCENT CHILDREN? Do you have children? You can burn in hell along with the shooter and HUCKABEE! F-U

  19. Smallwood EL

    It is long overdue that people who call themselves Christian in America are, by the power of the Holy Spirit, getting bold about expressing their opinion about the causes of this rising violence and insanity in the world. When the issue of removing prayer from schools first raised it's head, the Church was largely silent. When the Bible in school came under attack the Church was largely silent. When former President Jimmy Carter said that he was a born-again Christian, it was a fast way out of the Oval Office. Spiritual and moral up bring begins in the home and continues in the Church and, for a nation that calls itself Christian, in schools. The issue we really need to be discussing is how can America be a Christian nation when the majority of people are not?

    Sin, rebellion against God, leads to violence and violence is escalating every where in our nation and in the world. It's going to take a bold body of Christ, led by His Spirit, to keep the world from self-destructing until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Unbelief will not change the fact that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. Wake UP and Look UP (Psalm 121; John 12:32).

  20. Margaret C Gayton

    How did Kennedy die? He was assassinated with an assault rifle. If God is all powerful all knowing did Kennedy not pray enough to stop his own death. You are sick and need help not God.

  21. Teri Hibbert

    what bothers me is the assumption that everyone has to follow the bible and christianity in order to avoid bad things in our society……..there are many other religious groups grieving today over these senseless deaths, not just bible readers. and violence happens in a variety of places so blaming lack of religion in schools is about as ridiculous as blaming the lack of prayer in movie theatres.

  22. Leslie Purl

    Karma will come back to you Huckabee. All you haters will see! So what happens to these babies souls if they DESERVED THIS? I hope these 20 babies rest in peace, regardless of what you Insane evangelicals say. I HOPE HUCKABEE BURNS IN HELL ALONG WITH THE SHOOTER. Be careful what you say all you hateful people, because payback is HELL. You will see.

  23. Melissa Ann Grimes

    Yes I have kids. What happened was a result of sin, sin in this world, and sin on the part of the shooter. It wasn't just because of any mental illness on his part, there's many people who are mentally ill, and they don't go around taking innocent lives.

  24. Leslie Purl

    So how do you religious fanatics justify the shooting at churches, theatres and malls? Did they remove GOD from those places as well? Trying to justify this by blaming the CHILDREN IS SICK! BLAME THE GUN LOBBYISTS REPUBLICANS AND NRA! They a THE GUILTY PARTY HERE! Not these innocent children and their families.

  25. Melissa Ann Grimes

    Be very careful of how you judge people Leslie, because how you judge others you also will be judged. And be careful of who you say should burn in hell, because you might find that you're the one in hell.

  26. Margaret C Gayton

    Your right they dont. They end up on the streets on in Jail statistically a mentally ill person is likely to commit suicide because the voices in their heads tell them to. When you are born with brain defects that contribute to the development of mental health issues then you can say every crazy person is evil and go to hell yourself.

  27. Leslie Purl

    You are a hateful fool. If there was a god he would not allow innocent children to suffer. PERIOD! ALL YOU SHEEPLE NEED TO CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR HOLES. You will suffer for damning those children. Trust me!

  28. Leslie Purl

    The one's who blame these innocent children for their own horrfic deaths because of lack of "god" will find their true Karma. You will see.

  29. Matt Vaughn

    Huckabee using school shooting to sell God in schools. This shit makes me sick. I don't have a god in my life, Mike. You think I'd be capable of doing this? He acts like this wouldn't have happened if they would have let a god into their school to prevent the carnage. He also insinuated that with no god there is a lack of morals. What's forcing your beliefs on young children going to help? How much you want to bet this shooter came from a "good Christian family"? Religion shouldn't even come into this, because (unless your a psychopath) this is wrong on every level. There is no way to justify this even without a god.

  30. Melissa Ann Grimes

    It's sin Leslie, sin whether it happens at a movie theater, a school/ or a church. Only sin would persuade someone to think murdering people is a good and justifiable thing for what they are feeling. Stop making this political with your ALL CAPS blaming people who had nothing to do with what happened.

  31. Leslie Purl

    Mellisa, you and Huckabee are blaming the children and families involved. A totally insane motive. YOU are demented. This is a Nationwide tragedy. I feel the pain for these people, not justifying it and injecting religion into it by saying that GOD IS PUNISHING THESE PEOPLE. We WILL put gun control back on the ballot. People are tired of senseless killing, no matter how you and the other crazies try to justify it! NRA has got to go! NOW is the time that we need to protect our right to stay alive rather the gun owners rights to own these killing machines. You may look at this differently if it was your children. YOU THINK?

  32. Melissa Ann Grimes

    If you don't believe in God then how can you believe in judgment? If there's no "god" there's no judgment, the shooter isn't going to burn in hell, and those who don't think like you won't "suffer".

  33. Melissa Ann Grimes

    Stop right there!! I'm not blaming the kids or their families. It's the shooter who's to blame for what happened, he and he allow is responsible for his actions. He choose to do what he did, he choose to respond in the way he did to what was going on in his life.

  34. Leslie Purl

    Oh Melissa, I though you said it was god who was responsible for punishing these people by killing their children? Because of our "sins". That is what Huckabee stated so ignorantly and you agreed whole heartedly. Did you now change your message? Typical hypocrite like most of the "believers".

  35. Patrick Gorse

    What Mike Huckabee said on Fox News on Friday was nothing but a shameless promo for his Fox News show on Saturday (Today). Anybody who doesn't think that Huckabee said these things to increase his ratings and to exploit this horrible national tragedy is as despicably stupid as Melissa Ann Grimes.

  36. Leslie Purl

    I live by the golden rule. I am not a religious hypocrite. Anyone who says god is punishing these children will be judged in the end. Huckabee will find out and so will the others. Jesus said to love all, but apparently you missed that at sunday school. You may also want to remember he who is without sin can cast the first stone. You remember those little sayings? Try using that philosophy instead of condemning those children and their families. You and your kind are disgusting. You shall be judged in the end, remember that.

  37. Leslie Purl

    Absolutely correct, Patrick. Huckabee is just pandering to the NRA/GOP. In 2012 alone, the NRA contributed $16 MILLION to the republican election campaign. Who is being bought off here? This isn't about god, it's about NRA's cold hard cash! But hey, they lost! Religious hypocrites make me ill!!

  38. Leslie Purl

    Huckabee just scratched his chances of EVER even coming close to running for President. No one will take him seriously now. In fact, I bet moderate republicans are jumping ship like fat rats. This has definitely put another severe blemish on the Republicans election deficits. I know there has to be many pissed off republicans who now know that their chances for election or re-election in 2014 are NIL! Bye-bye Huckabee, you disgusting hateful swine!

  39. Leslie Purl

    Tommy McCormick: Only if you are weak and need the threat of going to hell to keep you from killing people and doing evil things. I have morals and don't need the threat of "god" to be a good person. You should try it sometime. Live by the golden rule. That says it all. I don't need to pray to some false god to tell me to do the right thing. And confession is b/s. Do it right the first tiime and you DON'T NEED TO REPENT! Imagine that!

  40. Leslie Purl

    Your name says it all, PATSY! In 2012 alone, the NRA contributed $16 MILLION to GOP campaigns. NRA=GOP. Both need to go. GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, YOU GULLIBLE FOOL!!

  41. Herb Malsman

    my previous comment prompted me to reserach the ("big mac attack") mcdonalds' shootings. here's a bit of the (wikipedia) background on the shooter, james huberty: "James Oliver Huberty was born in Canton, Ohio on October 11, 1942. When he was three he contracted polio, and even though he made a progressive recovery, the disease caused him to suffer permanent walking difficulties. In the early 1950s, his father bought a farm in the Pennsylvania Amish Country. His mother refused to live in the Amish country, and soon abandoned her family to do sidewalk preaching for a Southern Baptist organization. Her abandonment would leave a profound effect on the young James, who became sullen and withdrawn.

    In 1962, Huberty enrolled at a Jesuit community college and earned a degree in sociology.

  42. Herb Malsman

    my earlier comment, prompted me to research the background of the shooter in the mcdonalds' (new york post/"big mac attack.") I found this passage in wikipedia's description of james huberty: "James Oliver Huberty was born in Canton, Ohio on October 11, 1942. When he was three he contracted polio, and even though he made a progressive recovery, the disease caused him to suffer permanent walking difficulties. In the early 1950s, his father bought a farm in the Pennsylvania Amish Country. His mother refused to live in the Amish country, and soon abandoned her family to do sidewalk preaching for a Southern Baptist organization. Her abandonment would leave a profound effect on the young James, who became sullen and withdrawn."

    In 1962, Huberty enrolled at a Jesuit community college."

  43. Paul Sigler

    That has to be one of the most prejudicial , not well thoought out remark I have heard. You have no clue what he was saying. Kind of like Pontius Pilate who didn't know Truth when it was standing right in front of him. I really feel sorry for people like you with no clue as to what he was really sayiing. Your remark doesn't even make any rational sense.

  44. CSI Poll

    You are frgetting tha a man named Robert Raikes started our public school system and used the Bible as children's reader.

  45. Jeff Roxette

    In your bereavement, Pastor Huckabee comforts by saying, "Oh, that random act of unconscionable evil and violence that killed your child? That's because we've allowed God to be taken out of our schools."

    And what was God's message at the Portland, Oregon, mall earlier this week?: That we've systematically removed Him from our food courts? Was He sending a message in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this past summer because the Sikhs have systematically removed him from their temples?

    Imagine the rest of that conversation:

  46. Kevin Harris

    If God is always with you (as I believe) then he can't be taken from school work or anywhere. Wherever I am God is and all is well.

  47. Melissa Ann Grimes

    Yes he is right. It's amazing how the left preaches tolerance, and at the same time are the first ones to call some one names like "douche-bag" when they don't align themselves with the left.

  48. Patrick Gorse

    Melissa, I DON'T have tolerance for assholes like you and Huckabee. He's simply exploiting a tragedy for ratings, and you are an idiot for feeding off his unwiped ass. Enjoy the meal, moron.

  49. Patrick Gorse

    Brenda writes:


    Lady, learn how to spell schools before you start preaching about prayer in "Chools," and get off of the Huckabee Diet. It's not working…

  50. Vanessa Graves

    We had prayer and Bible reading in our schools until 1961. I taught in the public school and we read the Bible and prayed each morning.

  51. James Moore

    “If we can't remove the 2nd Amendment, then allowing only single shot muzzle loaders, the technology of the time of the adoption of the 2nd Amendment in 1791, could be an option.”

  52. Debi Besse

    Why don't we focus on the WHY this happened, stop placing blame on No God in our schools HE DIDn't GO TO THAT SCHOOL! Nothing except metal detectors and attention to people could of prevented this. You can pray at home, in school you can pray anywhere you want, he hears it…..put the blame where it belongs, on the sick mind of people who have no morals and have mental issues.

  53. Mark Losben

    Yahoo REALLY needs to add a thumbs down as part of their comment section.

  54. Mark Losben

    Peter's comment is the only one that makes any sense so far. Your comment is the one that makes no sense. By the way, show me the videotape of Pontius Pilate. Oh wait, it comes from the bible, a (poorly written) novel that was written hundreds of years after the alleged life and death of jesus. Give me a break. You believe in a fictional "savior" and you're talking about rational sense. Once you believe in religion or god you should not be allowed to talk to anybody else about "rational sense".

  55. Whitney Curry

    Why God let this happen? God gives us free will. We willingly took him out of school and anytime someone does something bad ppl blame a 'mental disorder' or some such. Its not always a disorder its called being a psychopath or sociopath which more than likely is caused by not believing in God and allowing the devil in. Why God? You can't believe in God without believing in the devil. Good and evil. Light and dark. To believe one exist the other has to exist!

  56. Wyld Kat

    This shooting had NOTHING to do with that BS. This is a man who will use any tragedy to further his own political agenda! If anyone needs to be worrying about God's judgment it is this man. To even suggest that God "allowed" innocents to be slaughtered as "punishment" makes him a monster who sadly actually seems to enjoy this event as it gives him an audience to preach to……..Burn in HELL HUCKABEE!

  57. Martha Catchings

    Could you clarify something? Where in the article did it say that he blames the children that were murdered? I'm not seeing that. Thanks!

  58. Barb Bergeron

    Are you serious here people? No God in schools is the cause of this horrific event? This was caused by a mentally ill individual , who more than likely slipped through the cracks. Not defending him mind you, since he chose to kill 27 people, but looking at the broader picture here. He went off the cliff, grabbed guns and shot his mother, educators and innocent children. Mental health and gun control is what needs attention. Not religion in schools.

  59. Mark Losben

    Note that my thank you applies only to Suzanne's comment only, one of the very few comments that has any intelligence behind it.

  60. CiCi Galad

    Yea Huckabee, your logic is not only flawed, but cruel, and lacking in sympathy, and frighteningly similar to Fred Phelps. If this reasoning were true, there would be more violence in places that are secular. Not surprisingly, the opposite seems to be true. The common element is not lack of god, but easy access to assault weapons.

  61. Mark Losben

    It would be working great if there weren't all these god loving hypocrites like yourself in my way. First of all, god was never in my school. I guess you've never heard of the separation of church and state, which this county was founded on. I don't blame god (because there is no god) when bad things happen, though I often blame people who claim to believe in god for all the bad things. By the way, you show your ignorance when you say atheists like to blame god for bad things. If they're blaming god the they aren't atheists. You may be as mentally disturbed as that shooter. All the wars, greed and evil have been started by people who profess to believe in god.
    You're also probably a right wing fascist nut job tea party imbecile – I meant that as a compliment. My opinion of you based on your comment is actually much lower than that.

  62. Shelley Mather

    Don't forget… "Christians" are NOT the only ones who pray. Something tells me, most of you wouldn't be open to a Pagan or Wiccan ritual in school. It's all or nothing… either ALL kids of ALL religions (Yeah, that's right, not EVERYONE is Christian!) get to pray or none do. Since, I doubt you'd want a statue of Buddah or a statue of Ganesha in your public schools, don't expect everyone else to kowtow to your religious beliefs. Christianity certainly doesn't hold the monopoly on morality.

  63. Maj Divine

    Huck is a moron! I am a school teacher, we have multiple Christian and bible related clubs and activities. Teachers are not allowed to force kids to pray or be part of any religion which is the way it should be!

  64. Mark Losben

    Hey Tommy. what evidence? I do not believe in god, I never cut a class or played hooky IN MY LIFE. I have never committed a crime against another person or property. Morals are both taught by your parents and also come from within. I know right from wrong (Golden Rule); I don't need god or some alleged god believing hypocrite telling me about morals. Most of them haven't got one hundredth of the morals that I possess, all without the help of any alleged "god". Amen. Remember 9/11, when the terrorists praised god (allah) as they brutally murdered 3000 innocent people. Not to mention the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the list goes on. Religion = evil.

  65. Catryna White

    Absolutely incorrect. The problem is the absence of a true love of God in the home and adherence to his principles. The schools' prime objective is to teach academics.

  66. Rachel Lynn Cooper

    But then there are you who don't want anything to do with God or God in schools, but you're going to blame him and ask him why it happened…I agree with mike Huckabee an I pray one day that we will have less ignorant people like you.

  67. Xhekli Duraj

    How about we address the problem of evil? God is supposedly omniscient, omnipotent, and all around benevolent. Now, if he were omniscient he would have known all the evil that would occur beforehand. With omnipotence he could stop any evil or sin. Yet, he wouldn't need to if he were benevolent. If "God" is benevolent then explain evil. He did create everything from nothing and a benevolent being wouldn't be capable of evil let alone creating it. And with the power he has there would be no way evil could even surface minutely because he could snuff it out before any rose. So he could have stopped Eve taking the Apple. He also committed a genocide with the flood and left Noah and his family with a shit ton of pets on a huge ark. It's ridiculous that you can believe he is benevolent and still have excuses for evil. At best, god would be morally neutral. He wouldn't have omnipotence because he would have eradicated evil before it gained a foothold. And he would know and stop atrocities from occurring with his omniscience and omnipotence guided by his benevolence. And go back to when people started to really hit up Catholicism as a main religion and if you look back enough, you will find people saying what is and is not okay to keep in this religion. Then again, your crusades were all for the greater good.

  68. Jammer Racek

    As sad as it is, the old saying is still true. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Banning guns won't stop anything.

  69. Thia Cortez

    When you say forget about God and religious beliefs and focus on that this was morally wrong…..where do you think your morals first came from….the Bible! You blame God for all the evil in the world but do you ever thank him for all the good he has done. This is a imperfect world, everyone has to die, those little children are in heaven with no more pain, they're happy but if you truly don't believe that their is a God, then that means you can't say "i hope those murderers and rapists burn in hell" because you don't believe that theirs a eternal judgment/ pain. this earthly judgment, its either life imprisonment or death and that's it.

  70. Xhekli Duraj

    America is not a Christian nation, never has been. It has been a place to practice any religion freely, no matter how idiotic it is.

  71. Xhekli Duraj

    And last time I checked monopolies were illegal, except that lovable game.

  72. Xhekli Duraj

    Yep, the NRA told him to do it. And then he was supposed to fly away on his magical unicorn that had rockets instead of wings. Come on with your insolent crap.

  73. Brian J. Gould

    If you are a believer then you know God killed those kids. He is responsible for everything right? Don't be so simple minded. try thinking and reacting with reason. A crazy guy did this. If you know any crazy people disarm them and force them to get help.

  74. Carol Patrick

    Amen. Some children will get nothing at all in the was of God influence, if not for the school. We had bible reading, and pledge to flag every morning when I attended. We were taught respect for all.

  75. Donalee Preston

    Wasn't the Amish school that suffered a gunman's wrath a school that still had "God" at the center of it? The tragedy itself was heartbreaking enough. Stop adding to it by trying to explain or blame innocent victims and their families, or by pointing to weakness in our society that according to your judgement means people somehow deserve to have things like this happen.

  76. Carol Patrick

    Leslie, is a prime example of the hate filled people in this world. Its a shame. Yes, we need to have God in our schools. We even used to have prayers before an athletic event. Someone took offense. No one is saying it is the end all, Suzanne, but there is peace in knowing God. Stop being so knit picky. It is teaching the difference between right and wrong, whats wrong with that?

  77. Carol Patrick

    Mark Losben , dont think God was not there just because you did not recognize Him. I believe in God, glad He loves me unconditionally. To be insulting is just what is expected of those who dont know Him. Prayers for those who have so much disrespect, and hate in their hearts. We all have a right to our opinions, THANK GOD.

  78. Carol Patrick

    We allow a few to control the masses cyclefast. This has been a slow process, but that is because the United States are not such a united people. I for one believe in God, am thankful for His love, and will remain a follower. God does not hate, those that hate, are not God fearing. Prayers for all those who are LOST.

  79. Adriana Chavero

    I think that it's not the schools fault. Not everyone chooses to believe in God. The real problem comes from the parents. If parents do not believe in God and teach their children to believe in God. That we shall not kill that we must love one another. How in the world do you want a child to know any better. If the parents are evil than their children will be evil. It all starts with the parents.

  80. Greg Jenkins

    I have heard far too often in the past few days that we need to put GOD back in our schools. I don’t know what schools or what GOD you are talking about. The problem is not God in our schools, it is God not in our hearts. God is in my school, in my classroom. I teach moral lessons learned from my upbringing in the church and the lessons I have learned in life. I have a Bible sitting on my desk. I also have a Koran, and a book of Mormon. I talk about God all the time. I also talk about Jehovah, and Allah, and Yahweh, and El Shaddai. I talk about Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Vishnu, Shiva, and Confucius. I talk about Lincoln, and Jefferson, and Kennedy, and Gandhi, and Elizabeth, and Victoria. Sometimes we even talk about Hitler, Mou Se Tong, Hirohito, Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.

    It is not my job to teach what someone should believe. That is the job of the parent. My job is to teach Literature. My job is to teach Drama. My job is to teach a child how to think and take those thoughts and turn them into intelligent conversation and writing. It is not my job to teach which religion is good, better, or best. If a parent wants their child taught about religion, they need to take them to the church of their choice. They have these wonderful things called Sunday Schools where children can learn all about whatever religion their families deem fit. Sadly, and I am speaking from experience, very few of today’s students go to these classes. Too many times a subject has been addressed in a piece of literature dealing with a basic religious tenet, and the students are clueless. They know all about Beats by Dr. Dre, Sponge Bob, and Twilight, but they lack even the most basic knowledge about a faith many of them profess to hold.

    It IS my job to be the best English Teacher I can be. It IS my job to set an example of what it is to be an intelligent, free thinking individual who contributes something positive to the world. And, on a personal note, it is also my job to be a living example of the lessons Christ has taught me. Lessons such as:

    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

    Matthew 6:5-8 NIV.

    4 Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth,
    burst into jubilant song with music;.
    5 make music to the LORD with the harp,
    with the harp and the sound of singing,
    6 with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn—.
    shout for joy before the LORD, the King.

    Psalms 98: 4-6 NIV.

    I pray every day. I pray at school. I pray in my classroom, and I dare anyone to try and stop me. I just don’t make a show of it. I praise God every day. I praise God at school. I praise God in my classroom, in front of my students; I praise him with my smile, with my laugh, with my enthusiasm, and even with the whistling that some of my colleagues find annoying. I don’t have to hit someone over the head with a Bible to behave the way Christ taught me to behave.

    2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    Romans 12:2 NIV.

    This is my GOD. He is alive and well in my school and in my heart.

  81. Leah-Dave Solomon

    God sure couldn't hurt…along with real penalties administered to criminals when we catch them instead of loop holes putting them back on the streets to do it again.

  82. Randy Morris

    So….how does that reconcile with the massacre of the Amish school children @ West Nickel Mines School in 2006? Too much God?

  83. Kim Newcomer

    Melissa Ann Grimes Apparently even the shooter didn't think he'd done the right thing, or he wouldn't have killed himself. Mental illness isn't a sin…it's an illness.

  84. Rosy Rios

    Yes we do need God and prayers back in schools. Devil went too far this time., not our children lets do it for them.

  85. Charles Bob Crowder

    Mark Losben ….rational sense? oh you mean the rational sense of your so-called science that says that all life came from a single living cell (which pretty much means that we are all related to a banana tree)? oh…I see….got it. You mentioned the "alleged" life and death of Jesus….obviously you have not read any middle eastern history nor have you researched books from any Roman or Hebrew Historians. If you are going to act like you know something, at least get the facts first. You are making yourself look silly.

  86. Kǎrin Sypher

    This was not a God Issue, This guy was mentally disabled, Although I agree that God should be in our schools, I don't believe either way it would have prevented this from happening. Even as a child this boy had Congenital insensitivity to pain. CIP also known as congenital analgesia. Also for a large part of his schooling he was "Home Schooled" Home schooling you lose all your social interaction with others, and never fully learn how to interact with others and socialize. Clearly this boy had multiple problems that should have been addressed long before he went out and committed this horrible act.. There should have been some kind of intervention on the part of the parents, doctors, and others in the community and school system.. But to say this is related to lack of GOD in our schools is just totally wrong.. Yes I agree that children taught early on about God, gives them a moral foundation that teaches them that they are accountable to a higher power and there will be consequences for improper actions. (Fear of God therefore don't do wrong) Which keeps children on the right path and instills morals.. But Mental illness needs to be addressed in a major way in this country.. Currently our jails are filled with mentally ill persons because of our lack of proper health care for them. Basically we just don't have anyway to take care of them, so we put them in jail? This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. New Federal statistics reveal that the number of mentally ill inmates in the U.S. prisons and jails has quadrupled over the past six years. And then there are the ones that are homeless living on the streets and in shelters. So if you want to talk about something and help, How about Bringing up this topic and help to open the eyes and maybe something will be done about it.. Thank you for reading this..

  87. Daniel Melvin

    Japan is a largely atheist or agnostic country. The number of deaths last year due to firearms? 12. We need gun control not god.

  88. Xhekli Duraj

    If you really believe that "god" is out of schools, well you really don't think he's all that powerful now do you? I guess some puny mortals really took him out of schools and said, "No. Bad God, no more." Please, even if I were a "believer" I would pray silently while others did instead of believing my deity is almighty but can be easily removed by mere mortals.

  89. Mateo Samper

    Wow….you're a moron. Pretty sure Bibles are allowed in schools, pretty sure they don't check your bags at the door and force you to chuck Bibles or other religious texts out.

  90. Linda Cusick Kasza

    no offense, but i was always taught to believe that God is ALWAYS with you, your body HIS temple. Keeping prayer out of school isnt what condemned the human race. Lack of humanity, empathy, and compassion for each other, parents not taking responsibility to raise their children "right", watch them, teach them, and lead by example. I think you are all a very hateful bunch of "humans". There is no reason why schools shouldnt be allowed a "moment of silence" each day, but rest assured it wont change anything because change starts in the home. Values are learned from parents first. This was a very tragic thing that happened to the children. We should be working together to prevent it from happening again, not throwing bibles and constitutional rights at each other. God is Love plain and simple, whatever name you choose to call Him, the eternal message is the same, and if you can't see that, then I pity you, because you have been mislead.

  91. Linda Cusick Kasza

    Carol Patrick , "It's teaching the difference between right and wrong, what's wrong with that?" Nothing is wrong with teaching children right from wrong, but you don't need prayer or a bible to do so. Your right and wrong could be different from another's right and wrong. Youre insinuating by that statement that your way, your God's way is the only way. Im not against a moment of silence in schools, for whatever the kids choose to do in those few minutes. However, if you want Christianity, then send your children to a christian school. Not everyone is Christian, and we as people need to respect that and our differences. There are many other ways to teach a child right from wrong, and it starts in the home. The schools should not be responsible for teaching your children basic morals. Thats the parents job.

  92. Linda Cusick Kasza

    Paul Sigler It made rational sense to me, even though it was a bit extreme. He is saying that if the only reason a person doesnt go out and do bad things is bc he fears God and hell, then how does that make him good or moral? Its like saying the only reason a person shouldnt steal is because they might get caught. not bc its right or wrong . I dont go out and do horrible things, not bc im afraid of burning in hell but bc i know right from wrong and i have a moral compass.

  93. Linda Cusick Kasza

    I agree with you. Its exactly how i feel. Unfortunately most of the people here will not bother to read what you had to say, because they wont understand it , and its probably too long. lol. But you make sense. Probably one of the few intelligent things i've read on here today. Happy Holidays.

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